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Today's Song You Should Know: 'Love & Loneliness' By The Motors

12 February, 2021

Unless you're pretty deep into the weeds with your knowledge of late 1970s British pub rock bands, you probably aren't familiar with The Motors. The band was comprised of Andy McMaster, Nick Garvey, Ricky Slaughter (Richard Wernham) and Bram Tchaikovsky (Peter Bramall). McMaster and Garvey had recently played together in the band Ducks Deluxe, which also included future Graham Parker and the Rumour members Brinsley Schwarz and Martin Belmont.

The band only released three albums in their short life and while they had a #4 hit single in the U.K. with "Airport," their biggest impact in the U.S. was with their final album. 1980's "Tenament Steps" hit #174 on the U.S. album charts, thanks in part to the track "Love And Loneliness." It was the only single of the band's to hit the Billboard U.S. Top 100 singles chart, although it only made it to #78.

Listening to "Love And Loneliness" now, it's tough to see why it wasn't a massive club hit at the very least. Swirling piano and keyboards lead a track which has a hook so solid you could hang a small car on it. It's just a great tune and you can easily imagine it playing as part of some imaginary John Hughes soundtrack.

The band member who found the most success after leaving the band was Bram Tchaikovsky (Peter Bramall), who left the band in 1978 and later had a U.S. Top 40 hit with the Power Pop ear candy track "Girl Of My Dreams."