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Show Guide: 'Post Mortem: No One Dies In Skarnes'

03 August, 2021


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Season One Episode Guide (Netflix)
1-01 Post Mortem
It's just anther average day in the small Norwegian town until a young woman is found dead in a field. But then things are not as they seem.

1-02 Condolences
As the police investigate another death, Live struggles to adjust to her own second chance at life as the pressure starts getting to Odd.

1-03 On Behalf Of The Family
With nowhere to run, Live hides under the bed. Reinert's blind date with Judith's niece takes an unexpected turn. Odd's business picks up.

1-04 A Wake
As Odd puts his sales skills to the test, Live hunts for a way to dispose of evidence. Meanwhile, Judith searches for Reinert, who's gone missing.

1-05 Baptism By Fire--
Dr. Hansen offers Live an explanation of sorts. Odd gets some new business, but there's a catch. Judith begins to act on her suspicions.

1-06 Rigor Mortis
Live and Reinert try to do a little good amid a whole lot of bad. Odd wrestles with a moral dilemma. Judith cranks up the heat.

'Post Mortem: No One Dies In Skarnes' (Photo Gallery)

01 August, 2021

Live Hallangen is declared dead. Hours later she suddenly wakes up on the forensic table. A dark, insatiable hunger has awoken in her. Meanwhile, her brother Odd tries to keep the family driven funeral home afloat, but the stagnant death rate in the small Norwegian town of Skarnes makes it impossible. Live has to learn to control her new dangerous nature and decide if she is willing to sacrifice people’s lives for her own survival, which ironically goes hand in hand with the survival of the family business.

Post Mortem: No One Dies In Skarnes premieres in the United States on Wednesday, August 25th, 2021 on Netflix.