Today's Song You Should Know: 'Langt mot nord' By Plumbo

Post by: Rick Ellis 09 March, 2021

During the golden age of Top 40 radio, it was not unusual for a popular local DJ to begin playing a song that wasn't on the official playlist. Maybe they liked the song or perhaps they just wanted to annoy the program director. Most of the time, the song's popularity never extended farther than the range of that individual radio station. But every often the song would catch fire regionally and then become a national hit. Which is why you have fond memories of odd tunes ranging from "99 Luft Balloons" to "Tubthumping."

If I had a radio show of my own right now (and believe, I wish that I did), I would likely be playing this impressively quirky song from the Norwegian rock and folk trio Plumbo.

Yes, the lyrics are entirely in Norwegian and the instrumentation has this quirky mix of flutes and guitars melded onto a beat that sounds like a mash-up of Bachman-Turner Overdrive and the theme from "Titanic." And did I mention that the band name is taken from a brand of Norwegian drain cleaner? Sure, I have no idea what is going on in the song and for all I know lead singer Lars Erik Blokkhus is singing about kicking cats or the joy of pleasuring yourself in public. Although "Langt mot nord" apparently loosely translates into "Far To The North," so I suspect the lyrics are some variation of "damn, it's cold here in Norway."

Still, I would playing the hell out of this song, which was a 2017 single that doesn't appear to have charted anywhere. Blokkus, Tommy Elstad (bass) and Hasse Rønningen  (drums) have put together one fine example of music that is impossible to accurately define. But it certainly deserves to be played on the radio. A lot.


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