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'Big Brother 23' Recap: Christian For The Win -- 08/01/2021

Written by 01 August, 2021

Big Brother fans were surprised that Christian won the HoH this week. The plan was to throw it to someone who would put up the pair of Christian and Alyssa. So what happened? Christian, and his competitive nature, saw he could win, so he did. Unfortunately, this set up the showmance with the perfect opportunity to continue their romance and this time legitimately in the HoH bed. It also meant that the plans that the Royal Flush made were null and void. All strategies and alliances may be null and void soon with the number of alliances that exist in the house. Maybe next week the dynamics will heat up some more as it looks like teams dissolve at the eviction Thursday. Will the alliances last? I can't wait to see.

HoH Aftermath
The HoH, as you may remember, was a puzzle surfboard. I'm not sure what was going on, but it seemed to the houseguests to be more complicated than it looked to the fans. As the only alliance of four left in the house, Christian and Alyssa were happy. They were safe and had heard rumors that they were going on the block. The King's target from last week was Whitney, but Xavier thinks she needs to stay. So with the power in their court, who will Christian put up to leave on Thursday night.

Christian and the members of the King's team celebrate, but Xavier, a member of the group, is worried. Tiffany now is all for Royal Flush because she's a member with Christian and Alyssa, so she feels safe from the noms. The Kings meet in the Storage Room for ANOTHER celebration, and Alyssa is happy. Alyssa calls their showmance a "social game." Wink, wink, keep believing that, Alyssa.

Meanwhile, Derek F. and Azah are talking. While Derek F. thinks they are coming for the Jokers, Azah feels safe. Azah tells him to act happy. Claire feels safe because of the Royal alliance. Meanwhile, Derek X. is worried about Hannah and Whitney. He's safe due to the Royal Alliance, but they're not. Hannah thinks she's okay, but she really doesn't have anything in common with Christian. Derek F. feels defeated, but Whitney tries to encourage him. Whitney wants Christian out. He's the last of the three that was on her exit list.

Yeah – no HoH reveal, but we see Christian and his team gather to discuss their target. Alyssa really wants to keep Whitney for next week. Xavier and Christian don't care. Alyssa wants Hannah out because she knows the game and pushes like crazy. Sarah Beth wants Whitney. Xavier doesn't want Hannah up. Xavier pushes Britini, but Christian is saving her for the renom. So the top three for choices are: Whitney, Hannah, and Britini.

Derek F. and Whitney discuss workout outfits, and Derek F. questions Whitney's choice. Whitney has had some questionable outfits, but this one is mild. The outfit question goes to all with Alyssa saying that she doesn't like it (most agree). In the hammock area, Derek X. talks about family and China. Azah understands Derek X.'s feelings. Both respect their heritage, but they love the American life. This discussion goes over Whitney's head.

Wild Card Competition
The Wild Card Competition is up. The Kings can't play, and Claire is up her team. Whitney must play for her team. The Jokers must decide between Azah and Derek F. with Azah playing. Christian in Diary Room tells us that Whitney cannot win. The game is called "Lights Out" (I think). On entering the room, they are all dressed up in party clothes. This game involves rolling a ball (an olive) down a curving ramp to the cup to make a martini. The lights will go off periodically throughout the game. While Azah goes slow, Whitney has problems. Claire uses math and wins the game. Her prize is either a week of safety for her team or two weeks of safety (to jury) for herself. After much conflict, she takes the two weeks. Tiffany is happy for Claire, but it could jeopardize Tiff's game.

The Royals meet to discuss the nominations. Christian wants to make sure all are on the same page. All feel Whitney makes sense, but the second choice is all over the place. Hannah is discussed because Sarah Beth wants her gone due to Hannah's knowledge of the game. Others suggest Britini from the Jokers. Tiffany sees Britini as a legitimate choice because she could put up their teams due to two weeks on the block. Xavier doesn't want Hannah up but has to move carefully due to the Cook-Out alliance. Jealousy is huge on Sarah B.'s part. Tiffany doesn't want to see Hannah on the block, so the target needs to stay on Whitney. Christian tells them those are his three choices, and Tiffany takes the blood off her hands by reminding him that it is his decision to make. 

Later Christian meets with the Jokers, who promise to work with them. I guess Christian doesn't realize the showmance clause? Xavier is not happy because it makes it harder to protect the Cook-Out. (Little do they know, teams are almost over). Christian talks to Hannah and tells her about the pawn situation. Hannah calls it hinting, and she's looking for a way to protect herself. Hannah mentions the Jokers. Reasoning with Christian is like reasoning with a two-year-old. He admits that he needs to decide whether to put her up or not.

Nominations Ceremony
At the Nominations Ceremony (please bring back the critical wheel), Christian turns the keys revealing Whitney and Hannah. Whitney and Hannah are up because his team would have been up if they had won. Now his squad needs to figure out the target. Hannah is already gunning for Christian and Alyssa. Whitney doesn't know why she was thrown on the block. Xavier is upset because a Cook-Out member is up but will do all he can to protect her. 

Okay, here's the things these house guests should be considering. How much longer can the teams last? They should realize that it's coming as the option for Claire was jury. Can you count on your original four team members to stay loyal or leave you high and dry? Just how many alliances will hold together as the jury comes into play? Could it happen Thursday (and we know it must as it is an endurance comp)? 

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'Big Brother 23' Recap: Eviction (Blindside) Night -- 07/29/2021

Written by 29 July, 2021

When we last saw Big Brother, all were celebrating the potential exit of Brent. Brent has been annoying everyone from week one. Considering how he acted that week, Brent really thought that the HoH that Frenchie got was his. Big Brother doesn’t work that way. Last week Frenchie left. This week it looks to be Brent. Plus Brent evidently didn’t pay attention during the “sensitivity” training as he actively sought a showmance. I honestly think Brent is only “in love” with one person – himself.

Remember, the last thing we saw last night was Christian not using the Power of Veto. Julie told us that Brent was excited for the first big blindside this season. The bad thing, she says, is it on him. Blindside started at the end of the Power of Veto, and we are off to the show.

Julie has information about creating and pulling off a blindside – keep it a secret. Christian thinks it’s smart he kept the nominations the same. Xavier hugs Brent but is excited that he is gone. Britini is going to lay low. Will any house guests tell Brent the truth? Of course, someone will slip up. It always happens, but will Brent’s ego allow him to believe it is happening? While Brent feels secure with his “The Mafia” formed last week, he assumes he has the numbers. While all feel somewhat uneasy about the decision, they do have to laugh behind his back after he makes his rounds. Brent is trying not to be paranoid. 

In the kitchen, the crew is laughing at their pictures. Derek F. thinks that Xavier works in government, as a lawyer, or with the FBI. Xavier denies it. Derek F. is beginning to upset Xavier, who tells us in Diary Room that he hopes Derek F. will shut up. Derek F. admits that it is the way Xavier talks, and Xavier tries to play it off. Upstairs, they watch as Brent moves around the house, trying to find people. When Brent talks to Whitney, she tries to warn him, but he does not believe her. Whitney says he’s too oblivious to what she’s trying to say. 

HoH is discussed, the players feel that one of the Kings has to go to make the teams equal. Derek X. feels safe because he’s in the “Royal Flush” alliance and his team’s alliance, but he can’t take the shot. Alyssa wants to win since she hasn’t won anything. My question is: how are you so sure you will win? Someone would have to throw it to you. Tiffany would love to see the showmance broken up. Are they finally beginning to see things as individuals? No, it’s too early yet. 

The Live Eviction (and Possible Blindside) 
Julie goes to the living room, and Britini is up first. She’s rapping again but stops and does a traditional exit speech. Brent does his shouts out and jokes with the house guests. He tells them he is a man of his word. He makes a smart response and says he will still be there. By a vote of 11 to 0, Brent is evicted from the house.

When Brent reaches Julie, he looks – er — bland. It’s not like he knew he was going, but he did think he was safe. I’m beginning to believe he has only one facial expression – the one we always see. Brent thinks he was a threat, and people saw it. He’s looking smug on camera for Julie. His personality and others game took him out. Asked about Derek X.’s game which is similar, Brent says that their game was different. Julie asks why did you lobby for the blindside not to be used? Brent thought he’d be safe if the veto wasn’t used. 

Brent blames the other house guests’ gameplay. He also says he tried to pull Frenchie away from his decisions, but Frenchie wouldn’t listen. Brent thought he had 6 to 5, and Julie wants to know why. Brent felt the vote would run team lines. Julie plays the goodbye messages. Xavier says no hard feelings. Hannah tells him that his arrogance sent him home and gives airplane instructions. Derek X. said the house target shifted. Once it starts, Derek X. could stop it. Allyson says that Brent thought she was wrapped arround his finger, but she had him wrapped around her finger. Tiffany tells him that the Jokers and three Aces sent him out the door. 

HoH Competition
Will the house still have targets, Julie asks? Next up is the HoH competition. Tonight’s comp is “Peer Pressure.” They will play as a team. They must complete their surfboard puzzle as a team. Each player has 25 seconds to put a surfboard together. If they don’t race back and change players, they are out. The first team to finish wins HoH, and the last player will be HoH. Jokers are doing great, but it is the Kings that win. That’s the one team no one wanted in the HoH room. Christian will be HoH.  

Julie tells us that Tuesday will be the last Wildcard competition. Personally, I’m glad about that. Next week for the HoH, we have endurance, and we will be able to watch it on live feeds. Does anyone believe that? It’s been promised beforel

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'Big Brother 23': Can You Keep A Secret? - 07/28/2021

Written by 28 July, 2021

Big Brother 23 has the most diverse and unique cast this year that I’ve seen in a long time. They not only seem to get along genuinely, but they also seem to work well as teams, alliances, and the revenge machine. They may not be showing the team aspect that well, but hey, they’re all in other alliances with each other. And the alliances – well, no one seems to be able to keep them straight as they keep popping up. With Brent and Britini on the block, Brent is sure he is safe. Is he? Brent as pawn, it cannot be? He’s done too much damage as Frenchie’s number two man to just assume safety.

It’s Time for Big Brother
After the recap and the nominations, Xavier admits his options for the nominations were limited to three (Whitney, Britini, and Brent). Derek X. and Tiffany teamed up against Britini, so she didn’t win the Wild Card which made Azah upset. Oh, and we’re given a taste of the Power of Veto game, the spinning ballerina. Did I mention the entire house wants Brent gone?

Britini is in tears and runs to her bedroom after noms. Brent doesn’t look happy and feels Xavier has only hurt himself as HoH. The house is consoling to Brent, but do they mean it? Brent is so dense (stupid). He has no clue that he’s the target, and Xavier wants to keep it that way. 

While trying to console Britini, Azah feels that something is going on that has been kept from her. When Xavier arrives to talk to Britini, she leaves. Xavier tells Britini that she’s safe and was the best choice to go up against Brent. I honestly wonder how Xavier would feel as a pawn. Meanwhile, Brent is meeting with his team of four. There is no strategizing because Brent knows he is safe. He has their votes (and others). Hannah can’t stand him because of his being so touchy with her. Whitney tells us it was so hard not to let him know he was gone. (At this point, even his team wants him gone.)

Brent is meanwhile being discussed throughout the house. The plan is that Brent is the real target, and Hannah tells us that she’s willing to take him out because she can’t stand him because of his actions (and wanting a possible showmance). Whitney says it is hard to lose a team mate/alliance member, but she also wants him gone. (Does anyone want him to stay? According to Twitter, the answer is no.)

Derek F. and Azah try to build Britinit’s spirits. Azah doesn’t like what happened and feels like she’s manipulating people. No matter how much Team Joker talk, Britini, and Azah are still hurt. Derek F. thinks that Azah doesn’t understand the game. Meanwhile, Xavier talks to Brent to build up his confidence. Brent says he understands why he is up, but Brent says he’s not as dumb as he seems. (Really! I’m beginning to think you are as dumb as we think you are.) Brent tells Xavier that he knows he is the target and Xavier is covering the plot. Brent believes he has strong alliances and friendships, and he will win the vote. I will admit, I’ve called him Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) in a previous post, and I stand by that. His actions speak louder than words, and he is clueless. 

Azah won’t let it drop. She meets with Xavier, who is upset that Britini was in tears. He tells us that he is keeping the Cook Out alliance in the clear. Azah talks to Tiffany and tells her it was obvious what was going on during the Wild Card competition. Tiffany is fast becoming this season’s “Janelle” due to her gameplay. She has no sympathy but now knows that Azah sees things and plays emotionally. She will keep her eye on Azah. Is Tiffany getting paranoid on us? She might lose her queenship.

Showmance Update
Christian and Alyssa is trying to come up with a showmance name (and I won’t even mention what they said since it was dumb). Alone in the HoH room, Christian decides they need a make-out session and she’s not adverse. Xavier walks in and sees them on the HoH bed. He’s not happy and basically breaks it up. As he says: “Use the couch and leave the bed to me” (paraphrased, of course).

Power of Veto Competition
Xavier breaks up the yoga class to pull contestants for the veto competition. Xavier pulls the house guest’s choice and takes Christian. Brent gets Derek F. (although Brent hoped for a teammate). Derek F. wants to show he’s a competitor. Britini choice is Whitney, who is excited to play. Whitney wants to win to keep Brent, her teammate, on the block and out the door. Hannah tells us that Brent’s ego is so big (think Gaston from Beauty and the Beast). Xavier and Hannah talk, and he changes his view of her. She’s intelligent and observant. 

Sarah B is hosting the veto comp called Room de Rumble (I think). It’s the bowlerina/tutu game but different as there are lounge chairs on the path to the bowling alley. They bowl against each other to determine what room the party is in, knocking down numbers after spinning for 15 turns. If they hit the wrong numbers, they must reset.  

Britini is first and takes on Brent, who wins that round. Next up is Xavier, who doesn’t give Brent a rest. Xavier wins, and Brent is so dizzy he is sick. Brent is out. Next up is Derek F, who takes on Whitney. Whitney really wants to win to deny her teammate (Brent) the Power of Veto. That relationship disappeared fast. Derek F. wins after a long round and is taken on by Christian, who wins. Christian beats Xavier to win the Power of Veto. Xavier isn’t upset about losing. His goal now is to take out his target. 

After the PoV game, Brent talks to Hannah. He starts planning Britini’s exit. He knows he has his team and can get the other team of four on board to keep him. He thinks he can get enough votes that Britini leaves by a 9 to 2 vote (wait, is that right?). He talks to his “allies” as if he knows he’s safe, and they play along. Brent is proposing the blindside that the rest have already planned for him. Later in the HoH, Xavier and the rest find out Brent’s story from Kyland and have a good laugh. The BB history will be made by Xavier and company and not Brent. Xavier does tell us in Diary Room that he feels sorry for Brent and maybe should have the veto used – NOT. He’s happy that Brent is going out the door.

Power of Veto Ceremony
Christian calls all for the veto meeting. No pleas again from the ones nominated. What gives with this? Is this a new twist for the audience? Christian tells them he will not use the power of veto and adjourns the meeting. 

In the Diary Room, Christian tells us that he will have no blood on his hands. Britini is tired of being a pawn, wants Brent gone, and revenge. Brent says he can’t ask for a better scenario and will make Big Brother history with the best blindside ever. Xavier acts as an air attendant and tells Brent to exit the plane.

This has been the funniest week ever on Big Brother. It wasn’t a train wreck to watch. For someone to not sense what is going on is unbelievable. So tonight’s questions are:

Will Brent still not realize he was played? Will he be able to stay?

Has Queen Tiffany overplayed her game with the Cook Out crew? Has it hurt her potential as this season’s Janelle?

Who will be the next HoH, and will they seek revenge or get rid of a showmance?


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'Big Brother 23': Xavier Takes Control -- 07/25/2021

Written by 25 July, 2021

Big Brother fans have had an interesting two weeks so far. It started with the mad frenzy of Frenchie and then the determination to get rid of Frenchie under Kyland. Both times Derek X. came into play. So with the crowning of Xavier as Head of House, what will we get this week? Hold on to your seats. We’re only seeing a small amount of it tonight.

HoH Competition Aftermath
With Xavier winning the key, people must regroup. Alliances are in shambles, and only the strong (or unknown) will survive. With Frenchie outing the Slaughterhouse and its members before his exit, do they even have a chance to survive? What about its members? And the one that seems to be sweating the most is Brent.

So the Kings and Queens suggest working together, but will that work? Brent now assumes he is safe as his team is working with the other four-member squad. There is safety in numbers. Of course, it was an easy win as two gave it to him (Xavier didn’t look happy). Xavier feels good, and he wants the right person to leave (Brent). Britini is happy that she’s not on the block and feels Xavier won’t put her up. Brent feels safe because he and Xavier have been together since day one. Meanwhile, Derek F is upset, but he’s still working with the Cook-Out crew, so he feels good. Oh, and showmance report: Christian and Allyson don’t care anymore and who their growing affection in front of Xavier as he hasn’t expressed an interest in getting showmances out.

The Kings and Queens express relief at being safe, but how safe is safe in the BB House. And within the Royal group, you have a separate group called the Royal Flush that seems to be made up of the smartest people in the house. On the Jokers, Azah is worried, but Britini feels fine.

Brent meanwhile continues flirting with Hannah, and his talk is annoying her. He’s talking all the time about the need to take out a girl and how good he is. He tries to flirt with Allyson and moves on to Whitney. How many girls can he hit on in one day? Xavier knows he is rubbing people the wrong way, plus he was associated with Frenchie. Tiffany sets him up by asking Brent if he has ever had a friend who is a girl and he says he hasn’t. There goes another ally.

Xavier and Tiffany discuss putting Brent up. She’s worried that Xavier isn’t comfortable with the nomination. Xavier and Tiffany discuss options: Brent, Whitney, and Britini (due to new alliances). Xavier likes Britini and Tiffany tells him to listen and not speak. I personally love how Tiffany talks to the camera. She does tell us about the game. Tiffany also proves she knows to watch her back because some will cut her throat.

The most popular guy in the house seems to be Derek X. He gets along with all the girls, and Derek F. is comfortable with him. Brent meanwhile isn’t. Christian feels ashamed because he is going against the advice of “no showmance” (with Allyson). They are cute together and cuddle all the time.

Wild Card Competition
Derek X. and Hannah have a meeting about Brent. She wants Brent gone. Hannah does admit that she and Derek X. did throw the HoH competition leaving it to Xavier to do the dirty work. Hannah also wants Whitney out. Derek X realizes that he must play the Wild Card Competition and throw it to prevent Brent from being safe. Evidently, they all have forgotten that there is a choice to take the reward of winning the comp or not. So far, no one has taken the reward. 

The teams choose who will go into the Wild Card Competition. Tiffany (Queens) is playing and making her move. Derek X. (Aces) will play, as will Britini (Jokers), to prevent her from going up. Derek is going to try and make sure Tiffany wins because it is best for the Royal Flush.

This week, the competition is called “Unlucky 13”. The players must walk a balance beam and place cards to make 13. If you go over, you are out. Derek X. and Tiffany are mainly playing to keep Britini available to go on the block. Derek X. is determined that Tiffany will win. As the game starts, it is very obvious to all what Derek X. and Tiffany are doing to Britini. 

Tiffany wins and is faced with the decision. If she accepts the “reward,” one of each team that played will be safe based on chance. Tiffany chooses not to get the reward. (So this Wildcard Competition has been a bust from the start.)

The aftermath of the Wildcard Competition
Xavier now knows that the plan can go into effect. It is a safe bet that Brent will be on the block, but who will be the pawn? (everyone in the house is against Brent). In the Diary Room, Brent still feels safe. Tiffany and Xavier talk, and to them, the only non-obvious (sure, wink) option is Britini. Azah, meanwhile is upset because it was obvious that Britini was a target. Xavier feels that Britini is the safe choice to go up against Brent. Xavier talks to Azah, who asks to be put up instead to be fair to Britini. Xavier respects Azah, but the options are few. Xavier will not put Azah up as they are in the Cook-Out together.

Xavier talks to Brent about going up. Brent is upset and says he is not going up. Xavier tells Brent he is the pawn to get someone else out. Xavier thinks that if Brent blows up, it will be at him. Brent is upset because he doesn’t think he’s a threat. Xavier does play the trust card, yet Brent implies that he is too good to be a pawn. I’d put him up for just saying that.

Nominations Ceremony
Xavier calls all in for the Nomination Ceremony. Whitney wears her hoodie (she must think that keeps her safe). Xavier does the ceremony with Brent and Britini’s pictures appearing. These guests have straight faces during this ceremony (all knew), and Britini breaks down. Brent is up because Tiffany didn’t take the Wild Card. Britini is up because she’d put Xavier up if given the opportunity. Xavier hopes that he or the right person wins Veto so Brent will go home. Britini is going to play strong (she’s done being a pawn). Brent is going to win and really become a threat when he leaves the block. Azah tells us that her heart is broken because Britini went up again.

So on Wednesday we find out who wins the Power of Veto (heck, I already know from feeds). Here’s are the things to ponder.

Who will play the Power of Veto?

Will the Veto be used?

Will Brent or Britini lose their cool?

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'Big Brother 23': And Another One Bites The Dust (And All Hope It Is Frenchie) -- 07/22/2021

Written by 22 July, 2021

So Big Brother fans are almost all aligned on who should leave tonight. After a messy week one where Frenchie only missed Derek X. in an alliance, it looks like he is on the way back to the farm by the end of week two. Can he pull a switch of targets? Will he have pity votes that will keep him safe? Will the door hit him on the way out? And who will be the next one to go? Two Slaughter House members have a target on their back, but Brent wants a girl out? I believe it will all come down to the next HoH and which of the many alliances they are in.


Eviction Night and the Recap

Okay, I'm not going into the reminders. They just seem to kill time. I will say that Big Brother reminds us of Frenchie's fall from power, alliances discovered, and tears shed. We're reminded of the Slaughter House and Cookout and Frenchie's paranoia blowing up his alliance. Kyland put Frenchie and Britini up. Derek X. did not use the Power of Veto. Big Brother's announcement was: "Is Frenchie fried?" Did they have to go there?


Julie welcomes us to day 16 and says that Frenchie had the wildest HoH in the history of Big Brother. (Julie, you need to be on Twitter more!) Then she tells us that Frenchie is working to stay in the house (of course, everyone on the block does that). Derek X. wants Frenchie gone and feels terrible about not taking Britini off but didn't want Kyland to have to make another nominee. Even Frenchie knows "no one in their right mind" would vote against her. Luckily, Britini sees that too and tries for the low profile.

Frenchie starts his "redemption/stay safe tour" with Derek F. and Tiffany. TIffany deserves the eye-roll award. He eventually makes his way around the house, only hearing what they want him to hear. In the Diary Room, he enacts dying only to come back to his life. If Dan G. did it, so can he.


Julie's Announcement on Alliances (House of Cards)

Last night the alliances started reforming. Sarah Beth and Kyland share their personal history and seem to have gotten close. (He doesn't make her feel awkward. Kyland meets with the Slaughter House with Derek X. It looks like all but Brent thinks the alliance is dead. Brent starts trying to charm people to stay safe while Whitney keeps her distance. When the Slaughterhouse met, the remaining members didn't offer Kyland safety but that's not stopping Christian and others from doing it. Kyland does acknowledge to Christian and others he has two people he thinks should go and the rest agree that those two are Brent and Whitney. The Kings and Queens feel safe going into next week. Meanwhile, Christian talks to Alyssa about how Brent is conspiring only to have him arrive to talk to them. Brent is still saying a girl needs to go. In his mind, there is still a Slaughterhouse. Christian will say what he thinks Brent wants to hear, but it doesn't mean Christian will do what Brent wants.


Nominees and the Vote

Julie gives each a chance to sway the vote. Britini is first and uses a rap to thank people for letting her be and experience Big Brother. Frenchie tells the house guests that he knew he would have crazy experiences and play the "country" card. He has a friendship with all (yeah, right). He wants to keep the friendships going. The voting begins. Claire is first. By the time the cycle plays out, the votes are Frenchie 11, Britini 1 (made by Derek F.). Frenchie has lost the vote and will be going home. Will Frenchie leave with class? Frenchie knows he is gone and hugs Britini. No one else waits for a hug, but they do a "friendship circle" and he expects them to do amazing things and be amazing people. Is Derek F. crying? 


Frenchie and Julie

Out the door he goes and on to the Julie questions. She thanks him for keeping it classy as he exited the house, and Frenchie tells her he is worried about her questions. Julie wants him to tell us how he did as HoH. Frenchie tells us his wife told him to come to Big Brother and change the game. He made it his point to keep "people of color" in the house, and he hopes future house guests follow his lead. (Wait! Is that why he wanted Kyland and Derek X. out?) Julie asks about outing the Slaughter House. Frenchie tells us that he formed it with the group of people he selected to keep them close. They made him nervous, and he felt he did the right thing as he proved with some of them that they were what he had expected. Julie asks about the "double of nothing." Frenchie is not sorry he didn't take the two weeks' safety. He wanted to see his kid's photo because he's a dad first. 


Julie plays the messages. Tiffany wants him to know that she respected him but if he continued, no one else could have won. Brent didn't think Frenchie had a shot at winning, and Frenchie betrayed Brent first. (My question to Brent is when?) Britini apologizes that he had to leave while Derek F. called him his best friend and promises to play for both of them. Frenchie is shedding tears over Derek's F.'s comments and tells Julie that Derek F. will be his friend for life. They may come from different walks of life, but they are connected now. 


Head of Household 3

Outside, the house guests are told that the HoH is consists of two videos that Tom Green of Celebrity Big Brother has made in Ottawa, Canada. He will be doing two "man on the streets" question/answer game called "Tom Talks Big Brother." They will answer questions based on the videos. If they answer correctly, they are safe. If the answer is wrong, they are out.  

After the first video, the questions start. The first question sees Derek F., Britini, Brent, Christian and Tiffany leave. Second question is missed by Azah. All get question three correct. Onto video two and a few people who know the game. Question four sees Whitney and Claire leave the game. The next question gives us a winner. It is Xavier crowned the new Head of House.


Now, what will Xavier do? New alliances were formed last night but, after Kyland, Brent was there first trying to make an impression. Xavier is a member of the Cookout but will he keep them safe. As we watch the celebration, the manipulation starts (especially with Brent).


As the show concludes, Julie talks to the house guests again. After congratulations are given to Xavier, she reminds his team, the Kings, that they all are safe. He tells us that he's looking forward to the HoH rewards, especially the bedroom and private bath. Britini is asked if aher rap helped convince others to let her stay. She tells Julie that it only took 10 minutes to prepare, but she's been practicing since Sunday.


So… will the Wild Card be used? Will it throw a wrench into Xavier's nominations as its ripples go through the house? I really want to see where Xavier's head is at regarding nominations. I think he, as a lawyer, will play a game that Brent doesn't understand. Will he keep his Cook Out crew safe, or did he buy into any of the alliances last night? We'll start getting answers Sunday night (if you don't have live feeds)!

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'Big Brother 23': And A New Head Of Household Is Crowned--07/21/2021

Written by 21 July, 2021

Hi all! And the Big Brother fandom rejoiced on Thursday night when Kyland was crowned the Head of House. Let’s face it! Big Brother 23 started off as it was in week five or six with all the wheeling/dealing of Frenchie. The only person that Frenchie didn’t have an alliance with was Derek X, and the only reason was that Frenchie had planned to put him on the block. And by the Sunday show, Frenchie had gotten his due by being put on the block with teammate Britini. Can he talk his way into being saved? I already know but won’t spoil it.

Post Nominations
So, Frenchie and Britini are up, and Frenchie feels betrayed. Personally, I think that Brent should be next to him in the nom chairs, but it seems Kyland felt that the nominees should come from the same team. Hey, it puts the Jokers down one this week. But with the Power of Veto competition to be played, anything can change.

Well, you can tell that Frenchie doesn’t care who he takes down. The producers remind us that Frenchie kept throwing the Slaughter House name out. The nominations Kyland says was that Frenchie was basically a distraction, and Britini only has loyalty to her team. Brent tells us that Frenchie’s nomination was karma due to Frenchie being sketchy. (But Brent! You were in Frenchie’s ear. What does that make you?) With Britini in tears, the Jokers are in disarray. Azah even calls Britini a scapegoat. She sees that Kyland should have put someone from another team up. Derek F. is upset because Kyland hit too close to home and didn’t give Derek F. a head’s up. Frenchie does tell Britini to let him go home, and he tells us that he will put the veto around her neck. He still thinks he’s a mastermind and could figure out a way to stay.

Kyland talks game with his team. Alyssa is glad that the kings are safe because of Frenchie’s power trip. Meanwhile Tiffany and Kyland talk about the nominations and feel good about it. Tiffany tells us that Frenchie must go (I so agree). 

Brent talks to Derek X and Whitney about the nominations. She’s glad that Frenchie’s up. Brett is taking no responsibility. When Frenchie meets with Kyland, Kyland is not buying his comments about saving Britini. Kyland promises in Diary Room to make sure Frenchie doesn’t win. Kyland, with Britini, is a different matter. He tells her that he felt she was the one person who wouldn’t go home next to Frenchie. Kyland makes it plain that he does not want the POV used on Britini.

Brent looks to be hunting for a showmance. He’s flirting with Hannah, and she’s playing with him. She doesn’t believe his sweet talk and gives him nothing. Brent thinks she is interested. Boy, talk about a swelled head. 

Frenchie meets with the Slaughter House to decide what to do. Frenchie sees that they have turned on him and thrown his name out, so why help them (you couldn’t see that happening, Frenchie?). Derek F. pretends to sleep and hopes that Frenchie will not mention him (Frenchie didn’t). After this meeting, Frenchie blows up the group to all the rest of the house. Frenchie’s reasoning is that too many alliance members called his name, and he’s going to make them regret it. Word gets back to Kyland, who is a member of Slaughter House, and he knows Frenchie must go.

The house guests plans to celebrate Alyssa’s birthday so they wrap her in toilet paper (don’t ask me why). This is where Kyland finds them and lets all the rest of the Slaughter House know what Frenchie has done. This will cost him with any who might have helped him. 

It’s Time for the Power of Veto Competition
It’s time to draw people for the veto competition. Kyland draws first and gets Alyssa. Frenchie wants Derek F. but gets Claire. Britini wants a teammate but gets Derek X. That won’t help her chances. Derek X. is determined that Frenchie won’t get off the block, and Frenchie knows it. 

POV is being played in a beach setting. Call “Untan Lotion,” they must get a float out of a tube after filling it with suntan oil. Britini is first and figures out that the ones that are farther away give the most lotion. The ground is slick. Wait! Don’t they play something similar like this for HoH later in the season? 

Britini figures the pattern out, but so does Derek X (who figures out that the SPF 30 gives the most lotion). All three times are good. The winner is Derek X in 4:41. Kyland’s time was 4:54. Frenchie finished at 5:06 and Britini was 5:08. (Britini don’t be ashamed. You did great). Alyssa (at 6:57) and Claire (at 5:33) didn’t want to win and could have cared less. The winner is Derek X. All hoped Frenchie wouldn’t win because of last week, and he didn’t. Derek X sees it as his chance to eliminate a significant threat in the house. Britini is upset because she knows she is not coming off the block. Frenchie is in tears, but he will hold his head high as he leaves. 

After the Competition
Frenchie admits his last hope is gone. (So was Travis’ but you had no remorse.) He talks to Azah and admits he probably cause this himself. Azah is understanding. She says she knows that the game brings out every emotion in you. Derek F. does tell Frenchie he was taught by his mom never to give up, and Frenchie shouldn’t either. Great advice Derek F. but did you have to do this in front of Britini? Frenchie now swears that he’s coming for everyone. 

Frenchie does make one last pitch to Kyland and Derek X to keep him. Frenchie only wants a chance. Frenchie uses the old reason we always hear that if he’s up against anyone else, he will go home. Yeah, but Frenchie, I don’t think the house or us could take another HoH with you at its head. Even with the promise of keeping them safe, can Derek X. be swayed? Derek X. admits in Diary Room that he is thinking of the house versus Frenchie’s word. Which is the best choice? (Well, I wouldn’t believe Frenchie after last week.)

Power of Veto Ceremony
Derek X. has made his decision and calls the rest in. Usually, we hear pleas to the POV winner to keep each safe. What gives? We don’t hear any speeches? Derek X. adjourns the meeting without using the veto.

Derek X. feels that he made the best decision, while Kyland is glad that the noms remain the same. Britini is going to campaign to stay in the house. Frenchie is going to fight, but how? He tells us not to count him out yet. Derek F. is upset about losing a teammate. 

Turn in tomorrow for live eviction when we learn:

Did Frenchie find a way to stay?

Does he blow up everyone’s game on the way out?

Does the door hit him as he exits the house?

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'Big Brother 23' — How To Ruin The First Week

Written by 20 July, 2021

Big Brother 23 has only just started, but I feel like I have lived through a battle zone. The first week usually has people beginning to meet, make foolish final twos, and starting alliances. Very rarely in Big Brother’s history (or since I began watching in season 8) has an HoH on week one set out to make a name for himself and turn the first week into week five or six. Unfortunately, Frenchie wanted to be the best player of all time and made some of the dumbest moves in week one. 

So what did Frenchie do wrong? I mean, every Head of House gets a case of HoH-itis, but Frenchie’s was over the top. So to help future players, let’s use Frenchie’s reign (of terror) to figure out what not to do.

Number One: Never make a blanket promise of immunity. Let me define this better. Never make a blanket promise if it includes all women and minorities (or People of Color). Usually, by making this promise, you cut your potential nominees by half, if not by more. In this case, over three-quarters of the house would not have been on the block. Frenchie stood no chance with nominees, and he should have been smart enough to know it. He should have had a second plan for what to do if his plan failed.

Number Two: Never state your ideas on nominees to a wide assortment of people (in other words, the house). By giving the blanket “I’m not nominating a woman or a POC,” Frenchie set himself to be manipulated if anyone was smart. In this case, good old Brent stepped in and decided to play Frenchie’s second in command. It didn’t matter to Brent who Frenchie put up as long as it wasn’t him. Frenchie was already limited to two or three people by day two, and his big mouth had sunk his HoH.

Number Three: If you are playing in teams, consult said team. Frenchie was captain of a team of four. The only one of the four that he talked to was Derek Frazier (Derek F.), and Derek F. was kept out of the loop on many issues. The girls didn’t know anything until after Frenchie and Brent had made decisions and brought it to the “Slaughter House” (who didn’t contribute either). It’s best to trust your team instead of a member of the opposition, Frenchie.  

Number Four: Know your second-in-command’s capability. Brent got in Frenchie’s ear and just wouldn’t let up. Then, in the end, he couldn’t live up to his promises. Brent lost the HoH to probably one of three people Frenchie wouldn’t want to see at the top of the food chain. If you need a second, go for one like Frankie Grande, who listens and reports.

Number Five: If creating an alliance, be aware of the size. Also, in the case of a big alliance, it’s best to know more about your alliance and what they can contribute or who else they are working with before you do so. Include women and POCs as they can feel out their allies. If it’s all talk, what good is an alliance? If you won’t listen, then it’s on you.

Number Six: If you want to listen to conversations, develop relationships. Listening at doors in the BB house is always noticed, which means that you are a known snoop. Again Derek saw Frankie’s value and had him as a source.

Number Seven: Don’t make promises you won’t keep! You made a blanket statement about nominees, then couldn’t keep it. Frenchie, the audience, and live feeders saw what happened. We know that you outsmarted yourself on day one. You wanted to be known as a man of your word only to show you were a liar.

Number Eight: Everyone wants a final two because this is Big Brother. You need to be sitting in the chairs at the end of the show with someone you can beat. You made so many final twos, Frenchie that it came back to bite you. Of course, if you could be trusted, everyone would have been of the “ride and die” school with you because they could beat you.

Number Nine: If it is teams, work with at least one additional team. Yeah, Frenchie had some members from outside his group, but he never realized that he should have gone with only one additional team. By aligning yourself with another team of four, you would have gotten so much further in the game. 

And while I could give more pointers, I am going to end with this.

Number Ten: Never put your eggs in one basket on who you want out. In your case, you targeted Kyland and said Derek X. would be your second target. You never had a target three because everyone else in the house was in one of your alliances or a final two with you. When Derek X. won the Power of Veto and took Kyland off, Frenchie was left with no person to put up. His word became worthless. By commenting who you wouldn’t nominate, having as many side alliances as Frenchie had, you can’t win, and you are sure to be nominated the next week.


I honestly feel that Frenchie, who claims to be a super fan, really is not one. If he were, he’d be aware of how his plan would have failed. Plus, his personality and need to control everything set him up to land on his face. Seeing the result of all this has been entertaining in itself. The man was placed on the block week two and so far has done everything but self-evict. Wait, he even threatened that. Frenchie, if you see this, I’d advise you not to go on Twitter when you get out. You may find people haven’t been as kind as I have tried to be.

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'Big Brother' #23 Recap — The Mighty Have Fallen (Episode 4)

Written by 18 July, 2021

Has Big Brother #23 only been on a week? The first week under Frenchie seemed like a mid-season HoH.  Frenchie made a promise that no women or minorities would be on the block.  Guess what!  They were!  Not only did Frenchie create the first (and eventually largest of the week) alliance (probably not the largest ever as Frenchie claimed but he didn’t care) but he also had so many side deals and "final" twos that he was aligned with everyone but Derek X.  And who created the most havoc for Frenchie?  Derek X when he won Power of Veto.  Frenchie thought Derek X wouldn’t be able to win but he did.  At the POV Ceremony, Frenchie had to put up one final two alliances, Travis, who would go out the door.  To add insult to injury, he couldn’t play for Head of Houses (HoH) and his team and his second (in command) Brent (or is it Brett) couldn’t win.  So what will happen next?  We’re about to see.

Now you must understand that I (finally) got my live feeds (after switching Wi-Fi carriers) but I have been following the plot.  I’ll try not to spill anything early.  Let’s settle in to watch Frenchie’s downfall.

Thursday’s HoH Aftermath

On last Thursday (July 15th), the HoH was played.  Each player lined up at a distance and tried to sink a ball into the shark’s mouth.  No two people could play the same number and no one could bank a ball into the mouth. It looked like one of Frenchie’s alliance members, Brent, would win only to lose to one of Frenchie’s nominees (saved by Derek X), Kyland. 

In the house after the HoH competition, celebrations starts.  Kyland is surprised but very happy.  Alyssa survived and she’s going to lay low.  All question the two votes for Alyssa (Tiffany and Derek F.).  Derek F. did is to be silly.  Frenchie asked Tiffany to do it.  Frenchie was sworn to silence by Tiffany but she’s sure it will come out. 

As Alyssa goes on fact finding, Derek X. is busy relaxing.  He saved Kyland so should be good.  Christian is trying to help Alyssa (possible showmance) discover the votes that were done for her.  Claire celebrates as Kyland was on a team making her safe and no slop or punishments.  Kyland and Xavier think Tiffany did one of the Alyssa votes but can they prove it?  Of course not unless Frenchie tells.  Later in the gym, Frenchie talks to Brent and Whitney.  Tiffany is there and finds Frenchie going back on the deal.  She’s got proof that Frenchie will "run his mouth."  Frenchie promises if nominated to leave the house with dignity.  Tiffany of course talks to Kyland about Frenchie in regard to loyalty.  Tiffany doesn’t want a Frenchie’s HoH part two (maybe you should worry about Brett).  Kyland is on to it.  Cristian has told him about some things he found out last week.  The trust factor is gone in regard to Frenchie and it’s not only with Kyland.

The HoH reveals occurs and everyone is anxious to see what Kyland gets.  He has three pictures from home and a letter from his mom.  He starts to read but is emotional and Tiffany does the honors.  His mom celebrate Kyland’s birthday (last week).  Later in the bedroom, Tiffany breaks down because she is away from her son.  It’s part of her strategy though.  Tiffany is also very much aware that Frenchie needs to go because he spies and creates chaos.  Azah, who is on the Frenchie’s original team, is confused.

Friday, July 16th

The Wildcard Comp is to be played.  Kyland’s team cannot play.  If the other three teams can’t decide who to play, it will be by a draw.  Frenchie (Jokers) wants to be the player because it will secure his safety.  The Aces decide that Sarah Beth will play.  The Kings leave it up to fate and that person is Brent.  Brent is glad because he may need it.  Costumes are given for "a wild night out on the town."

Kyland talks to Frenchie who wants to set himself up for safety.  Excuse me, but from what I see it looks like Frenchie tried to run Kyland’s HoH.  Frenchie even admits he knows people are telling Kyland to put Frenchie up.  Frenchie is seeing red flags that he’s in danger and he’s mad.  Wow!  Frenchie even mentions the Slaughter House (a Frenchie alliance) is done.  The rest of the members are scrambling and now everyone knows about it.  When Whitney tries to talk to Frenchie, his excuse is he doesn’t want drama (really, week one was nothing but drama).  Whitney is trying not "to go off on" Frenchie who is nothing but a loose cannon.  Brent tries to calm Frenchie down but Frenchie says he "doesn’t have the numbers."  Brent wants to keep the alliance together but I think there’s no way the Slaughter House alliance can survive.

The competition, Splat, has the three contestants dressed up in evening clothes. They will be shown paintings then asked questions about each painting.  First one who gets three correct wins.  Sarah Beth wins the first and get splashed with paint.  As the game goes forward, both Brent and Frenchie score points but Sarah Beth gets the necessary three points.  Sarah Beth hates the slime but loves the points.  Winning the comp, Sarah Beth has control.  Brent is happy that Frenchie did not win.  Frenchie meanwhile knows he is in trouble. 

The prize for this competition is the guarantee of safety as long as Sarah Beth will move to Kyland’s team.  While Whitney hopes Sarah Beth will chose to change with her, Sarah Beth decides to remain where she is.  There will be no replacement and no one but Kyland’s team is safe from eviction.


Next up is nominations.  Kyland meets with each house guests for their thoughts.  Tiffany tells Kyland that Frenchie, Brent and Whitney are the three headed monster in the house.  She points out with that group gone, they will last longer.  Kylnd hears Frenchie from all (even Brent and Whitney).  Kyland wasn’t happy with Britini’s answers and finds her only loyal to the Team Jokers.

At the Nominations Ceremonies, Kyland has nominated Frenchie and Britini.  Frenchie is told that his nomination because Kyland has learned that Frenchie isn’t loyal.  Britini is only loyal to her team mate. Frenchie is also too dangerous to keep around.  Frenchie says he isn’t going to quit now and he’s going to win the veto.  Britini remains loyal to his team mate.  Brent admits they want Frenchie out and the house will be fine.

So tune in Wednesday to find out who wins.  I know, the game has already been played but will not spoil it.  Here’s the questions for Wednesday:

How much drama will Frenchie cause because of his nomination?

Will Frenchie win the POV?

Will he be saved? 

Which alliances survive as the Slaughter House and Butchers fall?

I’ll be back Wednesday.   

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'The Curse Of Oak Island' Recap: 04/20/2021

Written by 20 April, 2021

We are now beginning episode twenty one of the eighth season of The Curse Of Oak Island and the title of tonight's episode is "Old Wharf's Tale." Unlike some weeks, we have some clue what that refers to since last week's tease for tonight's episode seemed to show the team discovering an old wharf in the waters off of the island.

The tease for the episode is the typical mix of scenes that are likely to be misdirects or things that don't actually happen in this episode. It's also the exact same tease that ended last week's episode. The possible discovery of a wharf buried in the waters near Samuel Ball's property, some details about the long metal bar discovered in the swamp in last week's episode and some sort of coin which might possibly be gold.

It is, as the show is fond of saying, the beginning of a new day on Oak Island. Rick Lagina is joining the efforts at the cobblestone pathway that leads out of the swamp. The team is working to uncover as much as the pathway as they can before winter sets in. They also are searching for more evidence that will help them date the construction of the road and/or give them a sense of why it was constructed. As he digs, Rick discovers several shards of pottery and besides the fact the pottery seems to be from the late 1700s period, the pottery has also been badly burned, which fits in with other evidence they have previously discovered.

Later that day, Oak Island historian Charles Barkhouse, David Fornetti and treasure hunter Dan Henskee travel to the home of blacksmithing expert Carmen Legge. They have brought along the burnt iron rod found a week ago in the swamp and hope he can provide some information about it. Legge doesn't have much information about how it was used, but he thinks it could date back to the 1600's. Although he does speculate that it could have something to do with anchoring ships.

Later that afternoon, Marty Lagina's son Alex arrives at the foundation of late 18th-century Oak Island landowner Samuel Ball. This is the site where archaeologists Laird Niven and Liz Michaels continue their excavation hoping to find clues that might help to explain how Ball, a simple cabbage farmer and former slave, mysteriously became a very wealthy man by the early 19th century. Alex is tasked with sifting through the dirt excavated from inside the foundation and besides a great number of shards of pottery, he discovers what appears to be a coin of some kind. 

A summer rainstorm temporarily halts work at both the foundation site and the swamp, so the team gathers at the Oak Island Research Center to more closely examine the coin found by Alex. Under a microscope, they are able to make out faint anchors and a rope design around the edges. Based on that, Gary Drayton suspects its the button from a military officer. And further research shows it's a British naval button, dating from the years 1804-1825, solidly within the timeframe Samuel Ball would have lived at the site. Ball did fight with the British military during the American Revolution, but was not known to have a connection to the British Navy. Which once again leaves the team with more unanswered questions. 

The following morning, Gary Drayton and David Fornetti join Rick Lagina and archaeologists Dr, Aaron Taylor and Miriam Amirault at the site of the excavations in the swamp area. As they metal detect, they find a small ox shoe nail, which was used to attach a horseshoe to the bottom of an ox's foot. Which is another piece of evidence that points towards teams of oxen being used to haul something heavy across the swamp.

Later that afternoon, at the Oak Island Research Center, a man named Stuart Wentzell meets with Rick Lagina and members of the team. He is a local treasure hunter who worked for the late Oak Island treasure hunter John Blankenship back in the 1970s. Wentzell tells the team that when he was working with Dan Blackenship, he discovered the remnants of two wharves located off the beach near the location where Samuel Ball lived. The team is intrigued by the news and decide to take a boat out and see if they can find the evidence.

After some searching, the diver finds clear evidence of two wharves, one much larger than the second and extending almost 100 feet into Mahone Bay. The evidence of a second, smaller wharf leads to speculation from the team that it might have some connection to man named Captain James Anderson, who lived on the property next to Samuel Ball's. And apparently, they became friends. Anderson was a well-known pirate and was notorious for having taken a ship reportedly containing some amount of riches with him when he defected from the American side to the British during the American Revolution.

So the clues continue to mount that something of profound importance took place centuries ago on Oak Island. But the team still seems no closer to defining what might have happened and whether or not treasure remains to be discovered on Oak Island.

The tease for next week shows several mysterious discoveries in the swamp area and on the beach that lead various members of the team to get excited. And apparently some testing is done in the one of the holes that has been dug in the money pit area that reveals the presence of silver?

Until next week....

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'The Curse Of Oak Island' Recap: 04/13/2021

Written by 13 April, 2021

We are now beginning episode twenty two of the eighth season of The Curse Of Oak Island and while the episode titles for the show tend to be very literal, I'm not sure what to make of tonight's title: "Be There Or T-Square." It would be fun to think the title means Mr. T will make an appearance, but that seems unlikely.

The tease for the episode is the typical mix of scenes that are likely to be misdirects or things that don't actually happen in this episode. We see some excited unveiling of a core sample from the swamp area, Craig Tester telling the team some sample has been identified as being from the "pre-searcher" era, the discovery of a very burned large iron bar that someone says "has to be from a ship" and the discovery of what appears to be a large wooden beam in the middle of the swamp area.

It is, as the show is fond of saying, the beginning of a new day on Oak Island. Rick Lagina, along with Oak Island historians Doug Crowell and Charles Barkhouse are calling Marty Lagina to update him on a potentially important discovery made the previous day in the are known as the swamp. Sure, it it's that significant, you'd think that might have called him the evening before, but hey, TV. They let him know that a piece of polished wood that appears to be part of a ship's railing was discovered 8-10 feet down in the mud. And there appears to be some sort of wooden object buried at a similar level. So the plan is to try and uncover the object, which everyone hopes - but is afraid to say - might be a boat.

But as is always the case with Oak Island, nothing comes easily. While the day is clear, it rained heavily the night before. Forcing the team to bring in a large pump they hope will remove enough water to allow them to continue to dig. So as the water drops, metal detection expert Gary Drayton will inspect the buckets of mud for items of interest. The team is able to dig down enough to uncover one long wooden beam, but so much water is pouring into the hole that it is impossible to keep the hole clear or continue working. Rick Lagina is forced to conclude that they will have to suspend work on the area until next spring. Then they can create a cofferdam consisting of large steel sheets that will wall off the area and keep out the water. That is similar to the wall that was built several seasons ago in Smith's Cove.

On the western end of the island, Charles Barkhouse and Scott Barlow join archaeologists Laird Niven and Liz Michaels at the 18th-century stone foundation that used to be part of the home owned by Samuel Ball. He came to Oak Island in 1787 and raised cabbages. But somehow during his time on the island, he managed to become one of the wealthiest people in the area, eventually buying a number of lots on Oak Island as well as several on the mainland. Leading some people to suspect that he might have found at least some of the Oak Island treasure. Laird discovers a large metal hinge that could have come off of a door or perhaps a chest of some kind. He also uncovers wooden boards and it's not clear if they are from a door or were just discarded there for some reason.

Later near the eastern edge of the swamp, Rick Lagina, along with geoscientists Dr. Ian Spooner and Dr. Aaron Taylor and other members of the team are now focusing their attention on the long stone pathway that has been uncovered in the swamp. As Gary Drayton examines the spoils pile from the dig, he spots a wooden object of interest. It's a smooth wooden T-shaped object and based on the title of the episode. my guess is that this is the "t-square."

Later that afternoon at the Oak Island Research Center, Marty Lagina meets with Doug Crowell and Gary Drayton to inspect the new find. Crowell tells them that after some research, be believes it is a stone mason's tool. 

The following morning, Rick, Marty, Craig and members of the team assemble at the War Room. They have arranged to meet with Oak Island theorist Phillip Stevenson via a video conference. Like the 100 or so people who have come before him, this guy has a theory which he believes might explain what went on at Oak Island several hundred years ago. He explains that a relative was a member of the Freemasons and that when he died 25 years ago, the family discovered a piece of paper hidden in the pocket of his Freemason robes. The writing on the paper included a number of strange symbols, along with some words written in English. He tells the team that he believes he has cracked the cipher on the paper and that the symbols translated into a series of navigational instructions. He also says he believes that religious items were transported to Oak Island by members of the Knights Templar and that he can now identify the location on the island where the objects are buried.

While this sounds like another one of those goofball theories that frequently pop up on the show, it is interesting to note the location Stevenson identifies is close to location of interest once identified in a survey conducted in the 1980s. But until now, the site has never been the subject of a dedicated search. 

These "expert" suggestions are usually put on the back burner by the team, but the next day they are out drilling at the spot suggested by Stevenson. Which makes me suspect this spot might have already been on the radar and action planned even before his call. Regardless, they drill down to the target depth of 40 feet and don't find anything. Surprisingly, Marty Lagina says in an interview that he believes the clues were deciphered brilliantly by Stevenson, but that the path started at what is referred to in the cipher as the "alter." And he's not convinced Stevenson had the correct starting point.

The next morning at the Eastern edge of the swamp, Gary Drayton and David Fornetti continue to examine the area around the stone pathway. They find what appears to be a broken ringbolt but unlike earlier discoveries, this one is perhaps three feet long and twisted in several directions. Rick Lagina suggests that David Fornetti take it to archaeologist Dr. Alex Taylor for his opinion. His first comment is that the bar is covered on charcoal, which means it must have been exposed to high levels of heat for an extended period. He suspects that the bar was likely part of some wooden structure, perhaps part of a ship.

Later that evening, the team gathers in the War Room to hear the results of a highly anticipated scientific report from Craig Tester about the mysterious wooden t-shaped object that was found in the swamp. The tests show the tool is likely from a time period ranging from 1632 to 1668. That is more than 160 years before the discovery of the money pit. Marty Lagina does bring up the obvious fact that while the tool might have been made in that time period, it could have still be in use 20 or 30 years after its construction. 

But that still dates to well before the discovery of the money pit and it falls into a time period where the team has found other ship and construction-related items. So what was going on at Oak Island in the mid-1600s?

That's it for this week and the previews show what appears to be the discovery of the remnants of a large wharf in the waters near Samuel Ball's house. And someone on the team seems to have found a gold coin.

See you next week!

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