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Today's Song You Should Know: 'I Play Chicken With The Train' By Cowboy Troy

03 March, 2021

There are some musicians whose music is just impossible to accurately describe. Music that has to be heard to be believed and that is certainly the case with country hip-hop artist Cowboy Troy.

Born Troy Lee Coleman III in Victoria, Texas, the Cowboy Troy name apparently was given to him by friends in college, to differentiate him from the other guys they knew named Troy.

His first major label album was released in 2005 as part of the MuzikMafia wave in Nashville that included Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson and James Otto. "I Play Chicken With The Train" was his most commercially successful single, reaching #48 on the Country Singles chart and #81 on the Pop Singles chart. The album hit #2 on the Country Album chart, #13 on the Rap Album chart and #15 on the Pop Album chart. While none of his other releases have done as well commercially, I think it's fair to say that he has carved out a unique sound for himself.

"I Play Chicken With The Train" is the distilled-down version of the style Cowboy Troy refers to as "hick-hop." Smooth-ish lyric runs, mashed together with plenty of traditional country music arrangements. It's catchy and a tad bit unsettling. But I've always enjoyed his music and wish it had broken through a bot more over the years.