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Show Guide: 'Mrs. Sidhu Investigates'

16 September, 2023

Synopsis: Mrs Sidhu Investigates follows Mrs. Sidhu (Meera Syal), a high-end caterer with a taste for crime who solves murders and other ghastly crimes amongst the affluent residents of Berkshire. A lifetime of being an “Indian Aunty,” invisible to the elite, has sharpened her skills as an investigator: an instinct for truth, a warmth with people and a persistent sense of nosiness. Recently widowed, Mrs. Sidhu juggles her new catering business with wrangling her wayward son, Tez (Gurjeet Singh), all while serving up justice to those who believe they are above the law. Her forays into crime see her form an unofficial partnership with the world-weary DCI Burton (Craig Parkinson), who reluctantly accepts that together, they’re an unbeatable crime fighting duo, much to the bemusement of his partner, DS Mint (Naana Agyei-Ampadu). (Courtesy Acorn TV, 2023)

The Cast:
Meera Syal as Mrs. Sidhu
Gurjeet Singh as Tez
Craig Parkinson as DCI Burton
Naana Agyei-Ampadu as DS Mint

Production Credits:
Mrs Sidhu Investigates is created and written by Suk Pannu, with Vivienne Harvey also writing two episodes and Meera Syal providing additional material. The series is directed by Steve Barron (Eps 1&2) and Ben Kellett (Eps 3&4). Jane Wallbank serves as producer. Executive producers include Catherine Mackin and Bea Tammer of Acorn Media Enterprises; Jane Wallbank, Alison Owen, Debra Hayward and Alison Carpenter for Monumental Television; Gordon Kennedy for Absolutely Productions and Steve Barron. Meera Syal and Suk Pannu are also executive producers.

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (Acorn TV)
1-01 Episode One--09/18/2023
Mrs. Sidhu’s first day catering for Sharpetone, a high-end health club, takes a turn of the unexpected when two bodies are found dead in the spa. Despite her knack for solving mysteries, Mrs. Sidhu tries her best to stay out of it. But when her niece, Rani, becomes the police’s number one suspect, Mrs. Sidhu takes it upon herself to start her own investigation and prove them wrong. This brings her into conflict with the Chief Detective on the case, Inspector Burton, who has no patience for her theories. Her investigation leads to uncovering business secrets, feuds between colleagues, and well-hidden love affairs.

1-02 Episode Two--09/25/2023

1-03 Episode Three--10/03/2023

1-04 Episode Four--10/10/2023

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