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Today's 70s Song You Should Know: The Rumour - 'I'm Gonna Make You Love Me'

01 July, 2023

Although they're best known as Graham Parker's long-time backing band, The Rumour toured on their own and released three albums: Max (1977),  Frogs, Sprouts, Clogs And Krauts (1979), and Purity Of Essence (1980). They broke up in 1981, but reunited for a one-off reunion with Parker that turned into another run as his band.

The Rumour consisted of founding members Bob Andrews (keyboards), Brinsley Schwarz (guitar), Martin Belmont (guitar), Andrew Bodnar (bass), and Stephen Goulding (drums). The vocals were shared by pretty much every member of the band at some point.

"I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" is from the "Max" album, which was named as a weirdly obscure joke referencing the fact Fleetwood Mac had recently released their mega-hit album entitled Rumours. Like most of the group's music, it's a tight and energetic piece of pub rock and unfortunately it's been long out of print. This is one of those songs that makes you want to crank up the music, down a couple of shots and drunk-dial an ex or two.

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