'The Curse Of Oak Island' Recap: 04/20/2021

Post by: Rick Ellis 20 April, 2021

We are now beginning episode twenty one of the eighth season of The Curse Of Oak Island and the title of tonight's episode is "Old Wharf's Tale." Unlike some weeks, we have some clue what that refers to since last week's tease for tonight's episode seemed to show the team discovering an old wharf in the waters off of the island.

The tease for the episode is the typical mix of scenes that are likely to be misdirects or things that don't actually happen in this episode. It's also the exact same tease that ended last week's episode. The possible discovery of a wharf buried in the waters near Samuel Ball's property, some details about the long metal bar discovered in the swamp in last week's episode and some sort of coin which might possibly be gold.

It is, as the show is fond of saying, the beginning of a new day on Oak Island. Rick Lagina is joining the efforts at the cobblestone pathway that leads out of the swamp. The team is working to uncover as much as the pathway as they can before winter sets in. They also are searching for more evidence that will help them date the construction of the road and/or give them a sense of why it was constructed. As he digs, Rick discovers several shards of pottery and besides the fact the pottery seems to be from the late 1700s period, the pottery has also been badly burned, which fits in with other evidence they have previously discovered.

Later that day, Oak Island historian Charles Barkhouse, David Fornetti and treasure hunter Dan Henskee travel to the home of blacksmithing expert Carmen Legge. They have brought along the burnt iron rod found a week ago in the swamp and hope he can provide some information about it. Legge doesn't have much information about how it was used, but he thinks it could date back to the 1600's. Although he does speculate that it could have something to do with anchoring ships.

Later that afternoon, Marty Lagina's son Alex arrives at the foundation of late 18th-century Oak Island landowner Samuel Ball. This is the site where archaeologists Laird Niven and Liz Michaels continue their excavation hoping to find clues that might help to explain how Ball, a simple cabbage farmer and former slave, mysteriously became a very wealthy man by the early 19th century. Alex is tasked with sifting through the dirt excavated from inside the foundation and besides a great number of shards of pottery, he discovers what appears to be a coin of some kind. 

A summer rainstorm temporarily halts work at both the foundation site and the swamp, so the team gathers at the Oak Island Research Center to more closely examine the coin found by Alex. Under a microscope, they are able to make out faint anchors and a rope design around the edges. Based on that, Gary Drayton suspects its the button from a military officer. And further research shows it's a British naval button, dating from the years 1804-1825, solidly within the timeframe Samuel Ball would have lived at the site. Ball did fight with the British military during the American Revolution, but was not known to have a connection to the British Navy. Which once again leaves the team with more unanswered questions. 

The following morning, Gary Drayton and David Fornetti join Rick Lagina and archaeologists Dr, Aaron Taylor and Miriam Amirault at the site of the excavations in the swamp area. As they metal detect, they find a small ox shoe nail, which was used to attach a horseshoe to the bottom of an ox's foot. Which is another piece of evidence that points towards teams of oxen being used to haul something heavy across the swamp.

Later that afternoon, at the Oak Island Research Center, a man named Stuart Wentzell meets with Rick Lagina and members of the team. He is a local treasure hunter who worked for the late Oak Island treasure hunter John Blankenship back in the 1970s. Wentzell tells the team that when he was working with Dan Blackenship, he discovered the remnants of two wharves located off the beach near the location where Samuel Ball lived. The team is intrigued by the news and decide to take a boat out and see if they can find the evidence.

After some searching, the diver finds clear evidence of two wharves, one much larger than the second and extending almost 100 feet into Mahone Bay. The evidence of a second, smaller wharf leads to speculation from the team that it might have some connection to man named Captain James Anderson, who lived on the property next to Samuel Ball's. And apparently, they became friends. Anderson was a well-known pirate and was notorious for having taken a ship reportedly containing some amount of riches with him when he defected from the American side to the British during the American Revolution.

So the clues continue to mount that something of profound importance took place centuries ago on Oak Island. But the team still seems no closer to defining what might have happened and whether or not treasure remains to be discovered on Oak Island.

The tease for next week shows several mysterious discoveries in the swamp area and on the beach that lead various members of the team to get excited. And apparently some testing is done in the one of the holes that has been dug in the money pit area that reveals the presence of silver?

Until next week....

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