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'Big Brother 23' Recap: Which Joker Will Remain? -- 08/19/2021

Written by 19 August, 2021

Last night on Big Brother, I would have guessed it was Derek F. staying. But as the day progressed, I saw Claire and Sarah B. more and more wanting him gone and speaking openly to Tiffany and Derek X. about their wishes. I’m not sure what they have against Derek F., but this is Big Brother, and sometimes the one who does the cleaning must go. They can beat Derek F. at HoH competitions. Britini staying would give them another lady in the house, but she’s already headed toward “bitter juror,” and it would only get worse. So tonight, I go in wondering if it will fall to the HoH to give the final vote (for a welcome change). Oh, right! That’s Kyland, and the network needs to end the show by 9:00 P. M.

POV Ceremony and Aftermath
Julie Chen Moonves opens the show tonight by announcing that emotions are high and two vetoes are in play. We go straight to recaps, and we see just how Tiffany can manipulate Kyland. I had forgotten she can use words just as cleverly as he can. Oh, and the new HoH will be crowned live on “Big Brother!”

Julie tells us that chaos erupted as the veto meeting started. We are given the Power of Veto meeting. Both the holders of the Power of Veto are standing and make the decisions. Kyland will use the Veto on Claire. Tiffany silent rejoices while Brit starts breaking down. Britini is told to take the chair. Alyssa does not use the Power of Veto, so that is over. 

After the ceremony, Britini is mad. Alyssa says that everyone is against her anyway, and Derek X. could have gone up. Derek F. is upset because it is Britini. Claire is upset because she was up and isn’t forgetting that Kyland did it. Kyland thinks that Derek F. will stay no matter what but that’s without thinking about Claire, Derek X. and Sarah B. As Britini cries in Derek F. arms, in the Diary Room she goes off on Kyland. I guess when they have the house guests back in to destroy the house, she’ll go for his stuff. Britini is sick of being a nominee. It hurts both Derek F. and Azah to see her like this. 

Upstairs, Tiffany and Claire and talking in the HoH room. Claire wants Derek F. gone because she feels all will carry him to the end for an easy win. Tiffany, in Diary Room, tells us that as a member of The Cook-Out, Derek F. can’t leave. Hannah works on Derek X. trying to keep Derek F. but Derek X., in Diary Room, tells us that Britini would take a shot at Kyland or others that he wants out. Later, Claire and Derek X. talk, but they count Hannah in with their number of a team. The problem is that they have Tiffany listening to the conversation. You know Claire is really a bitter person at being on the block. What did she expect of Big Brother? Tiffany isn’t on the same page, and Claire may have to go sooner than later.

The Cookout has decisions to make. Tiffany tells Xavier that Claire and Derek X. wants Derek F. gone. In Diary Room, Tiffany tells us that “for the sake of the Cookout,” she’ll get rid of either Claire or Derek X. Tiffany has to tell Xavier also about Derek X.’s questioning the pairs and possibly the group of six. Xavier assures her that he will lie to Derek X. if he must. Later, Xavier tells Kyland that Derek X. is the biggest threat. They meet with Derek X. and try to form an alliance as the three strongest players. Derek X. immediately runs and tells Claire about the discussion. Claire isn’t happy and thinks they’re playing Derek X. She knows you have to lie to people in Big Brother. Everyone says something for a reason. Claire sees Xavier and Kyland taking a shot at both of them. 

The Live Vote and Eviction
Julie joins the house guests in the Living Room (whoops, they are dressed for a physical competition). Britini asks to stay via rap and don’t ask me to identify what she’s saying, except she will help their game if they let her stay. Derek F. thanks God and his mother and a long list of friends. He then asks to be kept for fixing food, laughter, and cleaning. The house guests start the live voting with Xavier first. The votes are coming in but wait. Azah votes for Derek F. while Claire changes her vote. Britini leaves for the jury on a vote of seven to one, but Julie fools them by telling Big D that he is safe before telling Britini she is gone. With hugs, she goes to meet Julie. Wow, did Kyland give Derek F. a big kiss? Azah is being comforted by Derek X. and later by Tiffany and Alyssa.

Julie tells Britini that she was on the block for four of six weeks. Britini is going to the jury because she could have won with her story in the final two. She’s okay with going to the Jury House. America voted her the highest amount of HoH bucks. Julie wants to know why she didn’t play in the High Roller Game. Brit thought she’d be okay this week, so she saved her bucks. Julie asks who she feels betrayed by, and she quickly says Clare and Tiff. She realizes that it is a game and no one wanted to show their cards. She wants to see how it plays out.

Azah tells her that she tried to keep her. Xavier talks about the blindsides and wants to be friends. Claire was looking at it from an individual’s perspective, but her group didn’t see it. Derek F. tells her that she is special in every possible way. She cries on that one. Julie wants to know what the best thing about her experience is. Brit saying be there and talking to Julie. Julie did not tell her about cookout.

HOH Competition
Oh, it’s the balancing game. This should be good! The houseguests are told that the power is up for grabs.  The game is called “Dash for Dinner.” One at a time, each must navigate the balance beams to get to dinner. All beams are not the same size. They are doing it individually on the clock. If the clock expires, they are eliminated. Claire is first, and the rest must wait behind a wall. She switched between wide and small and did it in 34.97. Alyssa fell as she buzzed in and is eliminated. She’s followed by Derek F. and Sarah Beth. Sarah Beth does beat Claire’s time with 21.03. Azah, Hannah, Tiffany, Derek X. and Xavier all lose to Sarah Beth’s time. Sarah Beth is the new HoH, and the Cookout should be worried. We should be glad because the action should be great this week.

Julie tells us that High Roller’s Room with Chopping Block as the game. They can seize power by collecting BB Bucks and playing the game. We can vote again this week with the same prizes as last week. Vote by texting name to 97979 tonight!

Will Sarah Beth nominate Derek F.? Who else will be up? Will anyone play for a chance to make everyone vulnerable? Who will Sarah Beth’s nominees really be?

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'Big Brother 23' Recap: And Kyland's Confusing Reign Continues -- 08/18/2021

Written by 18 August, 2021

The one thing about Big Brother 23 this year is that it has been fun. Viewers never know what to expect. Even better, Big Brother “Live Feeders” often seem confused. Of course, it’s not really anything the houseguests are doing. All this is coming from the top! Kyland is causing the confusion. He can turn a meeting into a lesson in words, words, and more words. From what I saw on live feeds yesterday, he should be the lawyer because his meetings made little sense. While confusing, it is fun to watch because no one knows what he means. In other news, it looks like The Cookout is still in control but for how long? There are cracks developing and questions being asked.

After Nominations
After nominations, viewers often see Big Brother house guests in tears. This year, there haven’t been many tears, but the scheming starts immediately. With Derek F. and Claire on the hot seats, will Derek F. need to campaign? Will Claire buy a clue or turn to her trusted ally, Tiffany. Britini was breathing a sigh of relief since she isn’t on the block. Britini, don’t trust your luck! This is Big Brother, and no one knows what will happen.

With the reveal of the “High Roller” twist, Leland feels even safer with the nominees. Hey! How can he get blood on his hands with this twist, right? Claire, in Diary Room, feels confident because her bet could give her the second veto. Derek F. wants to bet on the right person so he will be safe.

Britini talks to Kyland about being a target, and we get the Kyland double talk game starting. With Britini, he says something that she takes as being a guarantee of safety, and he shakes on it. With Derek F., Kyland says he wants to control the Power of Veto. Derek F. understands, but we know from Diary Room that Kyland doesn’t want to lose either Sarah B. or Derek X. (for some reason). Derek F. has doubts already. Here’s another possible Joker plot exit, and he doubts his fellow Cookout members’ loyalty. Derek F. has another problem. Going up as a pawn, he has to figure out a new way to keep his secret from Azah and Britini.

When Tiffany meets with Kyland, she’s upset because Claire’s on the block. Her brain starts churning to figure out a way to get Claire safe. I think Tiffany would send Derek F., a fellow member out, to keep her shield safe. Kyland tells Tiffany about Claire’s target plan of The Cookout. Tiffany, in Diary Room, tells us that she must convince Kyland that what Claire says is not what she means. Well, if anyone can give double talk back to Kyland, she can. Kyland tells us that Tiff pushes back on Claire and wants Britini or Alyssa up. 

Power of Veto Competition
It’s time to pick players, and Leland draws Alyssa. Alyssa is happy since they took her boyfriend out last week. Claire picks Azah. Derek F. picks house guest choice and chooses Britini. Derek F. and Britini see this as an opportunity to save all three Jokers. I wish they’d move past the “team” mentality and Derek F. realize the pecking order.

Kyland says they can place bets and chose someone to win. Kyland announces that there is a clue about the veto – veto spelled backward. Everyone knows that means OTEV. In the bets, Kyland chooses Alyssa. Derek F. chooses Britini. Claire chooses Kyland. Sarah B. chooses Azah. Derek X. really wanted to play OTEV and is upset that he was not chosen.

The OTEV course looks like a lagoon, and OTEV is a jellyfish that sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger. First Sharon Osborne and now Arnold? What gives this year with these voices. Participants must answer his questions and bring him the jelly with the correct jelly name on it. Once they find the answer, they must climb the slippy hill to return it to OTEV. The last one or incorrect answer is out. Where Claire and Derek F. hope the veto saves them, Kyland plans otherwise. He wants control of all the power. First out is Derek F. followed by Azah, Britini, and Claire. It’s down to Alyssa and Kyland, but Kyland can control Alyssa’s decision. He lets Alyssa win the Power of Veto, taking the second for himself. Kyland will save Claire to gain her trust (or brownie points). It would be so nice if people actually played the game. The throwing of comps is bad this year. First, Azah gives the answer to Britini and then Kyland cheats. 

Post POV Competition
Kyland celebrates with Sarah B., but she tells us in Diary Room that she’d be glad if Britini leaves. Kyland, Xavier, and Derek F. talk, and Kyland says Britini is the only choice which upsets Derek F. For some reason, Kyland wants Derek X. left even though he is a great competitor. Sarah Beth is Kyland’s shield. Is there really any question of who is going up? Britini draws the short straw.

Before the ceremony, Kyland talks to Sarah B and lets her know what is going on. Sarah B. has lost her smarts as she goes out, tells Britini for Kyland, and offers support. Does that sooth Britini? Of course not, and she goes off to confront Kyland (who hides). Kyland tells her he has no other choice. He feels people will vote Derek F. out. Britini walks away upset, mad, and vengeful. She is mad because he lied. Kyland made the agreement and lies about what he said. Well, he is the king of double talk. During the conversation, Kyland shows no remorse but assures her that he doesn’t care if Derek F. leaves. You know, as a long-time viewer, I would have caught on with his body language. 

Britini leaves upset and, in diary room, talks a little about the deal. Could Kyland be regretting what he said? He says in Diary Room that were there other options like Derek x. Does he actually feel remorse? Britini tells us she will not be silent. I think, if she goes, a bitter juror will be born, and I’m not sure Dr. Will can change her mind. 

By the way, I know what happens but won’t spill. You will have to turn in tomorrow to see if: Claire gets Derek F. out; Britini pours on the guilt and stays, or The Cookout remains safe for another week!

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'Big Brother 23' Recap: Another Week, Another Scheme -- 08/15/2021

Written by 15 August, 2021

So Big Brother is down to jury! We’ve seen the players leave one by one. First, HoH was a riot as Frenchie had too many alliances except with the evictee, Travis. Then one by one, Brent and Whitney left. Big Brother also saw the end of the only (so far) showmance with Christian shown the door. The Slaughterhouse, Butchers, and Royal Flush all have taken hits. Thankfully, Julie did away with teams Thursday and said everyone is playing for him/her/themselves. Unfortunately, you can say ‘no more teams,’ but still, teams exist. That’s what we’re getting this week as Xavier is keeping his shield. Tiffany is in control of Claire, while Sarah Beth is under Kyland’s wing. The only one getting a clue is Derek X. which Britini has clues. We need the Cook-Out to turn on each other and make it interesting but except for a few cracks, Big Brother probably will not see that this year.

HoH Game
Big Brother had so much to show last Thursday that we didn’t get the HoH. The game was played later Thursday night and called “Name That Croon.” The backyard has musical instruments in it. The BB Lounge is open. Everyone pairs off and hear a BB tune that is about a game they have played. If the answer is wrong, they are out, and the winner will pick the next pair. In the Diary Room, Tiffany says she wants to win so bad but as long as a Cook-Out wins, it is fine. By the way, Derek X. is a great host. The game sees players leave until only the Cook-Out alliance remains. In Diary Room, Azah is bitter as she tells us she lost because Kyland played for himself. The final round is Kyland and Tiffany after Xavier threw the competition (on purpose). Tiffany thinks that this is her competition, but once again, she blows it, and Kyland wins. Kyland is happy but not happy. Azah and Tiffany really want it and are mad that Kyland had to win.

After the competition, Tiffany tells us that she’s upset because Kyland won’t put up Sarah Beth while Azah is in tears because he will put up Britini. Xavier is trying to keep the Cook-Out together, but it is hard. Maybe if Xavier allowed his shield to go up, it would be different. Derek F. is upset and talks with Kyland about the noms. Derek F. tells Kyland to play smart, but how can Kyland when he won’t give up his pawn, Sarah Beth? That leaves Alyssa, Claire, and Britini (who each have people trying to keep them). For Kyland, it is more challenging (for a simple – er) brilliant mind. Xavier tells us that the pawns can’t cloud judgments, but with Tiffany and Xavier it does. How can they keep the Cook-Out safe if they plan to take care of their pawns in the game?

Kyland holds a meeting (he loves them so much). Azah wants to know why Kyland chose who he did in the game. Did I hear him say, Britini should be gone for the best of the Cook-Out? Azah doesn’t like the double talk and calls Kyland on his meeting style. He sees Azah as not a great communicator, but I see Kyland as a non-communicator who is on a power trip. Meanwhile, Azar feels she’s not heard. Claire meets with him and plays coy but wants a Joker gone (the team reference again) and Cook-Out members. Kyland is having problems with who is going up due to the “High Roller” angle. Derek F. knows Britini is going up, but he volunteers to be the pawn. Wrong move on Derek F.’s part, but he knows he should be safe. It looks like Kyland would vote him out for the “fun” of it. Kyland and power don’t mix.

Kyland does his nominations and puts up Claire and Derek F. Both are nominated due to their reaction to HoH (really Kyland – poor excuse). Kyland tells us in Diary Room that Claire had said Kyland would go on the block if she won HoH. Derek F. is up because he offered himself as a pawn. Claire has been a floater in my eyes until now but can she get off the block (on her own)? The Jokers are upset with Azah thinking that she was going up. For her, Derek F. may be worse. Derek F. hopes for big “BB Bucks” (for all we know, he already got them as we don’t know when the special game happens).

Meanwhile, Claire and Tiffany talk, and Tiff says losing Claire would not be good for her game. Careful what you want, Tiff. I think Claire would take you out!

High Roller’s Room
The houseguests are awakened to play “High Rollers.” They enter a casino room and invited to play BB Derby (is that Sharon Osborne giving instructions)? Each person can risk $50 and slide a beer mug down a board to score the highest point. They get three chances. For $125 BB bucks, they can play Chopping Block Roulette. For $150 BB Bucks, it is Wheel of Destiny, where you may win the chance to overturn HoH with and replace nominees. Voter Veto is the one they can play for $50 BB bucks. They can save their money for the coming weeks or bet on a contestant in the PoV (we learn in feeds). Kyland feels the High Roller for the week isn’t fair because it would put pressure on him to nominate again. If you play and score, you can use your BB bucks to bet on PoV Competition. I’ll give you the money awards (by America’s votes) after I finish the game. Since Kyland, Sarah Beth, Derek F., and Claire chose to play, they can place bets during the competition. (I hope I got that right.) The bucks awards are as follows:

$50 – Sarah, Azah (saves money), Alyssa (saves money and upset at amount given), Kyland, Claire

$75 – Hannah (saves money), Xavier (saves money), Tiffany plays

$100 – Britini (thanks America, saves), Derek X. (happy, saves promises not to tell then tells Derek F., Azah), Derek F. (plays but has $50)

And with that, the show ends with a promise of Power of Veto picks and competition for Wednesday night at 8:00 PM. Will the Cook-Out remain, or will it fall? Will Alyssa get more money this week? Derek X. has been suspicious. Will he spill his theory which will put his game in jeopardy? Is the Cook-Out too confident? Hopefully, we’ll get more information on the crazy game of the money/games on Wednesday.

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'Big Brother 23' Recap: And The End Of An Exciting Week -- 08/12/2021

Written by 12 August, 2021

Big Brother will see the end of Derek X.’s reign tonight. He has had one of the more interesting HoH turns, and unfortunately, I don’t think we will get to see ALL that happened. Live-feeders know that last night Tiffany, with Xavier’s help, tried to flip (change) the vote so Christian would stay. Christian, in his delusion, still made promises from his team to stay, and a blowup happened with the Cook-Out. Will the Cook-Out survive? Will the Royal Flush lose more than one member? Is there a new showmance on the horizon? Is Tiffany’s game exposed (she overplayed last night and continued into today)? We won’t find out all the answers on Big Brother tonight, but we may get a few.

Power of Veto Ceremony/Introduction
Will Big Brother have time for a recap after Julie’s introduction? Of course, Julie promises the most significant move ever before the recap. It is very short and does show Alyssa and Derek X.’s meeting then to the veto. Christian demands Derek X. to “stick with the plan” in Diary Room. Oh, and tonight a new twist is announced – the High Roller Room. Okay really?

Julie announces “to backdoor or not to backdoor. (Wait! Haven’t I used that? We move into Britini’s veto meeting. She uses the Power of Veto on herself. Derek X. must name a new house guest – namely Christian. 

Christian wants Derek F. up, but brave herald Derek X. sticks to his move and puts up an angry Christian (with a sad Alyssa looking on). Derek X. tells Christian that he’s a big threat, and with that the meeting is over. 

In Diary Room, Christian calls Derek X. a coward. He’s not happy with the backdoor, but he’s the great Christian and will do what he must to stay. Derek X. in Diary Room tells us that all has been perfect (patience Derek X, things can get worse). In Derek X.’s opinion, Christian’s exit is best for pre-jury. Sarah Beth doesn’t need to campaign because Christian will end up campaigning against himself. Alyssa later asks Christian what he will do as Derek F. offers a hug. Derek F. tells us that he has to check in with the Jokers and Cook-Out before he makes a decision.

Christian calls for Derek X. to open the bathroom. Christian immediately starts in on Derek X. about Sarah Beth throwing him under the bus. Here to stick his nose in is Xavier. So Christian starts in with half-truths to stay. Xavier agrees with Christian. Julie comes back and talks (finally) about the crack in the biggest alliance left, the Cook-Out. 

After the commercial, Claire is called to the Diary Room for her card costume. It’s a card unitard and fairy tale crown. When the command is given, she must play “52 Card Pick-up”. Kyland gets called for his punishment. As the “Jackass of Clubs,” he’s dressed in a donkey costume and must make complicated club sandwiches for all. (Yes, even the “have-nots.”) In Diary Room, he tells us the first time took an hour and a half. 

Tiffany talks to Christian and tells him that she’s sorry he is up and that Sarah Beth has been too “relaxed.” Christian is worried about Claire, but Tiffany will get her vote. Tiffany’s goal is to keep him safe (for her sake). Christian tries to figure out his guaranteed votes. He thinks he has at least four (the Royal Flush and Britini). Tiffany knows he doesn’t have what he needs to stay, and “it tugs on her heart” that people are lying. (This is Big Brother Tiff, get over it and don’t ruin your game). She goes to talks to the Jokers to get them to vote to keep Christian. Tiffany uses that she’s being pushed for her vote. Britini swears she doesn’t know where her vote is going, and Derek F. and Azah see Britini as being bullied. Derek F. is so sick of Tiff that he wants out of the Cook-Out. He also says in Diary Room, he doesn’t like being talked to like Tiffany does. He only listens to his mother and God when he makes a decision, and he’s tired of his team telling him what to do. Derek F. tells Azah that Tiffany isn’t playing as a team but for herself.

Tiffany goes and tells Christian that he needs three votes because the Jokers want him gone. (NEWS FLASH TIFFANY: THE TEAMS ARE DONE!) Christian can’t understand because he thinks the Royal Flush and one vote is all he needs. Tiffany is surprised by his reaction. In Diary Room, she admits that keeping Christian is best for her game (please someone – wake her up). Tiffany talks to Xavier about how she hurts that Christian is leaving. She’s getting too demanding and upsetting the Cook-Out because she wants Sarah Beth gone. In Diary Room, she tells us with Alyssa and Xavier, only two votes are needed. She plans to make it happen. She turns to Claire (who doesn’t trust the Royal Flush) and then goes for Britini (using Christian as a decoy). When her scheme fails, she storms off to see Xavier, who is with Hannah, and starts complaining (and cussing). Xavier and Hannah look at each other saying: “We’ve got to keep the Cook-Out together.)

The Eviction Vote
Julie offers the two victims (I mean evictees) a chance to sway the votes. Christian is first thanking his friends and talking about his friendship/trust of Alyssa. He promises to be fair if he stays and not take anything personal (or be a cry baby, yeah, right). Sarah Beth talks to her family, upset because she was beside a teammate, and promises objectivity. Julie jokes about a jury twist (which isn’t happening). Hannah is first with a vote to evict Christian. As the rest file in, we see it won’t be unanimous this week. The final votes are 7 to 2 to evict Christian, with Xavier and Alyssa wanting him to stay. What! Tiffany didn’t vote for her guy!

After goodbyes (and a long kiss for Alyssa), Christian exits to talk to Julie. He wants to be with Alyssa after the show. Julie admits that he fought hard to stay and gives him an A+ for effort. She asks if he knows why he didn’t have the votes. Christian admits it was his record of wins. Julie shares that in The Royal Flush, Derek X. was gunning for Christian due to his winning record. Christian tells Julie he should have taken Derek X. out with the same shot last week. Christian’s final thought: he had the opportunity. He came to play and make good friends, and he has. More with him later, and the goodbye messages will be shared on Paramount+. The show is running long.

America’s Choice
In the Living Room, Julie announces that all are on the jury at this point but there is a new twist. Beginning with next week, there will be a “High Rollers Room” opening at the Beach House. America will vote with the top three getting $100 BB bucks, the next three $75, and the final getting $50. The room will have three casino games with three game changing powers (taking yourself off the block, second veto? and slipping the power to a favorite. Of course, no idea yet on how these work. Each week, the room will open but the players don’t have to play. They can bank their money for a better prize. The better the power, the more it costs to play. We can vote by texting our house guests' name to 97979. 

On Sunday, we will learn the new HoH and the nominees. The High Rollers Room doors will open. Who will gamble? Now, more importantly, we need to know can the Cook-Out be salvaged? Will Tiffany lose it again? With Kyland and Sarah be the next showmance? Sunday is only three days away or get the live feed and updates! 

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'Big Brother 23' Recap: And the Show Just Keeps Giving -- 08/11/2021

Written by 11 August, 2021

Who is in for a wild episode of Big Brother? With all the "players" who have come to play this year, the year is shaping up to be interesting to say the least. I know some people are upset because it hasn't been like the recent past, but long-term viewers are used to this type of scheming, and that is what makes the show entertaining. So, just for a reminder, Derek X. won the competition and put Britini up for the third (or more) time as a nominee along with Sarah Beth. And Sarah Beth thought she was safe due to her alliances with Derek X. Guess she (and some others) don't understand that teams no longer matter.

The Nomination Aftermath
With the nominations locked, it will be up to the Power of Veto contest to decide if one goes home. Before that, the houseguests still must strategize and celebrate their luck (or lack of luck). Now, we must remember that Alyssa was promised safety on the wall, but it was only for her. Xavier tried to save the Kings, but Derek X. wasn't happy with that. Derek X. says he thought of putting up Christian but couldn't do that before Power of Veto. Thus, Sarah Beth (Hannah's hope) and Britini are up for eviction. 

The show opens with the end of Nominations. Britini looks sad, but Sarah Beth wants to cry. Derek X. tells us that both the nominees are pawns. His target is really Christian. Sarah Beth immediately runs to Kyland. Is that another showmance? Derek F. goes to comfort Britini and tells her to take a few deep breaths. She is tired of going up and plans to win the veto. Meanwhile, the Kings are meeting to discuss who should have gone up, and Xavier is pushing for a Joker to go. Christian and Xavier seem unaware that teams are no more. Sarah Beth knows that the Kings will fight for her (they want Derek F. up). 

Sarah Beth, in sunglasses, goes to talk with Derek X. but neither says a word. Heart-shaped sunglasses, really. Sarah Beth is talking nonsense in the Diary Room. Finally, Derek X. lets her know that she's not the target. He tells her that if she hadn't gone up, he would have lost the respect of the Jokers. Sarah Beth asks who is going home. He tells her it won't be a Joker, but another King and Christian's name comes up. She's not shocked that Derek X. is taking a shot at Christian but questions the timing.

Later, Alyssa, Xavier, and Christian show up. Derek X. tells them that Sarah Beth isn't the target and he is targeting the Jokers. His choices were a compromise. He chose Britini to keep the other Jokers happy. He tells the Royal Flush that Britini is the target. Xavier pushes for it to be another Joker if Sarah Beth comes off. In Diary Room, Christian understands but sees it as problematic. Can we say the Royal Flush is flushed (bad pun, I know)? Meanwhile, the missing member, Sarah Beth, knows that Christian is going up, but she's having to lie and play it cool where Alyssa is concerned. With that possibility, Alyssa has to be the last to know. 

Derek X. calls everyone to pick players for the veto. Poor Azah is always walking/falling over something or someone (Xavier). Derek X. does not want Christian picked. Derek's pick is Alyssa. Alyssa does want to win to save Sarah Beth. Sarah Beth wants Kyland but gets Claire. Britini gets the final pick and doesn't want Kyland but gets him. Derek X. is happy that Christian wasn't picked. 

Power of Veto Game
The backyard looks like a workout area. Claire is excited. This is the Kingdom of Card-A-Lot. It's the prize swap game. They use exercise equipment to beat each other. Derek X. wants Britini to win. Sarah Beth wants off the block. Britini is determined to after being on the block so much. Alyssa wants it to go on her resume and get her teammate off the block. They must do a butt bump for a minute and build a score. Claire realizes she is safe and throws the comp. Her initial prize is the Power of Veto (but not for long). Next, the butt bump goes for two minutes, and Sarah Beth is eliminated but gets $5,000, which she keeps (and gets questioning looks from all). Sarah Beth knows that Britini is still in the game and would take it away, giving her a punishment. Next up is "burn those booties (rotating the exercise chair). Kyland loses and gets the 52-Card pick-Up prize. He takes the veto (to use on Sarah Beth). Next up, another round of "burn those booties" which Derek X. who needs it but loses. He must dress as a donkey and make club sandwiches. Derek X. takes the veto so Kyland must make sandwiches. Derek X. didn't have the heart to take the $5,000 from Sarah Beth. Alyssa and Britini now head for the Annihilator. Helmets on, they must run laps while the machine counts. Britini beats Alyssa, who gets dizzy. In the Diary Room, Alyssa she says she is frustrated. Her prize is a new smartphone and laptop. She gets a phone call and, if she lasts for four weeks, a video call from home. She keeps the prize. Britini gets "Lord of the Latrine" but immediately takes Derek X.'s POV reward. Sarah Beth isn't happy, but she knows that Christian is going up and home. Derek X. sees it as the best-case scenario and ends with "Adios Christian."

Post Power of Veto
Derek X. arrives in his costume and props. For 24 hours, he must open the downstairs bathroom for anyone who needs to go because he has the "power of the potty." He's dressed in a Renaissance costume (complete with herald horn and plunger) and must announce, "Lord/Lady ____ is on the porcelain throne." Tiffany tells us that he's taking the role seriously. Derek F. is upset because no one needs to know when he's in the bathroom. Hannah, meanwhile, loves to make Derek X. do this. If the announcement isn't loud, he is called out by Big Brother.

Before the PoV Ceremony, Derek X. wants to talk to Alyssa. If you watch the feeds, you know he was told by others not to do this. He wants to give her a heads up (since she threw the HoH comp to him) that Christian is going up. Of course, she is upset, which sends her running to tell Christian and the Royal Flush. Let's face it! If he leaves, her showmance is done. She argues that the rest are coming or Derek X. (No, Christian and Xavier are coming for Derek X.). Xavier admits in Diary Room that Christian is a bigger target and his shield. Xavier's next target is Derek X. Christian calls Derek X. an idiot who should have left last week. Christian seems to forget that Derek X. is good at comps he wants/needs to win. Welcome to a blindside, Christian. Sarah Beth worried about Derek X. All, but Sarah Beth pushes for Derek F. to go. She tells us in Diary Room that for her game, Christian needs to be beside her and go home. 

Later, Xavier and Christian talk. Xavier tells Christian that he's probably going home. He's going to have to fight to stay. Christian tells us that he is in the worse position. He doesn't care that he's put others in the same situation. 

Before the veto, he corners Derek X. in the Storage Room and dictates what he should do. Christian comes across as a thug, telling Derek X. to stick to the plan and put up Derek F. Christian dictates what will be best for Derek X.'s game (keeping him there). Derek X. is worried about his game. I'd have Christian thrown out for threats!

Power of Veto Ceremony
Britini calls all in for the PoV Ceremony, and Big Brother ends. Well, so much happened this week. They need to store things up for tomorrow. Live Feeders and readers of Joker's Update and Hamsters know what happens. Tune in tomorrow to see the other two punishments, the PoV results and the scheming/whining that goes on (hint there folks). Will Christian's threats change the nominations? Who will go home against Sarah Beth, or will the votes flip? It has been an exciting week in the house, to say the least.

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'Big Brother 23' Recap: Another Week, Another HoH -- 08/08/2021

Written by 08 August, 2021

Big Brother 23 fans! It's another week of an entertaining season. Just when you think you know the floaters, everything changes. My one concern is that this group can't get their mentality away from teams and play for themselves. They spent four weeks scheming to take their team to the finale without realizing that there are other alliances and other agendas afoot. Will the teams win, or will new alliances form and take control of the game? The only alliance that seems solid going into the no teams HoH is the Cook-Out. Let's face it, though – at least Tiffany and Xavier are using the alliance to protect themselves.

HoH Competition
An Endurance Competition is hard, but the wall has to be one of the worse. When the show went to feeds, no one has fallen. In the opening, we were reminded of the Royal Flush and Cook-Out and how Tiffany is running the Cook-Out. 

As the Endurance Competition starts, "rain" falls, and the boat tilts forward. Christian's diary room is cock as he talks safety, yet he wants Alyssa to win. Xavier in Diary Room tells us he doesn't want to win because he's "good" with everyone. Alyssa sees this as "her" competition (confident, really).

Derek F.'s diary room runs similar about winning, but he's the first one off. Maybe he should be glad as the rain gets colder and the "passenger" (figures) start throwing up (green vomit). Tiffany's Diary Room is about Alyssa, while Azah's is worried about the cold. Claire's Diary Room is about waiting, but she says, "I don't need it," and off she goes. Sarah Beth feels safe and goes out, as does Hannah. Kyland is not happy with the way the boat is leaning, and he's down (of course, the Cook-Out still has members remaining). Britini wants the HoH, but the wall's tilting makes her fall. Tiffany, who is still up, says that Alyssa is her worry, and she won't fall until Alyssa does. 

As the game goes on, it comes down to Derek X., Tiffany, Alyssa, Xavier, and Azah, who is struggling and who goes down. Christian (Diary Room) feels good since all those left are members of the Royal Flush. Derek X. (Diary Room) wants all the control. Tiffany falls and is upset because scared of Alyssa. Xavier makes a deal with Derek X., so he's "slipping." Now Alyssa asks for safety, but Derek X. only gives it to her. Alyssa (Diary Room) says she can't let go, but Azah and Tiffany are willing her to fall. Down goes Alyssa leaving Derek X and Xavier. So far, this comp has run an hour, 24 minutes. Xavier and Derek X. trash talk, but Xavier makes sure he is safe before "falling." Derek X. promised not to put Xavier up. Derek X and Hannah celebrate but Xavier, during the congratulations, urges Derek X. to keep the Kings safe (see what I mean about teams?).

After the Competition
Alyssa feels good about Derek X. winning. The Royal Flush is safe! She doesns't think Derek X. will take a shot at the King's team but take an easy route. Alyssa is feeling sorry for herself, though, because she fell (why?). Later, Derek X and Hannah celebrate in the Storage Room (why is that the celebration center). Hannah knows that Sarah Beth wants her out, but Derek tells her that Xavier wants the King's safe. Xavier meanwhile talks to Christian about the competition. Alyssa has known that the only way to be safe is to stay on the wall. 

Sarah Beth realizes she has some fences to mend with Hannah. Before the HoH, Sarah Beth had talked to Hannah, but Hannah is too smart and doesn't buy Sarah's apology. Sarah Beth thinks she has bought herself a few weeks. Meanwhile, Christian feels secure but Derek X. is talking to Tiffany about the deals. Tiffany wants a King gone and feels they haven't respected anyone other than their team (she is right, but they have the numbers and players to win). Derek X. thinks Christian is the biggest threat in the house and wants him gone. If Christian remains, Derek X. will be his target, so Derek X. must backdoor Christian. When Derek X. talks to Tiffany, Hannah is listening, and the Royal Flush is mentioned. Hannah gets information from Derek X and then more from Tiffany. Hannah is not dumb. She has lost some of her trust in Tiffany. Hannah stores the information for later use.

Derek F. and Azah have a friendship, but Derek F. is worried about Azah because she just doesn't understand the game. She never says yes or smiles. Azah tries to smile but it seems awkward. In the Diary Room we learn she doesn't feel that her attitude is suitable for the real world. Later Xavier talks about how Derek F. manages to sleep everywhere in the house and all the time. Derek F. knows they make fun of him and laughs over it.

Derek X. holds meetings to decide who goes up. Xavier feels that the Royal Flush should be safe as well as the Kings, his former team (at least he said former). Derek X. is trying to justify putting up a King, but Xavier doesn't understand (duh! Derek X. wants to win). Xavier wants Christian to be safe (as a shield for himself). Xavier wants Britini up. Sarah Beth is asked the same questions and wants the Flush safe. Sarah wants Tiffany or Kyland up (to help Derek X, sure). Did she just throw her Flush team under the bus? Derek X. is thinking of Sarah Beth as a pawn. These meetings continue, but no one really wants to be a pawn. Finally, Derek X. fills Hannah in on what he thinks. Hannah's target is Sarah Beth but is okay with Christian as the target. They discuss Britini and Sarah Beth, which is the way Derek X. is leaning. Christian will be the blindside. Derek X. does tell us he has no clue on what to do – offend the Royal Flush or make a big move!

Derek X. holds the nomination ceremony and puts up Sarah Beth and Britini. The Royal Flush looks worried. These two are nominated because of trust. They are the best for his game to keep people's trust. Sarah Beth is upset at Derek X. taking a shot at the Royal Flush. Britini is upset but wants to win the POV and shove it in the others face. Derek X. says it is the best way to get Christian on the block, and if not, Sarah Beth could go. Christian (in his superior role as leader) doesn't understand why a Royal Flush member is up. Hey, Christian! Wise up! At some point, all alliances must turn on themselves to win that money.

So, who will win the Power of Veto (non-feed watchers will be surprised)? Will a nominee come off the block? Will Christian go up? Is the Royal Flush doomed? One thing for sure, we have had an exciting season, and people are scrambling, which makes for an entertaining show.

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'Big Brother 23' Recap: Eviction Night! Will the Curse of Frenchie Continue? -- 08/05/2021

Written by 05 August, 2021

As usual, we get a review. What they forget to show is that Whitney was the third person of Frenchie’s trusted leaders. With new action, we see Christian is happy that the noms will stay the same. He wants Whitney gone. Sarah Beth said she had to back off trying to get Hannah out. Later, Tiffany fills Hannah in on Sarah Beth’s actions and feelings only to have it broken up by Sarah Beth. Sarah Beth meanwhile plays up to Kyland, which really sets Tiffany off. Kyland admits that if he had to choose between Sarah Beth and the Cook-Out, the Cook-Out would win. The Cook-Out meets and realizes they must find a partner outside the alliance. That way, if the two get put up, they can safeguard the Cook-Out alliance. (I missed a few minutes, but I’m sure it’s more of the same). 

When I get back after the commercial, Whitney knows she is in trouble and looks for votes. She comes up with activities, including a model walk with Christian participating. Has he realized he needs to participate? Xavier has style, though, and Christian just can’t get the required swagger. Later Tiffany comes in on Xavier, Sarah Beth, and Kyland meeting and gets upset. Kyland gets called out by Tiffany for spending time with Sarah Beth. Everything was awkward when Tiffany entered the room. Kyland says it was only social, and they are okay with the Cook-Out. Claire meanwhile, has finally hit radars (and she’s been invisible until this week). With being safe until jury, no one knows what to think of Claire. Tiffany and Azah talk and put the radar on Claire and Sarah Beth.

Whitney hopes to use Alyssa to sway Christian. She has a one-on-one and promises safety to both Alyssa and Christian for longer than Hannah has. It’s a better deal (of course), and Alyssa takes it to Christian, who seems interested. In Diary Room though, we learn that he wants Whitney gone. As we get a peak at the living room, looks like Hannah is staying as Whitney is in fancy dress.

The Eviction Ceremony

Julie goes to the living room for the live vote. Hannah and Whitney are given the opportunity to sway the votes. Hannah talks to her family first and then the house guests. She has enjoyed it. She wonders how the house will survive without her gone. Whitney gets bleeped at the first of her speech (oh great, not again). She calls the house guests weird and that she loves them. The voting begins with Derek F. first. Derek F. votes for Whitney, and I have to wonder if the rest will. The final vote is unanimous (10 to 0), and Whitney is headed out the door. 

Again a bleep as Whitney exits to hugs. They must have known they would need a 10-second delay tonight. Sarah Beth looks sad as Whitney leaves. Outside the house, Julie has questions as her picture turns to gray inside the house. The house guests scurry off to get ready for the comp. 

Julie asks Whitney if she saw the handwriting on the wall. Whitney admits she did and thinks she had to leave because she was loud and the guys were scared of her (annoyed is more like it). She’s not afraid to make moves that scared people. Julie asks about the threat level, and she feels like she was a more significant threat than Hannah. Asking about the suggestion that Christian use Derek X as a blindside, Whitney has problems understanding why. Julie tells her about the Royal Flush and puts up the eight members of the alliance. Whitney admits that explains much of what went down. The goodbye messages are played with Xavier first, who tells her that she was the main target. Sarah Beth says that she fought to keep Whitney in the house. Azah tells her that she had issues with Whitney due to Xavier. Azah has a crush on him. Whitney is confused and surprised about what Xavier said.

The HoH and the Game Changes
Julie tells us that only one can win Big Brother and calls the house guests to the living room. All wish Tiffany a happy birthday. Julie tells them that with the Aces down to two, the Jokers and Queens have three and Kings have four, but only one can win Big Brother. Teams are gone. “It’s every man and woman for themselves.” The Wild Card Competition is also done. They only have themselves to guarantee safety. Julie offers Hannah congratulations. She’s asked about the biggest challenge of being in the house, and Hannah says the teams. Julie tells them to go outside for the new Head of Household.

We have a wall competition. This is the hanging on the wall which looks like a boat. Each has hand grabs. The game, “Whale of a Time” is played by them holding on to the last.” If they fall, they are out (and no mention of the first being “Have Nots.” The game immediately begins with the wall tilting over. The next move is usually liquid thrown or poured on them. Julie says the forecast is for rain, and rain they get. It’s pouring. Tiffany, Azah and Claire look to be set for a while. Derek X. looks cold. As credits roll, they’re all still up. At least they have goggles this year. When the show ends, no one has fallen.

|Sunday will be the conclusion of the HoH competition. Wednesday will be the Power of Veto, and next Thursday, with eviction, will come a twist involving America. So get ready to help out.

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'Big Brother 23' Recap: Where, O Where Is Christian? -- 08/04/2021

Written by 04 August, 2021

With Big Brother, you always need to know what is going on as Head of Household. Your job isn't over until after the Power of Veto Ceremony. Yet, after reading/watching live feeds, I have often found myself asking: "Where is Christian?" Frenchie was all over the place in everyone's business. Kyland and Xavier were part of the group and watching over the alliances and groups. Yet, Christian seems content to stay in the HoH and hold meetings there. Of course, his second in command, Alyssa, is with him, and he trusts his team and the Royal court but is that smart? I guess we'll find out tonight.

Post Nominations
With Whitney and Hannah on the block, the rest finally look to start evening up the numbers. It doesn't look like the guys are worried being down by three, but they do have issues with one team with four. After this week, one team will be down to two, while Christian's team will still have four. The others see this as a threat (it is). These houseguests just haven't grasped the concept that teams must end sometime. When it does, the teams of four are no more, and so is the loyalty. It will be everyone for themselves. Thus, their team scheming on which needs to go up next week has been wasted. We, the fans, know that with no Wild Card and an Endurance comp this week to come, there will be no more teams!

Sarah Beth has been overplaying her hand this week. She wants Hannah gone. Alyssa has been whispering in Christian ear and is wanting Whitney gone. Guess who is winning that decision (Alyssa). Both Hannah and Whitney are on the Aces, and Whitney tells us she is confused. She knows her relationship with the Kings is done, and she's the target. Hannah knows she is the pawn, but she's going to find out if the nom was personal. And, let's don't forget Derek X. He's the only member of his team that is safe. 

Alyssa and Christian are holding court in the HoH bed. They're holding "court" with the Royals to decide who to vote out. Sarah Beth pushes for Hannah to leave and Xavier for Whitney. Hannah has told Christian, though, that she would not put him up (wink, wink). Sarah Beth sees that Xavier wants to keep Hannah and realizes if she (Sarah) keeps pushing her choice, she is a target. Christian tells Hannah she's safe and to put her trust in him. She tells us that she's still not feeling safe. Hannah is going for the veto.

Xavier talks to Whitney because they are friends. She tells him that all is okay. He asks her if she mentioned his team as a target. She tells him that she's never said it (but of course, she did). In Diary Room, Whitney points out that Christian's team had been the target of the house before HoH. Of course, Whitney goes to Christian about this and asks if she was explicitly mentioned. (It was Derek F., not any of Whitney's team.) Christian in Diary Room says Whitney knows she's lying.

It's time for backyard fun, and Christian is doing pushups and backflips (six!). As Britini says: he now is on others' radar. As the group relaxes, Whitney plays up to Xavier making Azah jealous. At least Azah tells Xavier about her feelings! Xavier is not in the Big Brother house for a showmance and changes the conversation. Whitney and Derek X. talk about the nominations then Hannah asks him to protect her. Derek X. wants both safe, but he must first win the veto. Derek X. talks to Alyssa, who assures him that Hannah is the pawn.

The Power of Veto Competition
It's almost time for the Power of Veto choices. They're cleaning, and Tiffany falls while doing the moonwalk. She's not hurt but embarrassed. Then Christian arrives with the box to pull for veto (safe until jury). Hannah picks the house guest's choice and chooses Derek X. (because he will keep her). Whitney feels betrayed by Hannah's choice and pulls Azah. Really, Azah wasn't good in the Wild Card comp this week. Very quickly, Tiffany fills Hannah in on the Royal Flush meeting with Sarah Beth's pushing for Hannah to be gone. Hannah now has a new reason to win and target.

The Veto Competition is set up as a volleyball game. They must play against themselves. They roll the ball up the ramp and run to the other side to return it. If the ball hits the ground, the score returns to zero. I think it's called "Jump the Veto" (it's sometimes hard to understand Alyssa, who is host). Derek X and Azah have an early lead, but as the game progresses, Azah drops her volleyball. While all don't seem to want the noms changed, Sarah Beth (on the sidelines) wants Hannah gone (with a Whitney win). It is coming down to Christian, and Derek X. 

Christian reaches 100 first and wins. In Diary Room, Christian is happy, Hannah plots revenge for next week, and Whitney is scheming. 

Unfortunately, Whitney hears a comment in one of the group gatherings that she is "going home" made by Derek X. When he apologizes, she tells him she's ready to go home (liar). Whitney talks to Christian about staying. She wants Derek X. up now. He understands and listens but doesn't think Derek X. has a chance to go home (he's a member of Royal Flush). Whitney makes promises, and Christian admits in Diary Room that she's made valid points. Will it sway him?

Power of Veto Ceremony
Christian calls the group in for the Power of Veto Meeting. Christian does the spill, no pleas are made, and he chooses not to use the Power of Veto. The meeting is adjourned. In Diary Room, Christian tells us that he's not putting up Derek X. Hannah is still worried, and she knows that one person wants her out (Sarah Beth). Whitney is upset and will do what she can to stay. Azah is happy that Whitney is up, but Sarah Beth will try and get Hannah out because Hannah is Sarah's biggest threat.

Who will go tomorrow night? Will Sarah Beth sway any votes? Can Whitney vamp her way to safety, or will Hannah's alliances keep her safe? This has been the best year of Big Brother in a long time, and it's sad that one of these two schemers must go. Of course, we now have new targets to watch in Sarah Beth, and Derek X. So stay tuned and hold on to your seat. With so many weeks left, I don't expect a dull season.

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'Big Brother 23' Recap: Christian For The Win -- 08/01/2021

Written by 01 August, 2021

Big Brother fans were surprised that Christian won the HoH this week. The plan was to throw it to someone who would put up the pair of Christian and Alyssa. So what happened? Christian, and his competitive nature, saw he could win, so he did. Unfortunately, this set up the showmance with the perfect opportunity to continue their romance and this time legitimately in the HoH bed. It also meant that the plans that the Royal Flush made were null and void. All strategies and alliances may be null and void soon with the number of alliances that exist in the house. Maybe next week the dynamics will heat up some more as it looks like teams dissolve at the eviction Thursday. Will the alliances last? I can't wait to see.

HoH Aftermath
The HoH, as you may remember, was a puzzle surfboard. I'm not sure what was going on, but it seemed to the houseguests to be more complicated than it looked to the fans. As the only alliance of four left in the house, Christian and Alyssa were happy. They were safe and had heard rumors that they were going on the block. The King's target from last week was Whitney, but Xavier thinks she needs to stay. So with the power in their court, who will Christian put up to leave on Thursday night.

Christian and the members of the King's team celebrate, but Xavier, a member of the group, is worried. Tiffany now is all for Royal Flush because she's a member with Christian and Alyssa, so she feels safe from the noms. The Kings meet in the Storage Room for ANOTHER celebration, and Alyssa is happy. Alyssa calls their showmance a "social game." Wink, wink, keep believing that, Alyssa.

Meanwhile, Derek F. and Azah are talking. While Derek F. thinks they are coming for the Jokers, Azah feels safe. Azah tells him to act happy. Claire feels safe because of the Royal alliance. Meanwhile, Derek X. is worried about Hannah and Whitney. He's safe due to the Royal Alliance, but they're not. Hannah thinks she's okay, but she really doesn't have anything in common with Christian. Derek F. feels defeated, but Whitney tries to encourage him. Whitney wants Christian out. He's the last of the three that was on her exit list.

Yeah – no HoH reveal, but we see Christian and his team gather to discuss their target. Alyssa really wants to keep Whitney for next week. Xavier and Christian don't care. Alyssa wants Hannah out because she knows the game and pushes like crazy. Sarah Beth wants Whitney. Xavier doesn't want Hannah up. Xavier pushes Britini, but Christian is saving her for the renom. So the top three for choices are: Whitney, Hannah, and Britini.

Derek F. and Whitney discuss workout outfits, and Derek F. questions Whitney's choice. Whitney has had some questionable outfits, but this one is mild. The outfit question goes to all with Alyssa saying that she doesn't like it (most agree). In the hammock area, Derek X. talks about family and China. Azah understands Derek X.'s feelings. Both respect their heritage, but they love the American life. This discussion goes over Whitney's head.

Wild Card Competition
The Wild Card Competition is up. The Kings can't play, and Claire is up her team. Whitney must play for her team. The Jokers must decide between Azah and Derek F. with Azah playing. Christian in Diary Room tells us that Whitney cannot win. The game is called "Lights Out" (I think). On entering the room, they are all dressed up in party clothes. This game involves rolling a ball (an olive) down a curving ramp to the cup to make a martini. The lights will go off periodically throughout the game. While Azah goes slow, Whitney has problems. Claire uses math and wins the game. Her prize is either a week of safety for her team or two weeks of safety (to jury) for herself. After much conflict, she takes the two weeks. Tiffany is happy for Claire, but it could jeopardize Tiff's game.

The Royals meet to discuss the nominations. Christian wants to make sure all are on the same page. All feel Whitney makes sense, but the second choice is all over the place. Hannah is discussed because Sarah Beth wants her gone due to Hannah's knowledge of the game. Others suggest Britini from the Jokers. Tiffany sees Britini as a legitimate choice because she could put up their teams due to two weeks on the block. Xavier doesn't want Hannah up but has to move carefully due to the Cook-Out alliance. Jealousy is huge on Sarah B.'s part. Tiffany doesn't want to see Hannah on the block, so the target needs to stay on Whitney. Christian tells them those are his three choices, and Tiffany takes the blood off her hands by reminding him that it is his decision to make. 

Later Christian meets with the Jokers, who promise to work with them. I guess Christian doesn't realize the showmance clause? Xavier is not happy because it makes it harder to protect the Cook-Out. (Little do they know, teams are almost over). Christian talks to Hannah and tells her about the pawn situation. Hannah calls it hinting, and she's looking for a way to protect herself. Hannah mentions the Jokers. Reasoning with Christian is like reasoning with a two-year-old. He admits that he needs to decide whether to put her up or not.

Nominations Ceremony
At the Nominations Ceremony (please bring back the critical wheel), Christian turns the keys revealing Whitney and Hannah. Whitney and Hannah are up because his team would have been up if they had won. Now his squad needs to figure out the target. Hannah is already gunning for Christian and Alyssa. Whitney doesn't know why she was thrown on the block. Xavier is upset because a Cook-Out member is up but will do all he can to protect her. 

Okay, here's the things these house guests should be considering. How much longer can the teams last? They should realize that it's coming as the option for Claire was jury. Can you count on your original four team members to stay loyal or leave you high and dry? Just how many alliances will hold together as the jury comes into play? Could it happen Thursday (and we know it must as it is an endurance comp)? 

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'Big Brother 23' Recap: Eviction (Blindside) Night -- 07/29/2021

Written by 29 July, 2021

When we last saw Big Brother, all were celebrating the potential exit of Brent. Brent has been annoying everyone from week one. Considering how he acted that week, Brent really thought that the HoH that Frenchie got was his. Big Brother doesn’t work that way. Last week Frenchie left. This week it looks to be Brent. Plus Brent evidently didn’t pay attention during the “sensitivity” training as he actively sought a showmance. I honestly think Brent is only “in love” with one person – himself.

Remember, the last thing we saw last night was Christian not using the Power of Veto. Julie told us that Brent was excited for the first big blindside this season. The bad thing, she says, is it on him. Blindside started at the end of the Power of Veto, and we are off to the show.

Julie has information about creating and pulling off a blindside – keep it a secret. Christian thinks it’s smart he kept the nominations the same. Xavier hugs Brent but is excited that he is gone. Britini is going to lay low. Will any house guests tell Brent the truth? Of course, someone will slip up. It always happens, but will Brent’s ego allow him to believe it is happening? While Brent feels secure with his “The Mafia” formed last week, he assumes he has the numbers. While all feel somewhat uneasy about the decision, they do have to laugh behind his back after he makes his rounds. Brent is trying not to be paranoid. 

In the kitchen, the crew is laughing at their pictures. Derek F. thinks that Xavier works in government, as a lawyer, or with the FBI. Xavier denies it. Derek F. is beginning to upset Xavier, who tells us in Diary Room that he hopes Derek F. will shut up. Derek F. admits that it is the way Xavier talks, and Xavier tries to play it off. Upstairs, they watch as Brent moves around the house, trying to find people. When Brent talks to Whitney, she tries to warn him, but he does not believe her. Whitney says he’s too oblivious to what she’s trying to say. 

HoH is discussed, the players feel that one of the Kings has to go to make the teams equal. Derek X. feels safe because he’s in the “Royal Flush” alliance and his team’s alliance, but he can’t take the shot. Alyssa wants to win since she hasn’t won anything. My question is: how are you so sure you will win? Someone would have to throw it to you. Tiffany would love to see the showmance broken up. Are they finally beginning to see things as individuals? No, it’s too early yet. 

The Live Eviction (and Possible Blindside) 
Julie goes to the living room, and Britini is up first. She’s rapping again but stops and does a traditional exit speech. Brent does his shouts out and jokes with the house guests. He tells them he is a man of his word. He makes a smart response and says he will still be there. By a vote of 11 to 0, Brent is evicted from the house.

When Brent reaches Julie, he looks – er — bland. It’s not like he knew he was going, but he did think he was safe. I’m beginning to believe he has only one facial expression – the one we always see. Brent thinks he was a threat, and people saw it. He’s looking smug on camera for Julie. His personality and others game took him out. Asked about Derek X.’s game which is similar, Brent says that their game was different. Julie asks why did you lobby for the blindside not to be used? Brent thought he’d be safe if the veto wasn’t used. 

Brent blames the other house guests’ gameplay. He also says he tried to pull Frenchie away from his decisions, but Frenchie wouldn’t listen. Brent thought he had 6 to 5, and Julie wants to know why. Brent felt the vote would run team lines. Julie plays the goodbye messages. Xavier says no hard feelings. Hannah tells him that his arrogance sent him home and gives airplane instructions. Derek X. said the house target shifted. Once it starts, Derek X. could stop it. Allyson says that Brent thought she was wrapped arround his finger, but she had him wrapped around her finger. Tiffany tells him that the Jokers and three Aces sent him out the door. 

HoH Competition
Will the house still have targets, Julie asks? Next up is the HoH competition. Tonight’s comp is “Peer Pressure.” They will play as a team. They must complete their surfboard puzzle as a team. Each player has 25 seconds to put a surfboard together. If they don’t race back and change players, they are out. The first team to finish wins HoH, and the last player will be HoH. Jokers are doing great, but it is the Kings that win. That’s the one team no one wanted in the HoH room. Christian will be HoH.  

Julie tells us that Tuesday will be the last Wildcard competition. Personally, I’m glad about that. Next week for the HoH, we have endurance, and we will be able to watch it on live feeds. Does anyone believe that? It’s been promised beforel

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