HBO Max Releases Trailer For 'Heaven's Gate: Cult Of Cults'

Post by: AYS Staff 24 November, 2020

HBO Max has released the official trailer for its upcoming documentary Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults. All four episodes of the limited-run series will premiere on Thursday, December 3rd on HBO Max.

Here is the official logline of the documentary:

The docuseries is a thorough examination of the infamous UFO cult through the eyes of its former members and loved ones. What started in 1975 with the disappearance of 20 people from a small town in Oregon, ended in 1997 with the largest suicide on US soil and changed the face of modern New Age religion forever. This four-part docuseries uses never-before-seen footage and first-person accounts to explore the infamous UFO cult that shocked the nation with their out-of-this-world beliefs. 



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