Show Guide: 'Atlas Of Cursed Places'

Post by: AYS Staff 22 December, 2020

Synopsis: Author and adventurer Sam Sheridan travels to the most cursed places on Earth to reveal the regions' haunting histories. Entrenching himself in macabre modern day culture, Sheridan explores regional history and folklore, employs cutting-edge science to illuminate the dangers of the curse, and paints a new and revealing portrait of a doomed place and the people who live there in the process. (Courtesy NatGeo, 2020)

The Cast:
Sam Sheridan as The Host

Production Credits:

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (NatGeo)
1-01 The Curse Of The Bermuda Triangle--12/01/2020
Sheridan dives deep to get to the bottom of the Curse of the Bermuda Triangle, a stretch of ocean where people disappear without explanation. He speaks to oceanographers, physicists, disaster physiologists and probability analysts to get to the bottom of this age-old mystery. Join Sheridan as he dives to the Bimini Coast shipwreck and discovers what took place for ships and aircrafts in the past.

1-02 The Curse Of Atlantis--12/08/2020
Sheridan investigates Atlantis, the utopian city Plato writes as a city cursed by the gods and swallowed up into the sea 12,000 years ago. He speaks with archaeologists, researchers and even space archaeologist Sarah Parcak to use technology to uncover the truth about the lost city of unlimited riches that Plato and thousands of others believed to be real. Join Sheridan on his trip to Morocco as he toes the line of myth and reality.

1-03 The Curse Of Vlad The Impaler--12/15/2020
Sheridan visits Transylvania, Romania, and investigates the eerie curse of Vlad the Impaler, Bram Stoker’s inspiration for Dracula. Although not the blood-thirsty vampire who’s taken over recent pop culture, Vlad III is known for ruling 15th century eastern Europe with fear and revenge, his legacy lasting centuries. Join Sheridan as he meets Romanian witches, speaks with mathematicians and works with geneticists to uncover the lasting trauma of Vlad the Impaler’s curse and the scar he left on eastern Europe.

1-04 The Curse Of The Bayou--12/22/2020
Sheridan visits Louisiana to learn about Aunt Julia, a local hoodoo practitioner and healer who in 1915, is believed to have put a curse on the land. A century later, locals still blame all the catastrophes befallen on the state–including the 1915 New Orleans Hurricane–on Aunt Julia’s curse. Through the course of the episode, Sheridan meets with key experts and even participates in a hoodoo ritual.

1-05 The Curse Of West Virginia--12/29/2021
Sheridan heads to the Mountain State to uncover the legendary Mothman, a winged cryptid whose presence signals disaster. While digging deeper into Mothman’s curse, Sheridan finds himself entangled in a web of disasters greater than the curse itself, from population poisoning, physical threats and dirty politics in West Virginia.


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