Review: 'Nailed It!: Double Trouble'

Post by: Rick Ellis 26 March, 2021

TV critics might professionals, but we are also human brings with very human emotions. No matter how hard you try to approach each television series with an open mind and an optimistic heart, there are going to be some shows that you just won't like. Maybe it's the cast or the host or maybe you just have some difficult-to-describe, visceral reaction to it all. But you find yourself not liking the show, even though plenty of your readers love everything about it.

I certainly feel that way about the Netflix competitive baking series Nailed It!, which returns today with a new take entitled Nailed It! Double Trouble.

Hosted by Nicole Byer, Nailed It! is similar to the long-running Food Network series Worst Cooks In America in that all of the participants have marginal cooking talents. But in the case of Nailed It!, the contestants are asked to bake. Specifically, they are asked to recreate elaborate cakes and other baked goods that even a veteran baker would struggle to match. So of course, these home bakers end up slapping together monstrosities that often resemble a random pile of multi-colored baked items piled into an unrecognizable mess. And that is one of my main problems with the show. Every episode is a variation of the same premise. The bakes are a disaster and the winner ends up being the contestant who is least likely to poison the judges.

But while Worst Cooks In America at least has the benefit of entertaining judges/mentors, I find Nicole Byers' take on the show to be the TV equivalent of a two-year-old poking you every ten seconds with a dull stick. While I have liked her in other roles (and she's good in the upcoming Wipeout reboot). But I find her so irritating in Nailed It! that it is difficult for me to get past that. I recognize that is my problem - it's just my own personal taste and I know plenty of people who love her and Nailed It!

Which is why I decided to write something about Nailed It! Double Trouble even though I don't much care for the original version. How does this season compare to the previous episodes and what can fans expect?

The truth is that not much has changed with these new episodes, which depending on your perspective is either good or bad news. Nicole Byer is still Nicole Byer and her on-camera relationship with permanent judge Jacques Torres hasn't changed. The "Double Trouble" in the title refers to the fact that now the contestants compete in teams of two, which brings an added level of conflict to the already chaotic rounds.

And that's pretty much it. Everything else has stayed the same and if you loved Nailed It!, you'll love Nailed It! Double Trouble. So you be you.

Nailed It! Double Trouble premieres on Friday, March 26th, 2021 on Netflix.

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