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Show Guide: 'Lost Relics Of The Knights Templar'

12 December, 2020

Synopsis: Hamilton White and Carl Cookson have uncovered a long-lost horde of Knights Templar relics that could rewrite history. Using cutting-edge methods, they set off on an expedition to reveal the dark secrets behind this mysterious treasure (Courtesy Discovery, 2020)

The Cast:
Hamilton White as Himself
Carl Cookson as Himself

Production Credits:

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (Discovery)
1-01 The Nazi Conspiracy

1-02 Curse Of The Black Chalice 
Two treasure hunters examine their most stunning find: the Black Obsidian Chalice.

1-03 Secrets In The Sword
Two treasure hunters travel to the Holy Land to investigate if their prized sword once belonged to the Grand Master of the Knights Templar.

1-04 Raiders Of The Lost Grail
Two treasure hunters retrace the investigations of Nazi relic hunters who searched for the Holy Grail and other lost Temple relics. Their investigations reveal just how close the Nazis came to uncovering groundbreaking Templar secrets.

1-05 The Doomsday Relic--12/09/2020
A mysterious Templar relic features coded markings that could explain why these once-powerful knights disappeared and why their treasures were buried. Using cutting-edge technology, experts investigate their final secrets.

Season Two Episode Guide (Discovery)
2-01 The First Crusade
Two treasure hunters investigate a sword and helmet that date back more than 900 years. They work to decode the symbolism on the ancient relics and discover the sword was used in the First Crusade when Christian knights took control of Jerusalem.