Top Ten Most Viewed Posts In 2020

Post by: Rick Ellis 31 December, 2020

Like just about every other web site this week, we're posting a rundown of the ten most-read posts on the site this year. I think it's a positive that all of the most-read pieces were written in 2020. The only exception - a post about streaming - was first published in November 2019. I've removed any of the evergreen titles, such as the Netflix Top Ten or the various lists of premiere dates, etc. As usual, it's an odd & somewhat unpredictable mix of topics. Just click the headline to read the story

10) Surviving The Pandemic Thanks To The Partridge Family

9) What Is Fave TV?

8) Review: Bruce Springsteen's 'Letter To You'

7) From The Editor: Deadline Screws Up A Pence Testing Positive Story & We're All Partly To Blame

6) Streaming Services & The Theory Of Perceived Value

5) The Limits Of The Conservative Media Bubble

4) From The Editor: The Case For Independent Entertainment Web Sites

3) Review: 'La Révolution'

2) Q&A: Devon Terrell Talks 'Cursed' And Representation In The World Of Fantasy

1) Review: 'Voices Of Fire'

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