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'Big Brother 23' Recap: And The End Of A Good Season -- 09/29/2021

29 September, 2021

Big Brother 23, let me start by saying thank you! You finally, after more years than I want to discuss, gave us an interesting season. Not only did we have a cast that enjoyed themselves, but we only had one showmance, gameplay that no one saw, and an alliance of six that made it to the final six. Of course, there was controversy. Many on Twitter weren’t happy with the Cookout alliance but if you look back through history, this one has finally given us many firsts. We did have an exit with Kyland that got messy, but I believe everyone who watched Big Brother was expecting it. I don’t know who was in charge of the casting, but please let them do it again. We got an intelligent lot with most knowing the game. That made it so much better. And if there are typos tonight, remember! This is a two-hour episode I’m trying to get up in an hour.

Round One to Xavier, Round Two Goes to …
Julie reminds us that one of Xavier, Azah, or Derek F. will win the $750,000. After the recap of the entire history of the Cookout (and a reminder that Xavier promised to take Derek to the end), Derek evicts Kyland and Xavier wins part one. 

Julie tells us that 85 days have passed. The second round of the HoH competition is called “Four of a Kind Slots” and looks like a huge slot machine. They have to use their feet to line up the answers to the questions with four people who answered the questions. Once a question is correct, they get their next question. It’s tough and both Azah and Derek (Big D) have problems. While Azah doesn’t get the answers right, Big D has problems with his knees and gets hurt. In the end, Azah beats Big D with a better time (Azah 13:19, Big D. 20:22). Big D did try to use his father’s fights with Mohammad Ali as inspiration. He tells us in Diary Room that he did the best that he could. Azah celebrates in the Diary Room and is ready to take on Xavier for the money.

After the competition, Big D is upset because he didn’t do well. He’s also worried that Azah is infatuated with Xavier (but not in a showmance way due to Xavier’s choice). He’s getting very paranoid. It doesn’t help when Azah asks him who he wants to sit next to in the finale. And they fight and disagree. This seems to have been the tone during the last few days. Xavier is happy even though he’s often caught in the middle. One thing Azah seems to forget is that she hasn’t won! My thoughts are that neither Big D nor Azah did much during the early weeks. They both seemed to fall in love with the bedroom and their separate beds. Xavier does tell us that the more they argue, the better chance it will be for Xavier to be in the finale versus Azah. But what will Xavier do if he wins? (Oh, and Big D’s biggest regret is taking Kyland out.) They do (as always make-up.) Azah tells us that she is confused and doesn’t want to lose Big D. (Derek) as a friend.

The Jury House Greets Kyland
The group is waiting for the next juror to arrive. They debate who will be next and Tiffany hopes it is not Kyland. People want it to be Xavier but really don’t seem surprised to see Kyland. After Tiffany asks him “what happened,” Kyland lets it fly and tells them that Big D was the one to evict him. Then, they get down to how to determine the winner. Tiffany says they must look at strategy, social game, etc. Xavier had the relationships but he was always guarded and playing the game (per Claire). Kyland lets it be known that Xavier threw competitions. Tiffany adds that Xavier never had “heavy conversations” or game talk. Big D and Azah flew under the radar. Azah had relationships outside of the Cookout and was good at making relationships with people she liked. It’s going to be hard for Azah if she sits next to Big D. Big D. had a social game. Derek X. jokes that they share the same name. Big D talked a lot and disguised the Cookout from Sarah Beth (and others). He hasn’t won competitions. It was not because of strategy because he couldn’t. TIffany sees that he gave the game his best and his willpower cannot be overlooked. Kyland is talking about winning competitions and Claire rolls his eyes. Kyland has now apparently made the jury mad and Tiffany says he’s insulted Hannah. Kyland sees Big D and Hannah as interchangeable. Britini makes the point it’s going to be determined on how they answer the juror’s question. Wait! No Dr. Will Kirby this year. Well, it’s probably due to Covid.

The Final HoH
This will be a question/answer game called “Houseguest Headliners.” They have to look at headlines and three statements. One statement is a lie. After viewing the video about the juror, they must choose which is the lie. I don’t think studying this would have necessarily helped. Azah is nervous and she misses the first question. In the end, Xavier beats her by one question. (And a question to readers: How do you like how “buff” they made Derek X. look.)

Xavier gives each a chance to make a plea. Big D reminds him that they bonded on day one and he’s had his back since the start of the game. Azah tells Xavier that she appreciates his game and thanks him for starting the Cookout (that’s three that take credit for that!). Xavier is told that he’s guaranteed at least $75,000 and must decide who to evict. It’s the difference between big money and second place. He chooses to evict Azah and she joins Julie on stage.

Azah and Julie
As they watch, Big D. cries and thanks Xavier while Xavier grins and tells him Xavier has had Derek. Big D. can’t believe his luck and says this proves anything can happen. Julie asks Azah how she feels and she is upset. She knew the first question but overthought it. She doesn’t regret anything. When asked who she would have taken to the final two, she says Xavier because he did visible things in the game. Against Big D., she didn’t have a chance. With Xavier, she would have gotten votes but it would be close. Julie congratulates her on making history (Cookout). Azah’s final thoughts are that she’s still trying to process everything. She knows she messed up and wonders what the purpose of her being in the house was. She knows there is a reason and she can’t wait to find out what it was. Julie tells her that “God has a plan.”

Jury Questions Begin
The jury is now on the stage and Julie calls them rowdy and asks who they think is the final juror. Sarah Beth hopes it is Derek but it’s Azah which seems to surprise them all. They welcome her. They’re told that Xavier is the last HoH and chose Derek F. But now it’s time for juror questions to the two. 

The first question is Kyland who asks Xavier what is the most important factor to crowing the first African-American Big Brother. Xavier says he never got personal. He did lie and hopes he didn’t disrespect anyone. To him, he played the best game.

Britini asks Big D. what decisions he made on his own. Big D. tells them that he started the Cookout. He went to HoH to protect the Cookout every week. 

Alyssa asks Xavier what his biggest mistake was. Xavier feels that it was watching her leave. He doesn’t really regret anything.

Hannah asks Big D whether he was only in it for fame. Big D. tells her that he wanted to be on television and help his mom and had made that clear throughout the game. 

Derek X. asks Xavier what move he made that the jury didn’t know. Xavier admitted to throwing two competitions because of the Cookout. He talked around that answer though. 

Sarah Beth goes to Big D and asks what he contributed to get to the final six. He tells her any time there was an HoH won, he was in their ear to benefit the Cookout. If something had to be executed, he made it happened (even if the Cookout didn’t like it).

Azah asks Big D what he did to deserve the $750,000 more than Xavier. Big D tells her he gave it his all. He didn’t think of himself but the rest of the Cookout. He made himself a pawn (to protect the Cookout). Big D. showed everyone his heart (and I’ll give him that).

The final pleas are made. The winner will be the first African- American champion of Big Brother. Big D says he deserve the prize and he came in wanting to be the first African-American winner. He tried to win comps but couldn’t. He knew he wanted to start the alliance of six. Xavier tells all that he played a team game because he had to do that to get everyone to the jury. He won when he needed and gives his credentials. If the length of speech counts, Xavier wins.

Jurors cast their votes. They will vote one at a time and insert the key with the name that should win Big Brother. Of course, they congratulate the two as they cast their votes. (Of all the jurors, I think Sarah Beth is still bitter.) Kyland, of course, has to give a long-winded speech. Azah makes a joke about not evicting and scares Julie. 

The rest of the evicted houseguests join remotely. They’re as rowdy as the jurors. Julie says that they saw what America saw and talks about the Cookout. Christian found out as soon as he got home. He says that the Cookout is the greatest alliance in BB history. When you put a bigger purpose in the game, history can be made. Julie says “unity,” and Christan says yes! Xavier said Christian said it perfectly but Big D and Kyland nodded. Brent was most surprised by Tiffany and thought all she did was hair and braids. He was surprised by her undercover game. He gave her credit and didn’t see it coming. Julie asks Tiffany if she ever thought the plan wasn’t going to work. Tiffany admits that she did and it really hurt when she had to evict Claire. She admitted that the other strong people in the Cookout told her that she had to do it. Julie then asks Derek X. if he knew about this when he was in the house and was only a pawn in the master plan. Derek X. says he didn’t know he was played. He had only seen two seasons. 

The house guests’ secrets are revealed. Julie shows the clips of Hannah saying she’s a protegee, Sarah Beth revealing her job, Claire and math, and Britini’s black belt. Claire is asked about which surprises her the most and she tells all that it is Hannah. Of course, the Cookout is the biggest. 

Big D is then asked to share his secret and Xavier does “the Thinking Man” pose while Big D stands. Derek F. tells them that his lifestyle and other things he said were true. What he hid was that he was the youngest son of “Smoking” Joe Frazier. Xavier gets up, smiling, and jumps in his face laughing. Derek F. was afraid that the houseguests would think he came from money, but he doesn’t. Xavier says you think you know a man. Derek tried to cover up the Frazier tattoo. Xavier says he still would have taken him to the final two. 

Now it turns to Xavier about his occupation and Derek props his chin and says, “oh yes.” Xavier tells all that most of what he said is true. He has done bartending at weddings. He omitted that he’s a college basketball player and a fully licensed attorney and Derek F. gets back at him with the fact that Derek F. guessed it. Julie admits they have that on tape from an early episode. 

Britini has asked to share something on stage. She stands and announces that she did have a black belt but now she wanted to reveal a secret she kept from the house guests. At 22, Britini was diagnosed with autism. She didn’t want any of them to think that she was anything but Britini. She’s much more than her disability and is so proud of her Big Brother journey. Derek X. hugs her while Derek F. wipes tears and Tiffany and others around her take her hand or hug her.

Kyland is asked about the exit confrontation which he still doesn’t regret what he said. Xavier tells him that he shouldn’t have made it personal by bringing up his nephew. Xavier says that it is a game after all. 

Hannah is asked about her feelings when she left the house on day 65. Hannah said while it was a shock. When she opened the door, she knew it was one of the happiest moments of her life because the Cookout (and she) had made history. She was so proud of being a part of the alliance.

And the winner of this year’s Big Brother is Xavier by a unanimous vote. Xavier and Big D. hug and Julie tells them to come out. Big D does hang back and lets Xavier have his moment in the confetti. Xavier’s parents/family/friends are watching live. Hugs and celebration ensue. Kyland and Xavier have a word (but I think there will be more). Tiffany consoles Azah. 

American Favorite came down to Derek X. and Tiffany as the two top vote-getters. Tiffany wins. Tiffany thanks America and tells her son that the money is all hers. Xavier is asked how he feels. He’s thrilled. He loves all. Xavier gets $750,000. BIg D. gets $75,000 (plus what he won at comps). Derek F. wants the money to change his mom’s life and will do so. He thanks the Cookout. 

As the show ends, Julie thanks all the houseguests for a wonderful season (and I agree wholeheartedly). She announces that you can apply for Big Brother next summer (please use the same casting director). Then she announces Celebrity Big Brother will return in February. She will see us then! 

'Big Brother' 23 Recap: The Final Three -- 09/26/2021

26 September, 2021

Big Brother 23 has been one of the most enjoyable seasons on record. It’s the only time an alliance of People of Color has made it to the final six. Now three of them are sitting, ready to take on each other to see who can win it all. What is more important is the fact that this season’s cast became friends. They kept the house live feeds most interesting, had very few fights, and showed true strategy. In my mind, they could teach the Survivor cast how it’s done. But enough of this, let’s get on with the show.

After the Eviction
Okay! Have we ever had an exit like that from the Big Brother show? Have we ever seen that much discussion as someone exited? Sure, we have had someone walk out over the table and barefoot, but I do not recall someone who stood there and argued like he thought lodging a protest would allow him to stay. Let’s give Julie Chen Moonves a big Big Brother appreciation clap of our hands for getting Kyland out of the house before blows were thrown.

Julie is on stage and welcomes us to Big Brother. After the recap that reminds us that Kyland left (and we didn’t get a repeat of the drama), we get down to the HoH competition. Xavier, Azah, and Big D make it to the finale. But first, we get a retrospective of how Xavier, Azah, and Derek got to this stage of the final three.

Xavier’s Road to the Final Three
Xavier is first. Just remember, he claimed to be a bartender but was a lawyer. Xavier didn’t want to be seen as a threat, and he didn’t want distractions (showmance). He built alliances with Derek on day one, then Frenchie with Slaughterhouse and Royal Flush. His loyalty, though was to the Cookout because the goal was important. He felt that Big Brother needed to crown an African American winner. He tried to be strategic and take “one” for the team (or several losses for the team). For Xavier, trustworthiness was important.

Let’s not forget that Xavier made power moves. He nominated and got Brent out. He was four times on the block. While he regretted losing Alyssa, he had to do it to keep the Cookout together to the final six. He used Kyland to get Tiffany out and got Hannah out because she was Tiffany’s right-hand person. During the final four, Xavier won both the HoH and the Veto, which ensured that Kyland left. Kyland was a threat, so he had to go. Xavier shares that he lost his brother shortly before coming into the house. He promised his brother that he would take care of his brother’s son. He is playing to have the money to do this.

Azah’s Road to the Final Three
Azah’s path wasn’t an easy one to the final three. She came in and wanted to be strong but soon realized that it wouldn’t be easy. She recognized the comps were hard, and there were many big personalities in the house. Azah realized that she needed a social game and became part of alliances, the Jokers and Cookout. Now, she is glad she didn’t win early comps because her “hands are clean.” Keeping a low profile allowed Azah to build genuine relationships that will continue outside the house. 

Azah always wanted to be honest with people. This honesty made her call out fellow Cookout members when she disagreed with their gameplay (Tiffany and Derek X. stacking Britini’s cards so she lost). Once the group had made the final six, Azah felt that she could serve as a role model for other PoC children and show them that they can be/do anything they set their minds to do.

Derek’s Road to the Final Three
Derek Frazier is the son of Smoking Joe Frazier, a famous boxer. Derek came into the house to be dominant and “tear the house apart.” He wanted to represent the PoC and the “big people” out in the world. Derek knew he had to play a social game and make people laugh, but he needed allies, so he built those with Frenchie (who he loves) and Xavier (final two), and Kyland (final two). His real best friend, though, was Azah, who he felt close to as a fellow Joker at first and a real friend as the game progressed. 
While Derek didn’t win competitions, he felt he didn’t need them because he could align with whoever was HoH. He wanted to be the first “black winner of BB” (I typed that as he said it, folks) and made a claim to forming the Cookout. He saw his role as the one to keep them together and to hide the group from the other houseguests outside of the alliance. While he had arguments (with Tiffany), he did serve as the one to keep them together and running smoothly. He evicted Kyland because Kyland became a target. This and his personality should help Derek make it to the final two and win the show. By the way, he wants to win for his mom.

HoH Part One.
Each of the houseguests are sitting on a “boat” (I see it as a float). It works like a bouncing bull seen in bar movies. The game is called “Bounce Back Boat” with the final person on their boat winning part one. While the boat rocks up and down/back and forth, the sea creatures rain down, and water falls. Derek gets hit by a plastic shark during the game. Each finds it hard to hold on. Each is wondering how their play will influence the final two. Derek feels either of the other two would take him to the finals. In Diary Room, Derek refuses to leave anyone in charge of his game. Xavier tells us he wants to win because it guarantees he will be in part three, and he wants to win. It won’t be easy, and he has his work cut out for him. Azah tells us she doesn’t want to “blow” this competition. Derek has trouble, makes noise while playing, and is the first off. While Azah is hanging on and wants to win, she’s the second one off. Xavier wins part one. 

Azah and Big D will face off for part two, and the winner will go against Xavier. Azah feels she can go against Derek and beat him. As the group gets ready to go in, Derek starts playing with a toy shark. Before you know it, Xavier is also. In the house, Derek and Xavier shake and discuss the next stage. Derek hopes to win the next comp and go against Xavier in part three. Meanwhile, Xavier thinks of the people who have left. Azah and Derek discuss the game on the couch, counting juror votes and apparently having a fight. Even though they get mad, they get over it. They give each other pep talks. Azah tells us that she is nervous, and no one has her back. She must win so she has a better chance of winning it all. 

On Wednesday, we will get a two-hour show. It will be live and include the last comp live, jury with Kyland, and all coming back for the finale. (Of course, comp two and jury will have to be taped). Remember to vote for America’s Favorite House Guest and the $50,000 prize. To vote, text the name of the house guest you want to win $50,000 by texting their name to 97979. One vote per day (so no robo voting).

'Big Brother 23' Recap: And Soon There Are Three -- 09/23/2021

23 September, 2021

Sorry I missed last night. I’ve actually taped it but haven’t had the time to watch it. We were in and out of weather alerts all day and night. I figure it is more of the Kyland’s woe story, and I honestly lose his thoughts after his first line. 

So how did we get here? Let’s review. The on-air premiere had the group divided into four teams of four members. Frenchie won the HoH and made the promise that he wouldn’t nominate a PoC or a woman. Unfortunately, it came down to one of his final two alliances (of which there were many), Travis, who left. Unknown to Frenchie, the PoC (minus Derek X.) had formed a secret (silent) alliance called the Cookout which would eventually lead them to the final 12. The six Cookout members took a “pawn” from their team to hide behind. Unfortunately (for the Jokers), Azah and Derek F. had to share Britini while Xavier had Christian and Alyssa. And as the game continued, we came down to the Cookout final six. With Tiffany and Hannah leaving, we have the final four of Xavier, Derek F., Azah, and Kyland. Xavier won both the HoH and PoV, so nominated Kyland and Azah. So who would go? Well, Twitter and Facebook think Ky is leaving tonight.

Pre-Eviction Ceremony
Julie reminds us that Xavier is the Head of Household and has the Power of Veto but cannot be the sole vote to evict. We get the recap with reminders of who promised who to take them to the final two. To me, it is funny! No one really trusts Kyland (or they’re tired of his overthinking and over-talking everything). Xavier definitely wants Kyland to leave, but Derek F. is having problems forgetting the deals with Kyland and Xavier. Xavier, of course, is playing this best for himself. And yes! We have Jury House.

On Day 79, Julie welcomes us to Kyland’s Blindside. Then the program gives us Big D and his dilemma. As Derek goes back and forth, Kyland puts on the pressure to keep him. Kyland uses the words, words, words, and in Diary Room, the gist of his speech is ‘keep him and get Azah out.’ Derek asks: “is it worth having his best friend, Azah, leave against his showmance/friend, Kyland. Hey Big D.! You may think of Kyland as a showmance, but I don’t think he does. Azah tells it true. Kyland is a gamer. And Xavier, Derek, and Azah talk and talk and talk about the Kyland eviction. In Diary Room, Azah makes her wish to send Kyland out. Oh, Azah and Derek have had some — er – verbal skirmishes. And Azah tells us no one carried her to the final four. Actually, Azah, the group of six carried each other to the final six. You and Derek did the floating while others did the scheming.

Jury House
I’ve always said that at this point in the game, the 24/7 coverage should move to the Jury House. Why, you may ask? Because the final four/three are usually boring as the gameplay is very limited. I also advocate for the show to cut the period between the final four and the finale in time. They take the feeds down, and nothing is going on (also in the past few years, people could care less who wins), so a reduction in days makes sense.

As the jury gathers outside to greet the new person, they speculate on who is coming in next. Alyssa wants answers since they know about the alliance. Derek X. hopes it is Kyland but Tiffany arrives. Tiffany admits that the men saw her as a threat. Scared, Tiffany is happy to be able to reveal the Cookout’s mission to the jury. As they watch the video, Alyssa is shocked about the three HoHs in a week. Tiffany admits that she had a final three with Kyland, and he had to have the votes to get her out to make the move. Tiffany thinks that the three guys had something going. Ky wouldn’t send her out because they had a deal. And Claire says “Kyland’s got a lot of blood on his hands” and worried about whether to vote for him because of his game or the blood on his hands. 

Tiffany explains the surprise of what happened when she walked into the house. She saw so many like her and realized never that there had never been an African-American winner. It began as an understanding, and then the Cookout emerged. The six agreed to do their part to get the six to the end, with Tiffany doing the master plan. This surprises all that she was the mastermind. She explains the pawn plan, and Claire calls it iconic, which will make Tiffany a master of the game. They all admit they were out-played. Tiffany says that each of the six gave up what they wanted and best for their game for the overall purpose of the mission. She tells us that they respected the other jurors. Then Tiffany drops the double eviction bombshell.

Next up is the arrival of Hannah. She is still in shock because it happened so fast. Tiffany gives her a hug and wonders what happened. Tiffany confirms to us that she and Hannah were interchangeable. They get down to the show with Azah winning, putting up Xavier and Hannah, and Kyland getting the PoV. 

Hannah said that she and Azah made a deal, but Ky ruined it. She had to win the veto or be gone. When Ky took Xavier down, she knew she was gone. Sarah says it is a waste of Azah’s game. Hannah said Ky couldn’t look at her. Tiffany is now sure the guys are working together and thinks Azah will be the next juror. Derek X. says if it comes down to Kyland or Xavier in the final two, he’s not voting for Xavier. Sarah still shows she is bitter but likes Kyland. Hannah is rooting for Azah to win the game.

Live Veto Meeting and Eviction
Julie asks what will happen and will Ky see it coming? Xavier is asked whether he is going to use the veto or leave the nominations in place. He stands and announces he will not use the veto. Both can plead their case. Azah makes her plea, thanking God for letting her play the game. She asks Derek to look at them, two Jokers who cried, cook and laughed and made it to final four. She’s glad she found a true best friend, and being on the East Coast, know they will see each other (Julie thanks her for giving God the glory.) Ky is thankful for being in the game with them and wants to stay. Now Derek must cast the sole vote to evict. Derek tells them that he loves both. From the game level, he played the game for himself. He cast his vote to evict (not evote) Kyland. 

Kyland isn’t happy and not going out quietly. He and Xavier have words. Derek tells him from the game point of view, he can’t beat Kyland. By now, I’m yelling: “Kyland, please leave.” He’s trying to argue his way into staying. The other houseguests have gracefully exited but it takes Julie ordering Kyland out to the stage multiple times for him to leave. 

Interview with Julie
As Kyland leaves, Azah thanks the guys for keeping her. Julie asked if he was surprised that Derek evicted him. I think Kyland said that he was surprised but not surprised (double talk again). Julie asks Ky about the pre-Veto event with Derek. Kyland says he wouldn’t assure Derek because he would be lying (Julie gives him the words). Kyland doesn’t see it as lying, and off he goes on another tangent. Julie asks if the final two agreement with Xavier was the one he would honor. He talks about the “gentlemen,” but Kyland goes off on representation, and I didn’t get his true feelings. Julie asks about Xavier not using the veto on him. Kyland says he understands it, but I didn’t get anything from the rest of the speech. Julie asks about Derek’s vote. Kyland said Derek wouldn’t have done it without all agreeing. 

In her message, Azah says that she hopes they can be friends outside of the house. Derek said that the veto meeting was what sent him home. Xavier said Kyland was too competitive, and Xavier made an early agreement to take Derek F. to the finale. Kyland looks a little surprised. Now Kyland is asking to return next year. Please producers no. We can’t take another year of him talking all the time. 

America Favorite Player
America’s Favorite Houseguest will win $50,000. To vote for your favorite, text the houseguests’s name to 97979.


Friday will be a special episode with the family’s video and the recap show. Tuesday’s show will be competitions and Wednesday at 9:00 will be a two-hour finale. Julie’s last words to us: “Love one another.” In the Big Brother house, champagne is poured, and the final three toast. 

'Big Brother 23' Recap: The Final Four HoH -- 09/17/2021

17 September, 2021

Big Brother delivered an exciting season 23. The houseguests were smart, savvy, and came to play. Let me say to the Big Brother production team, kudos to the casting director. You did an excellent job of finding people who wanted to play and not get a career from the show. To the Big Brother executives who thought up teams, I have one question: Why? 

While the concept has been used before, this time, it hid the tree amid the forest. The Cookout succeeded because the houseguests had their heads so buried in team alliances that they kept playing teams after they ended. If there is one thing that caused the Cookout to be successful, it was that the team concept was lodged too much in Claire’s, Sarah Beth’s, and Alyssa’s thoughts. While good for the Cookout, it was bad for the others. With Xavier, Kyland, Derek, and Azah to fight it out now, it comes down to which one wants it the most. 

HoH Game Begins
With the exit of Hannah and Tiffany, Azah is left on her own. She must beat three men to make it to the final. While Azah has been in a big alliance, she’s been playing an invisible game. Will that help her or hurt her? Derek, on the other hand, just can’t win a competition while Xavier and Kyland have consistent wins. Of those two, Kyland is disadvantaged because he over-thinks and over-speaks every question asked and statement made. 

After the recap and the sad reminder of Tiff’s and Hannah’s eviction, we get what happened afterward. Diary Rooms are interested. While Derek is happy that he got to stay, he knows that Xavier and Kyland are only loyal to each other. Xavier tells us that he hated to see Hannah go, but it was the best for his position in the house. Kyland is Kyland, and the only thing I get from him is that doubles are notorious and whatever. Azah wanted Hannah to stay, and Kyland should have told her he planned to use the veto. She feels like she’s been played.

Before her exit, Hannah could see the writing on the wall. When Derek was put up beside her, and the commercial happened, she talked to Kyland and Xavier and asked for their vote. She reminds them they had said they wanted to go with a strong player, and she meets that bill. Xavier told Kyland that Azah didn’t want it used, but Kyland, as always, goes his own way and ticks off people (Azah and Derek). Xavier does tell us in Diary Room that from now on, his every step must be calculated and perfect. Even after the eviction, when Xavier and Kyland talk, Kyland wants only them to control everything. Later Derek tells Xavier that he’s upset about the nominations and that neither Xavier nor Kyland spoke to him. Xavier says Kyland’s using the Power of Veto raised a flag with Derek, which isn’t good.

HoH Competition
The HoH will be based on CSI: Vegas (which I haven’t watched in years). Please don’t ask me which actress was on the screen because I missed her name. They will have five clues they must find which are hidden on the wall in a “museum”. They must use a special light to find the clues. Once they find a clue, they must match it to the correct graphic cards on the clue wall. They must be careful because there are multiple suspect cards to choose from. After they find all clues, they must ring in and see if they are correct. If not, they must go back and recheck the clues. 

Derek is first, followed by Xavier and Kyland. Kyland has problems finding the last clue. With a time of 10:18, Xavier is the new Head of Household. 

In Diary Room, Xavier doesn’t look happy. Derek feels like he has lost. He likes to be a leader but hasn’t been one this season. Xavier walks through an empty bedroom saying, “We needed to beat Kyland.” Kyland, meanwhile, really wanted this one. Surprisingly, Derek goes to comfort Kyland. Meanwhile, Derek realizes it all comes down to the Power of Veto.

Xavier visits Azah and tells her she is going up. Azah asks Xavier about a final two, and he lies but does say maybe to Derek. Of course, he’s lying. 

Azah doesn’t know how she feels about Kyland and Xavier. She knows that she and Derek will be separated by the end of the week. Xavier’s noms will determine if she feels played. With the talk with Derek, Xavier asks for trust. From now, I’ll only put things of interest up in the one-on-ones because they are usually edged with lies. Xavier knows that Derek could hurt his injury. Derek tells us that it hurts to think of sending home Kyland. Derek puts it simply: someone has to go. 

It’s time for nominations. Xavier’s choices are Azah and Kyland, which surprises all. Azah is up because she’s never been nominated. Kyland was nominated for his wins. The real power, though lies in the POV Azah is shocked that hitting the block could put her against Derek. Derek realizes that his game is still in danger. The veto is life and death. Xavier knows this is what determines who makes it to the final three. Xavier says that Kyland needs to go this week, and it’s the chance to do it. Kyland tells us that game relies on winning PoV. And I zoned out during his long-winded speech. 

Who will win? I will be unable to cover the PoV, which is Wednesday at ten. Special time, so be sure and watch.


'Big Brother 23' Recap: Which Queen Will Leave During The Double Eviction? -- 09/16/2021

16 September, 2021

And so it begins on Big Brother! For all the weeks the game has been played, the Cookout remained hidden and kept itself together. I have my ideas on why this happened, and the biggest belongs to CBS and the team concept. The teams just couldn’t let it go! But I digress. Tonight, we will see the first Cookout member leave the house to the jury. Will it be Tiffany or Hannah? Does CBS have a secret up its sleeve? Twitter has been hoping for a battle back between the two evictees tonight, but I don’t really see it. It would have to include the other five who went before and are in the jury now. We’ll have to wait until the two hours play out to see what they have in mind for tonight’s episode(s). By the way, remember feeds have been down since early Wednesday, so no one knows what has gone on in the house.

Post Power of Veto
Julie reminds us that the Cookout alliance made it to the final six. After a recap that reminds us of the men’s alliance (with the sub-alliance of The Gentlemen), we are reminded that Kyland/Lyland had a final three with Tiffany and Hannah. He’s true to the men, though and not the ladies. By leaving them on the block, Lyland went against his word to the ladies. Can he be trusted? Of course not! This is Big Brother. 

Julie states it frankly: “It’s every man or woman for themselves.” Julie then moves into what happened after PoV Ceremony. Kyland didn’t change noms because by taking Tiffany off, she would stay, and he didn’t want to have a hand in that dangerous situation. Tiffany tells us that she’s going to work hard to stay. See how loyal she is? Later as the two play chess, they discuss the summer and the success the Cookout has had. Later. Tiffany tells us that the group has accomplished so much this season by getting all to the end. 

Tiffany starts the campaign by talking to a sleepy Azah. She explains that Hannah is cut-throat, and that’s why she needs to stay. To Derek, she uses the argument that Hannah wants him gone, then turns around and does the same spill to Xavier. Little does she know that Derek and Xavier compare notes and realize she just substitutes names to satisfy whoever she is speaking with at the time. The discussion of going to Vegas comes up, and I don’t think Derek wants to go if Brent is there.

Elimination Ceremony
Julie congratulates the Cookout for making it to the final six and having a PoC this year as a winner. Julie asks Tiffany why this alliance was so important, to which Tiffany said that she wanted to ensure that one of them made it to the final six. They all had the same goal, and it was an amazing feat. Xavier gets asked how he felt when he realized they had done it. He tells Julie that it was groundbreaking. Their hard work paid off. Derek tells Julie that it was hard and a challenge but well worth it. 

Hannah admits to Julie that it was hard to see Derek X. leave the house but the mission they were doing was more important. Kyland talked and talked and said that personal game on one side and mission on the other, and he hated betraying Sarah Beth. Azah barely could answer the question because of Kyland but she tells Julie they made history as the first six people to make it intact.

Jury House
Julie sends us to the Jury House, and they are discussing who is coming in the door. They think if it is Sarah Beth, and that a man won HoH. Well, is it Sarah Beth and Derek X. admits he didn’t want her to win but to go a little further. Watching the video, we see a more confident Britini as she has a good read on the game. They figure it will be Claire or Alyssa as the next houseguest to come and are surprised to see Sarah Beth. Sarah Beth realizes that there is a large alliance working together that is making it to the end (the Cookout). It will be the first PoC person winning and the first alliance that makes it in its entirety. The following week, they welcome first Claire and then Alyssa. Claire is hurt because it is Tiffany who sent her out. She had hoped that Lyland would leave. Her good-bye messages talked about an alliance and something bigger. Alyssa’s video is watched, and she had hoped that she could win and Kyland would be the replacement. She knew something was different because of Xavier’s PoV speech and the good-bye messages about alliance and mission. Britini thinks Lyland is the biggest problem and whoever takes him out gets props from her. Derek X. is surprised that Tiffany sent Claire out. Claire was hoping Xavier would go. Her messages of a bigger purpose, alliance, and respect. While Alyssa didn’t see it coming, she respects what they did. Britini declares that the game has officially begun since it’s just the alliance left.

The First Vote
The house guests make their pleas. Tiffany tells the houseguests that their names will always be paired together. Hannah wishes her dad a happy birthday and is so proud of the Cookout for playing together. The voting starts with Derek first. By a vote of three to zero, Tiffany is evicted from the game. After Julie reveals the votes, Tiffany doesn’t look surprised and hugs all. She tells all of them to have fun and does their Cookout cheer as she walks out to meet Julie. 

Julie asks Tiffany why she is sitting on stage with her. Tiffany feels that she had a final two with Lyland week two, but it looked like she kept changing her mind. Tiffany admits that the Swing HoH win didn’t help. She also tells Julie that she’s a risk-taker and would rather ask for forgiveness afterwards. Julie calls her a master strategist, and Tiffany agrees. While she wanted to win, the mission was important. They had to control the game. Tiffany had to come up with a way to win, and one morning, she got the chessboard and figured it out in five minutes. It was hard to play for herself and also for the PoC goal. She could have gone against the group by not putting Claire up, but it was a bigger mission. Tiffany is surprised by the double-elimination.

Second Eviction Begins
Julie calls everyone back to the living room and congratulates them on making it to the final five. Then she says second eviction, and they go into shock. Everything happens soon in the backyard.

The HoH competition is “BB Ballers.” Two rounds will be played. Round one has each house guest with 12 balls. They must retrieve a ball and roll it up the ramp to knock 12 silver balls off the game field. The first two who accomplish this will be in a playoff. Xavier and Azah advance and now must roll ten balls up the ramp and get them to stop on the grass. If it is a tie, they will have to answer a question. They must roll at the same time. While they both have problems at first, Azah wins her first HoH of the season by beating Xavier five to two (or was it three?). Derek hugs her, and they all head into the house. It looks like Azah will put up Hannah because she can’t touch Derek unless as a back door. Hannah isn’t the target. Lyland is going up also, it appears. No, wait! It’s Xavier.

Azah is asked to nominate the two houseguests who will be up for eviction. Azah tries to keep her promises. She puts up Xavier and Hannah, and one of them may be the next one eliminated. Next up is the Power of Veto game

Power of Veto
The Power of Veto game is a Big Brother classic game, “What the Bleep.” They will watch videos with a bleeped-out word, or phrase and Julie will supply an answer. They must decide if it is true or false. It comes down to Kyland and Xavier as the same correct answers. When the tiebreaker is asked, Kyland wins, and Azah may have to replace him as a nominee. The tie-breaker question is: In seconds, how long was the “cluckster competition” from start until BB declared Kyland the winner. 

Power of Veto Ceremony
Of course, Kyland uses the Power of Veto on Xavier leaving Derek as the only option. He assures Julie that he’s okay with it. Azah seems upset.

Eviction Two
Each makes a plea, and Hannah says, please keep me. Kyland is first. By a vote of two to zero, Hannah is going to the jury. Kyland was torn by his decision, but he felt he needed to give his vote to Derek. Hannah is upset but hugs Derek first and then the rest. She tells Kyland: “It’s okay.” Asked about hurt feelings, Hannah tells them, “not at all.”

On stage with Julie, she tells Julie she can’t believe she’s out. They watch Azar and Derek cry. Kyland takes it worse than Xavier. Julie asks when Azah nominated her, she looked shocked. Hannah felt that Azah would target Kyland because she had said she would. Hannah believes the men are working together, and Azah doesn’t realize it. Hannah didn’t think she was the target but thinks Azah wasn’t aware of Kyland and Xavier’s deal. Julie asked why she felt that her only path to the end was with Tiffany, and Hannah admitted that she just didn’t have the same relationship. She felt Azah just didn’t know how close the guys were. Julie asked Hannah if it was difficult keeping the six together. Hannah thought it was hard because she did have two other alliances. In the end, Hannah’s purpose was to get the six to the end and a PoC as the winner. There were no “ifs, and or buts.” Hannah feels like a winner. When she entered the house, she wanted to play ruthless, but when she saw the other five, she knew they should play for a final six. As the show ends, each of the remaining BB Cookout members is contemplating the game (in separate rooms?).

Tomorrow night (Friday, September 17) will be the HoH competition. No episode on Sunday due to the Emmy Awards. Finale night is September 29th.

'Big Brother 23' Recap: Action Heroes Unite -- 09/15/2021

15 September, 2021

Tonight, Big Brother promises we will get the Power of Veto Ceremony. For anyone watching feeds (or reading Live Feed Updates), we know it is BB Comics. For the Big Brother fan, these have become fan favorites during the past few years. So whose comic cover will be the best? Can Hannah or Tiffany pull off the PoV and save themselves? Will Derek “prove” himself today and finally win a competition. The cover is up to you to decide! No jokes, please.

Pre-Competition and Players
Tonight will be the first time that all get to play in the POV. The Cookout has scored a win by getting all members to this point. The question is: who can win, and will fights occur before the eviction? Here we go!

We’re reminded that Lyland is playing both sides: the guys and gals (minus Azah). That may come back to haunt his HoH. Oh, it did. He put up Tiffany and Hannah. I wonder if they’ll share the HoH bed with him again? Oh, and only two weeks remain before a winner is crowned.

After the nominations, Kyland tells us that since he can’t trust Tiffany, she’s up. Tiffany does feel betrayed. She felt the final three were sealed. Derek is just happy that Tiffany is FINALLY on the block. He’s wanted this to happen forever. Xavier is glad that Lyland honored the agreement (and yes, I still call Kyland by my nickname for him, Lyland). Hannah feels he’s thrown her for a loop and wants to talk. Lyland tells Hannah that she’s not the target. She’s up because she is close to Tiffany. Lyland says Tiffany and Xavier would never move forward together, which confuses Hannah as always. She does realize that the guys are working together. Do you mean it took you this long to realize it? Hannah is sure that if it comes down to Lyland and Xavier, Xavier will win, but she’s going to fight to stay. 

Derek tells us that he feels terrible for Hannah, Tiffany and Lyland. It’s not going to be easy. Xavier tells him that it is hard, but there have to be targets. Xavier tells us from jury management scenarios, he’ll win against Lyland and Derek. Derek worries that Lyland may try some “tricky stuff” but hopes to make it to the end. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Hannah didn’t expect the nominations. Tiffany has realized that since Claire left, she only has Hannah. Hannah decides to approach Azah, and she’s going to push Azah to win the veto and take one of the women off. During this talk, Hannah tells Azah that she doesn’t want the guys to control the game. I’m afraid that she’s left Azah out for too long. Azah tells us that she wanted the women to work together at the start, but she got close to Derek and Xavier. Tiffany does send us a message via her camera chat, but in the Diary Room she tells us that it will be life-changing for her and her son. She wants to win the veto for a birthday gift to him. 

News Break
Four Americans have launched successfully into orbit on the SpaceX rocket. Of course, I couldn’t see it because of clouds.

The Veto Competition
The competition will be done one at a time. As always in Big Brother (BB) Comics, they are dressed as superheroes, swing on a zip line and observe comic book cover titles, and then they must put them in the correct order on a “web page” (computer image). They must also be careful because one little detail could be wrong, so the correct cover must be chosen. If you are wrong, you will get a buzzer. Note: Notable comics include Derek X. in his herald’s costume, Derek F. snoozing, Xavier ripped with an “X marks the spot,” Sarah with her breath.  

It looks like Derek is first. He’s looking forward to this comp and gives us a good explanation. The way he suggests for the game to be played is that you get the covers in the correct order then start looking for differences. To explain this, it would take forever, and good covers are available online now. When you hit the buzzer, you are told if you are right or wrong. If you are wrong, you must figure out which is wrong. Derek actually does a good job. He’s followed by Kyland who does very well as does Azah. Xavier and Tiffany both have trouble, so they’re not adding to their resume. Finally is Hannah. She takes her time and gets all right on the first try. How will times play into this?

The times are in with Derek’s time of 14:05 revealed first. Hannah was right behind him at 14:06. Xavier (20:56), Azah (20:22), and Tiffany (40:00) haven’t done as well. It comes down to Kyland, whose score of 11:64 wins. I guess his love of comics paid off. Derek is so happy to finally come in second. Wait, doesn’t he now have two second places? He tells us in Diary Room that he’s afraid he may now be considered a threat.

After costume pictures, Xavier and Kyland run scenarios. When it looks like he may be changing his mind and HoHitis is taking over, Xavier reminds him that by putting up Derek, Derek would leave. Tiffany does have a plan, and it involves visiting Kyland and promising the moon. No, she swears she will take him to the end and be faithful only to him. Right, Tiff! You said you wanted a Cookout woman to win this year. She even uses that her ego/pride got the best of her, and now she’s willing to put it aside. Hannah uses a different strategy and only offers one-week safety and the use of veto in the final three. In Diary Room, Kyland says the offers are enticing, but he’s not really buying it (I think). Kyland wonders if he can trust Hannah to vote Tiffany out (of course not).

Power of Veto Meeting
Kyland calls them all in and announces he will not be using the Power of Veto. He apologizes and wishes both the best of luck. In Diary Room, he says he’s not happy doing this, but he wants Tiffany to go home because it is the best thing for his game. Hannah is upset she’s on the block against Tiffany. They need only two votes, but Hannah’s is going to get those. Derek is so glad she’s leaving. He uses the card analogy that she’s a queen, but he’s a joker and jokers have the last laugh. Tiffany tells us she will have the votes she needs. She came up with the plan to keep them there for the game, and she’ll come up with another plan to stay.

Note on Schedule
Remember, tomorrow is a two-hour episode. (Live feeds have been down all day and won’t return until tomorrow night after the show airs in Pacific Time.) We will get another episode on Friday, but none on Sunday, so be aware of the schedule change.

'Big Brother 23' Recap: The Cookout Begins the Fight -- 09/12/2021

12 September, 2021

Big Brother fans! Can you believe it? One complete alliance of all members has made it to the final six. First, I don't recall that ever happening. Add to that that the group is PoC. The diversity this year paid off in the Big Brother game (even with the complaints), but I feel that they owe much to two things: production's decision to split the group into teams and Frenchie's statement that no PoC or woman would be evicted week one. By the time those waves ended, the game was down to people who kept the team mentality and those who had a broader game in mind. It was the group with the broader game (overlooking teams) that made it.

After the Double
After Claire and Alyssa left, the Cookout members could use their alliance name and celebrate. Big Brother though, wasn't through with their week in one day, and HoH loomed before them. Hannah tells us that going into the double, the plan was for one of them to win HoH, nominate Alyssa, win PoV, and evict Alyssa. She's so happy because, at 21, she's been on her favorite television show and made it to the final six. Both Tiffany and Azah also celebrate the win in the bedroom. There was one problem before the final vote. When Xavier won PoV, he took himself off. Kyland/Lyland was going up, but he wasn't happy. He thought Tiffany or Hannah should go up since neither had been on the block. Hannah was HoH which left Tiffany, and she wasn't going up. Tiffany didn't want Lyland up but better him than her. 

Even as the celebration happens at the show's end, Tiffany's brain is going (look at her eyes). Derek tells us they stuck together and got all of them to the final six. Tiffany says it is every man for himself (but she's been playing more that way than the others lately). Xavier says that their time and effort paid off to get everyone so far, but he's determined to be in one of the seats on finale night.

Tiffany starts damage control with Lyland. She tries to explain her reasoning for staying off the block and get him to agree with her on the plan and have no issues. Tiffany, you just told us that everyone must play for themselves from now on. While Tiffany thinks things are calm, Lyland has changed his mind about taking her to the end. He sees Tiffany as trying to do jury management. Tiffany has cornered Xavier upstairs to try her mist on him regarding Claire. While he listens, he's not buying her tale. In the Diary Room, Tiffany admits she feels like people see her as a threat. While she thinks Xavier won't come after her, she'll send him to jury.

Lyland and Hannah are talking because Hannah needs to do damage control for putting him on the block. They talk, and she tries to smooth things over. Lyland tells us in Diary Room that he doesn't want to work with her in the long run. Hannah's excuse is the "I was rushed" (as if Tiffany and she hadn't planned it before hand). Next up is Xavier and Derek's talk, and it's about Tiffany's actions. Derek will take a shot at Tiffany and in Diary Room tells us he's ready to get it done. Kyland and Xavier talk and congratulate each other for still being in the house. They talk targets and taking care of each other if in the nomination chairs. Lyland in Diary Room tells us he has started making decisions on who he wants to go against at the end. It has to be a contender, and that is Xavier. So Xavier and he made a final two deal and named themselves "The Gentlemen." 

HoH Competition
As they wait for the HoH, Tiffany tells us that she needs to win and stay safe because she doesn't know who will take a shot at her. Lyland says that the first HoH of the group must decide on who will go out first. Hannah just doesn't want it to be her.

The HoH competition is set up in the backyard. The house guests (the heroes) are being held captive by the super chicken. It's the egg up the chicken wire wall and into a slot competition, and I didn't hear the name. It looks easier than in the past, but they must roll their eggs down a ramp and knock three levers down to get free. Hey, everyone! After all our complaints about Derek not being able to win, he does knock down the first lever. Of course, Lyland wins but it should be noted that Derek had two to Xavier and Azah's one lever. And how many did Tiffany knock down? – zero.

After the competition, Tiffany meets with Lyland to start her pitch. She wants to remind him of their deal to go to the end together. In a later meeting, she pushes a larger target (Xavier). Hannah also tries to do damage control as she nominated him for jury. She also pushes for a final four and Xavier to be the target. Lyland has made the deal with Xavier and he knows that there may be a line drawn in the sand. 

Lyland knows Derek is worried and upset with his performance. Derek is in the "have-not room," and Lyland comes in to talk. Derek is trying to figure out how to continue with his game because he's not a threat and can't win anything. Lyland admits he knows how much Derek wanted to win, but it just didn't happen. Later, Xavier and Lyland meet to discuss the nominations. Tiffany and Hannah are at the top of the list. Azah will be the third nominee and pawn.

Lyland knows that this nomination ceremony will be the first Cookout member eliminated. It's a tough decision, but he has to put up two people. His nominations are Tiffany and Hannah. The reason for this is because of a loss of trust. Lyland tells us that he used to trust Tiffany, but he doesn't feel safe with her in the game. Xavier is happy that he didn't go up after four weeks on the block. Hannah is shocked and sad because she's up against her number one ally. Tiffany is mad. They had a deal, and he didn't trust her. "It was supposed to be Xavier." She wants to win HoH next week and take control.

So who will win the Power of Veto, and will Hannah or Tiffany be taken off the block? Be sure and watch Wednesday night. Also, don't forget that on Thursday we get a two-hour episode. Since we haven't seen the jury, I'm sure it will be a part of that two-hour episode.

'Big Brother 23' Recap: 'Double Eviction Looms' - 09/09/2021

09 September, 2021

As the double eviction looms, Big Brother fans are left with the possibility of losing Claire tonight. Not only that, but a Cookout member could leave before the end of the hour. In the Big Brother universe, it seems strange that a group of six has made it to eight. Their dedication to each other is one of the most powerful I’ve ever seen, but I digress. The drama is ramping up, and we should all prepare ourselves for a blow-out episode.

Pre-Vote and Eviction One
I’m not sure how much of a recap we’ll get tonight. They have so much to cover in a double eviction, but I’m sure there will be something. Personally, I want Jury House and Sarah Beth’s arrival.

And I was right. We get a recap (and bad edit for Tiffany). Oh, they reverse the reveal of the Cookout by Tiffany with the nomination. Julie Chen Moonves reminds one that a Cookout could go to the jury.

Claire is probably the first evictee, but plans are being made for the next one. Alyssa wants to set up a blindside for Tiffany. Claire tells us that her leaving “sucks” and she has an uphill battle to stay. While this is a hardship for Tiffany, it had to be done. Xavier, Derek, and Azah talk about the next eviction. Alyssa realizes that all the people left will be People of Color (she’s half Hispanic, as she tells them). Basically, the four of them all have a reason for Tiffany to leave. Xavier, Tiff’s closest ally, hasn’t liked her play this week. Hannah and Azah are conspiring about a sympathy vote. Hannah is setting it up to blame Lyland for the 4 to 1 vote. Hannah needs to keep she, Tiffany and Azah safe. Alyssa seems okay to put up Kyland (Lyland) but will she?

The First eviction has started. Julie announces that tonight is a double eviction, and Lyland looks slightly worried. Xavier and Claire can make their speech. Xavier says that they should think of the benefits of keeping them. If he does go, Alyssa will have his vote. Claire makes a case that Xavier will win the game if he stays. In fact, he’s playing a “damn fine game,” and she’ll tell the rest of the jury just that.

The voting starts. First up is Alyssa. She votes to evict Claire. Hannah will vote to evict Xavier and blame Lyland (if necessary). With a vote of four to one, Claire is evicted from the Big Brother House. Julie makes the announcement, and she doesn’t wait for goodbyes. That will happen on finale night. 

Julie welcomes Claire and mentions the exit. Julie asks about Tiffany’s nomination. Julie says, you said “I get it,” and Claire agrees. People of Color always leave early. She will never be mad at Tiffany for doing it. Asked by Julie about calling out/messaging Xavier, Claire says she thinks he’s playing the best game of all that remains. Claire’s final thoughts are that she has had so many highs and lows, and she loves the Big Brother game. She has no regrets. And made a classy exit.

Head of Household
Now, for the week in an hour. Julie joins the house guests, and Tiffany looks worried. This is the BB Comics Week. All will be themed around BB comics. This one is “Crash, Boom, Pow” and each will be shown series of images based on comic books with crash, boom, and pow. They have six tiles—one point for each correct answer. The one with the most correct answers wins. While Derek does relatively good, Hannah wins her first Head of Household and must nominate two.

In the house, Hannah holds quick meetings. I hear Lyland, and it looks like he wants Derek gone. Alyssa congratulates her, and Hannah tells her she will be nominated. It’s not personal but best for her game.

Live Nomination Ceremony
Hannah tells all that this isn’t for anything but to help her game. Xavier and Alyssa are the noms, and we’re heading to live veto competition.

Veto Competition
The Veto Competition will involve all, but Lyland (selected to sit out by draw) will play. This game is called “Logo, Let’s Go.” They must race to complete a BB Comics puzzle. They have their first piece locked in and must build off of that. They must do the puzzle and hit the buzzer. Did Xavier get a chance to practice? He finished the puzzle early and won the Power of Veto. He’s told to strategize and head inside.

Power of Veto Competition
Tiffany, Hannah, and Xavier have a quick meeting. I’m sure Tiff is laying down the law. Alyssa is making a plea but would Xavier be stupid enough to use it on Alyssa (of course not)? I couldn’t make out all that was said, but Alyssa spilled some information. The real question is, who will Hannah call to replace Xavier? Probably the choice falls to Derek.

The ceremony begins, and Xavier, as expected, removes himself. Hannah has decided to put up Kyland. What! I’m shocked. Lyland and Tiff have a final two (as he has with everyone else). Alyssa and Derek off-screen together (to talk maybe). I’m not sure if Xavier was with them, but he did a nice speech to her before saving himself.

The Second Eviction
Kyland is called first to make a speech to sway votes. He tells them he respects their decision. He’s short! Alyssa tells all keep her and have a chance to win the game or keep Kyland and do what he tells you to do so he can win the game.

The voting starts with Azah. Wow! Xavier wants Lyland out. The final vote is three to one, and Alyssa is evicted from the house. She does hug all as she leaves.

On stage, Julie welcomes her, and they watch an upset Xavier get a hug from Derek then Kyland, Tiffany and Azah. What no Hannah? Oh, she’s giving Lyland a hug.

Julie says she didn’t look shocked. Alyssa feels lucky she didn’t leave last week. When Julie asks about feeling betrayed, Alyssa feels betrayed by Hannah and Claire. Both wanted her out, and Alyssa just talked too much this week. Julie asks if she trusted Xavier and anyone else. Alyssa doesn’t really name any names but those she didn’t trust – Hannah. Would she have taken Xavier to the final two, Alyssa doesn’t hesitate! She would have taken him to the final three only because anyone sitting beside him would lose. Once again, Alyssa talks about being glad that she was on the “Kings” team. She doesn’t realize that teams are over (and have been for Cookout members for a long time). No mention of the Cookout is made. 

Julie asks Alyssa to leave because she can’t hear what Julie will tell us. The Cookout are the final six. Only one will win. Next week will feature a special two-hour double eviction episode. As the show ends, the Cookout celebrates with a group hug and cheer.

Oh, and Julie announced on Twitter today that there will be another Celebrity Big Brother this winter. Who wants the top salary, and who will be asked to play?

'Big Brother 23' Recap: And Tiffany’s Hits Keep Flying -- 09/08/2021

08 September, 2021

Big Brother fans will remember that on Sunday’s taped show, Tiffany won the HoH. This set up a wild ride for Xavier, who found himself on the block opposite Alyssa, his pawn. Now the stage is set for a repeat of last week’s show, or is it? While there isn’t a secret HoH to spoil the plans, the Power of Veto is coming in to play along with Zingbot’s return. Let’s sit back and get ready for the show. And with it being a double eviction tomorrow night, I hope the houseguests know what’s going to hit them!

Post Nominations
Tiffany doesn’t care if she has made the others mad. It’s her HoH, and she’ll do what she wants. Question for CBS? Yes, I know Tiffany has come off as rather arrogant and doesn’t want to be on the block at all during this game, but are you giving her this edit because you are tired of her or to show what’s she capable of to America? Xavier is frustrated, but Claire is happy. Later, when Xavier is shooting pool, Alyssa comes up to talk about PoV and the next eviction. Who would Tiffany put up? Hannah’s name is mentioned. Xavier is coming for Tiffany while Tiffany is trying to arrange something, so she doesn’t have to nominate a third person this week. The only one left is Claire, and she’d have to choose between her plus one and Cookout members. Tiffany thinks her mental powers will take care of the PoV situation. As PoV is nearing, Alyssa talks to Derek about playing for her since she took him off the block. He agrees, but we all know he won’t do it. He admits he’s scared of what Tiffany could do. 

Later in the HoH room, Derek and Xavier talk scenarios. While it is going to be an individual’s game soon, Xavier sees it as Tiffany is already in that mindset and is ticked off by her actions. The big question is: will Tiffany honor the Cookout to the final six or keep Claire close? Personally, I think she has set herself up for eviction. Xavier believes she’s “ruining her game” which he wants to do anyway. Derek likes messy play but not this week. Are the two of them not trusting Lyland (Kyland) now? 

Why is it that Azah and Derek are the only two who seem to do any cleaning? Azah, though seems to like to sing the songs they have made up this summer like “Do What You Want to Do.” Then we get a Diary Room with Derek trying to sell the BB #23 album featuring songs like “Big Blue Couch,” “I’m on the Block Again,” and many more. Yes, they had fun with this, but did we need this Diary Room.?

Power of Veto and Zingbot
Tiffany is happy because it’s time to pick PoV players. The three players will be: House guest choice Hannah (Tiffany), Derek (Xavier), and Azah (Alyssa). None of these will change the nominations if they win, so Xavier and Alyssa must win on their own. Claire, Hannah, and Lyland aren’t playing. Oh, and Derek lets Lyland know that about his crush. 

All go outside, and Zingbot is on the balcony. While they can’t wait, we know what is coming and prepare for the zings that can’t always be understood. Hannah can’t wait to “get her feelings hurt by this robot.” Zing calls them losers (as usual).

First is Alyssa, who Zingbot calls dim even though she lives in Florida. Xavier is next with a zing about his secret of crushes — on himself. Tiffany is called old as in ‘four score and seven …” Claire gets referred to as “Big Foot.” Hannah gets a knock, knock joke about being invisible. Derek gets a zing about his bathroom use. Azah is told by the Zingbot that she’ll never get a date with Xavier. The last and most accurate is Lyland. He gets compared to a babbling brook because he will never shut up. In Diary Room, all agree with the Zingbot on Lyland’s zing. 

The Power of Veto begins, and all 21 small cocktail glasses and tweezers start to go. Called “Micro Cocktails,” each player must stack rows of small cocktail glasses using tweezers through a window. The first to stack the five rows will win (a total of 21 cocktail glasses). Oh no, this is the one that Tyler got so frustrated with. Xavier wants to win so he can see what Tiffany will do. Alyssa knows it means she has to win to survive. While it looks like Derek might actually win, he knocks his down and must start over. As the game continues, it looks like Alyssa and Tiffany are neck and neck. In the end, Alyssa puts her last glass on the top and wins a PoV bracelet. Tiffany is upset and faced with her worse possible fear, replacing Alyssa with a nomination of Claire.

In the Diary Room, Tiffany is upset with herself, but Xavier is laughing at her dilemma. Karma is what he really thinks as he celebrates. Later Xavier meets Derek and Azah in the bedroom, and all worry about whether Tiffany will follow through with the plan or play selfishly and keep Claire off the block. Derek says that if she does, Tiffany will lose four votes. In the HoH bath, Tiffany and Hannah talk, and Tiffany feels hurt. Tiffany wants Claire for personal game and friendship, but if she goes against Cookout, her chances of winning are gone. Claire has to be told that she’s going up without ruining their relationship (a vote for Tiffany in the finals). Hannah goes back to talk to Derek and Xavier, who secretly have admitted they will flip the house if Tiffany goes back on her word. So Hannah is giving info now? Xavier is worried about how Tiffany will tell Claire and what Alyssa will learn

Tiffany talks to Claire and admits she has an agreement with Lyland, Derek, Azah, and Hannah to keep them safe. She can’t put any of those four up (notice she didn’t add Xavier there). That means she has to put up Claire, which upsets Claire. And we get a big bleep space and tears from the both of them. Tiffany tells us that she doesn’t want to lie and will be as honest as she can. She has her own personal feelings about how to play the game. Now Claire cries. In Diary Room, Claire says she can’t be mad. She gets the reasoning. Claire even knows the reason (PoC) and how they always leave early. 

The Power of Veto Meeting
PoV meeting is held, and of course, Alyssa uses it on herself. Tiffany must now put up Claire or a Cookout member. She tells all it is difficult, but Claire is her choice. As the meeting ends, we get Alyssa telling us that she’s proud of herself. She’s declared Tiffany as her target. Tiffany wants to keep Claire safe but doesn’t think there is any way she can save Claire. Claire is going to go out as a fighter and will do everything she can to stay.

Double eviction tomorrow, and it will be good. Hannah has been working on getting sympathy votes from everyone for Claire. If she gets enough, Xavier will be gone. Oh, think of that delicious ending. So that leaves the following questions. Will the Cookout be safe? Will Xavier accidentally leave early? If Xavier exits, whose game will he take out? Who will win the HoH and nominate to be the second evictee? Tune in tomorrow to find out whether the Cookout ends.

'Big Brother 23' Recap: Who Did The HoH Swing?

05 September, 2021

Big Brother #23 is counting down to a double elimination this week. So far, the Cookout has survived, but can they survive a double elimination? If they make it through two more pawns going (Claire and Alyssa), which of the Cookout is the most expendable. With Tiffany, Xavier, Lyland – er Kyland, and Hannah playing hard, can they win, or will Azah and Derek make it to the final two? Note: from now on, I will refer Kyland to Lyland. He’s very good at lying and being sly.

HoH Competition
After the exit of Sarah Beth, the HoH begins. Interestingly we are reminded of the final three between Kyland, Xavier, and Derek. We’re also reminded that Lyland (Kyland) and Tiffany have a final two alliance. I am so tired of Lyland. He’d be my first Cookout member out.

As we rejoin the competition, we are treated to more of the HoH competition. Kyland is upset about losing Sarah, but he has another plan, and Tiffany is happy that Sarah is gone. Twitter went crazy Thursday because we didn’t see Derek fall, but we get it tonight (he only lasts 1 minute 42 seconds). Alyssa takes a brutal hit and is getting dizzy as the rope spins faster and faster. Down she goes, and she’s sick. Tiffany is surprised that Alyssa is out as the group gets sprayed by three circus people with water/slime seltzer bottles. Claire has to throw the game, so she drops. 

In a flashback, we’re shown Lyland taking information to Hannah and Tiffany. In addition, the Cookout had promised to drop if Derek or Azah made it to the finals. As we return to the game, Hannah goes down followed by Xavier. This leaves Azah, Tiffany, and Lyland in the game. The agreement had been made to let Azah win, but neither Lyland nor Tiffany will fall. Azah finally falls, and I guess Tiffany and Lyland have shown their true colors. Lyland wants Tiff on the block with Claire, but Tiff isn’t having that, and they keep swinging. Cookout is beginning to turn as Lyland finally falls and Tiffany wins AGAIN. It’s every man for themselves, even if it hasn’t reached just Cookout members yet. This is Big Brother! 

As this battle of wills has played out, fellow Cookout members are seeing a side of these two, and Tiff’s loyalty is being questioned. Tiff says Lyland wants wins for his resume. Lyland says she may be in a situation where she has to put up Claire, and he’s finally ready to let her do it. Tiffany celebrates again. She celebrates winning twice in a row (but isn’t it three times since she controlled the noms from Claire’s?).

After HoH
Lyland doesn’t understand why Tiff wouldn’t fall. Maybe it’s because you (Lyland) planned to put Claire and Tiff up. TIffany is trying to ‘build her resume’ for the big finale (which you shouldn’t count on because this type of game can backfire!). Lyland is scared that he is at risk. He sees Tiff as selfish (but he’s not). I’m sure Azah sees both as selfish. Azah is happy she’s safe but is upset at Tiff’s not keeping her word. TIff throws the blame for her not dropping at Lyland.

Alyssa is upset she’s on slop because she can’t eat it. She’s scared of losing more weight after being on it for three times. She is also not Tiff’s ally, so she’s scared of going up. Xavier is upset that the Cookout’s plan is shot. He’s on the block for the third time, but Tiff and Claire celebrate in the bathroom. Tiffany is getting a little too arrogant to win this! Claire figures that she and Tiff will make it to the final two. 

Lyland goes to talk to Tiffany again. They’re arguing over who wanted it more (Azah wanted it more). Lyland tells us that Tiff wanted to win. Okay, I’ve just zoned out again. Please, someone take Lyland out. Tiff talks to us, and she’s in the “someone had to win” mind. Couldn’t it have been Azah? Tiff says she’s keeping her pawn safe as long as she can. She’s sure that Claire will be safe until next week, and she celebrates her success AGAIN of getting Sarah Beth out.

Derek and Azah have a talk. He feels like he’s the weakest person and Azah offers support. She reminds him that he created the alliance and helped pull it off. He’s been trying but as he tells all, physical feats are not for him. It happened in high school with physical ed, but his dad told him to keep swinging and trying. Hannah comes in and says that Lyland just wouldn’t quit. She’s not too happy that the plan has changed, but at least no one is looking at her. When Xavier to talks to Derek and Azah, he’s not happy with Lyland or Tiff. Azah tells us that she is tired of putting her game for the Cookout while others play for themselves. She’s frustrated but must trust the process, and so is Xavier. I think he’s favoring an alliance with Derek and Azah (wonder just how much Derek is sleeping and how much he’s listening and strategizing while ‘sleeping’).

Xavier and Tiff meeting and Xavier tells her that Claire needs to go. Tiff apologizes because she plans for Alyssa to go up, which means that Xavier also goes up. Tiff is HoH and not that sorry. Can we say arrogant? I liked her week one but not so much anymore. My opinion: until recently, Tiff’s been relying on Xavier or Lyland to get their hands dirty and throw no suspicion on her. Xavier tells us he is tired, and he’s been playing for the Cookout. Now Tiff can get blood on her hands, and Xavier has the chance to mess with Tiffany’s doom.

It’s HoH Time!
Oh no, another HoH reveal. Do we have to do that again? Derek says he’s excited but he’s not. He calls Tiffany selfish. Derek will play like he cares, but he doesn’t. As everyone enters and does the usual, Derek and Xavier end up sitting on the bed. They’re the first to leave and go downstairs to talk. Xavier said it should have been Derek and Azah since they have never won. Tiffany is selfish and then Lyland comes in. Upstairs Tiff, Claire and Hannah watches and I’m sure they wanted to know what was said. Alyssa and Azah is in the bedroom where Alyssa tries on Azah’s dress. It fits.

Later Claire and Tiff meet to discuss strategy. Tiff feels she is on Xavier’s and Lyland’s radar (oh really). Tiff tells Claire that they need to align with Hannah and Azah. If Claire wins HoH, Tiff plans for her to take out one of the guys. I knew this! She’s not as smart as she thinks. Claire agrees and says that the guys will be on the block because they will stick together. 

Tiffany talks to Alyssa about going on the block. If I hear “it is what it is” from Tiff again, I swear I’ll never say it. Alyssa knew that Tiffany would take a shot and Alyssa feels that Tiff has many friends in the jury house (I’m not so sure Alyssa). Alyssa goes through the votes and how each would stand against her. Alyssa, don’t do that! Tiffany thinks that everyone knows she’s not the mastermind. Tiffany says Alyssa’s math adds up and Tiffany is thinking of sitting next to her in the end.

Tiffany calls everyone to nominations. The usual spill is made and we see Alyssa and Xavier on the board. Well, at least they play for PoV. The reasoning is that it is a game move (and not personal) due to them being strong competitors.

Tiffany say they may have wanted Claire gone but it’s Tiff’s HoH and she’s there for the money. Alyssa hoped her pitch would work but it didn’t. She tired of the “fake smiles and laughs”. Xavier tells us third week of the block because Tiffany decided to win HoH. He can play friendly but also blow Tiffany’s game. I think Tiffany better look to self-preservation and not have too big a case of HoHitis.

Wednesday, we get the PoV game. Will Tiffany’s plan work or will a new strategy be devised? In other words, will Claire have to go up! Will Tiffany play true? Will Xavier use the double eviction Thursday to get Tiffany out. Stay tuned, Big Brother fans! It’s about to get down and dirty.

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