An Open Letter To The CW: Please Renew 'Wild Cards'

CW please renew Wild Cards! This program is the type of dramedy that keeps people coming back week to week. The development of the characters and relationships over six episodes gives hope for its future. Want more reasons? Here you go.

Let me state this first. As an English major and a lover of books, I like a good plot. I love British drama and mysteries. The reason is simple. They have the best plot like an Agatha Christie novel. You start with the crime developing. It may just be a hint of the visual thief or murder. You move to the suspects and motives. You start the elimination process until the end of the episode where all comes together to solve the case. No “until next week” or season finale! All done up with a bow in the episode. It’s like the shows you can get on PBS or BritBox. The plot is the central focus of the ending finale. And, as an extra bonus, you don’t have to know what happened for the year to get pure enjoyment from the program.

The Plot Itself: We have too many violent gun and chase shows on television right now. I accidentally left on one of the shows one night and saw a person gunned down within five minutes of SWAT starting and they started running around with weapons looking for the criminal. Where’s the story build up from there? Why the murder? This is why I like Wild Cards. It starts with the murder or investigation and follows through with weapons only as necessary. If they can find the criminal in an unusual setting, so much the better. The graveyard scene from “Con with the Wind,” was enjoyable, and having the killers confess on film was so much fun.

The Tone of the Show: My favorite shows are dramedies. They try to play it seriously but give the viewer a chance to smile and laugh. We get this sometimes from scripts but often from just the actions of the characters.  Wild Cards has this down to a “T” with the way Elliott looks at Max when she comes up with an idea.

I’m the first to say this. I’m getting tired of using the same theme (CSI, NCIS, SUV) and just changing the city. I’m tired of them running out a popular show of the 1960s, 1980s, and 1990s with new actors as a reboot. With both, I’ve often thought — ‘Haven’t I seen this plot before’ and then remembered it was on a sister’s show or realized it’s an original script slightly changed. By beginning a new series, we see different stories playing out. Who would think that so many scraps of evidence or coincidence can lead to an arrest? For that, I say “bravo” to the writers of Wild Cards.

The Lead Characters: Elliott and Max make this show! I doubt they have worked together before and didn’t check the IMbD to see. Vanessa Morgan, who plays Max, had a good following from Riverdale. Giacomo Gianniotti is known for roles in Reign and Grey’s Anatomy. Where Reign was a CW show, it wasn’t filming when Riverdale started. I know – I watched Reign.  Their chemistry on camera makes you want to pull for them. We want them to solve cases and we especially love their friendship.

The Unlikely Pairing: This in itself puts this show above others of the type. Usually, it is the woman who owned the business or was the cop. By having Max busted for illegal use of a credit card and being seen in the police station, we know that she’s up to something. By having Elliott wishing to return to his old job as a detective after maritime duty, it somehow seems right that this diverse pair becomes a team. And that’s where the show catches people. The crimes are solved by her ability to think like a criminal and see evidence, while he uses procedure.

The Show’s Location: I have never been to Vancouver, yet the location was reminiscent of New York City. The actual location of the city doesn’t matter, it’s the filming of the aerial shots that sets the tone for the show. The varied locations make it interesting plus you have the river. Setting Elliott’s home on an older yacht is so much more original than the dull apartment or studio usually chosen. It also brings a feeling of relaxation when the two meet there in the evening to discuss the case. It’s off-duty but still on duty.

Supporting Characters: I wasn’t too happy with the ex-girlfriend’s entrance, but I am happy that we have Elliott’s former partner (Detective Simmons, played by Michael Xavier) now working and not sniping at Elliott. It gives it a feeling that all are on the same page. Seems Detective Simmons felt that Elliott was making cases too personal and letting his emotions get into play. I didn’t really care for Detective Yates (Amy Goodmurphy) character, but she has grown on me. Terry Chen as Chief Li lends an even hand to the four players he must deal with.

The surprise casting for the show though is Jason Priestly as George. I wonder if it has dawned on Vanessa yet the ties that unite Jason and Luke Perry from Riverdale. George is Max’s con father who offers advice and wisdom. While sitting in jail, he provides the same wisdom that Luke gave Fred Andrews on Riverdale.

CW, I know you are owned by NexStar now who has all the news shows. I ask as a viewer and fan that you please continue programming like this. Keep Wild Cards (and Family Law) because the show(s) have characters you can care about, and which are relatable to people. We have too many crime shows that want to echo the world today. We need a break from the guns/gang theme. Keep Wild Cards so we have hope!