'Amphibia' Fans, Cast & Crew Unhappy Over Delay Of Season Two Finale

Post by: Rick Ellis 02 May, 2021

Fans of the Disney Channel series Amphibia have already had a difficult year.

They have a sneaking suspicion that Disney has lost faith in the animated series and fans approached the season two finale with more than a bit of dread. While the Disney Channel had announced it had greenlit a third season of the show just before the season two premiere, some of the comments from the network and from people associated with series made it sound as if there might be a bit of buyer's remorse associated with a third season. And even if season three does happen, it's likely to be the end of the show, according to series creator Matt Braly. So the cast and crew of the show had been organizing fan events and putting out their own art and promos in order to promote the event as much as possible ahead of the finale.

The season two finale had long been scheduled for Saturday, May 1st, but it was pulled at the last minute on Friday. The unofficial/official reason given by the network on social media was that it was due to a conflict with a planned "Halfway to Halloween" promotion. Based on comments from insiders, the episode was apparently pulled over a dispute about the final scene in the finale. There was some speculation about the finale being pushed to next weekend, but there was already a Big City Greens block scheduled. Disney hasn't announced a date for the finale, although two weeks out seems to be the best guess. A delay which breaks the momentum of the season and makes it even more likely the finale's ratings will be a disappointment.

If things weren't chaotic enough, Apple's iTunes seems to have not been told about the delay of the finale. So the episode was available for purchase on Sunday for a few hours. And given that it was the only place the episode was available, it has been copied and posted on scores of YouTube channels and fan web sites.

Fans of Amphibia as well as some of the show's cast have asked fans to ignore the posted videos & wait to respond about the episode until after it officially premieres. Social media is one of the commonly used metrics used by The Disney Channel when it assigns promotional support and marketing efforts. A weak season two finale could relegate a possible season three to being burned off by the network. 

If the history of these types of mistakes are any indication, their pleas for restraint will mostly be ignored. All of which will have a direct impact on the future of the show.

And it's too bad, because Amphibia is a sweet and clever series that deserves a much better fate that network afterthought.

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