Show Guide: 'The Astronauts'

Post by: AYS Staff 21 November, 2020

Synopsis: A group of kids embark on an adventure of a lifetime when they are accidentally launched into space.

The Cast:
Miya Cech as Samantha "Samy" Sawyer-Wei
Bryce Gheisar as Elliott Combs
Keith L. Williams as Martin Taylor
Kayden Grace Swan as Doria Taylor
Ben Andrusco-Daon as Will Rivers
Paige Howard as the voice of Matilda

Production Credits:

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (Nickelodeon)
1-01 Countdown--11/13/2020
The spacecraft Odyssey II is set to embark on a mission to retrieve a foreign object that could potentially save mankind. But the plan quickly goes awry when five untrained kids sneak aboard and are unable to stop the launch sequence.

1-02 Day--11/13/2020

1-03 Day 3--11/20/2020
Tension escalates as Elliott plants seeds of distrust about Will, whom Elliott suspects is collecting mission information for his reporter mother. Samy works with Matilda's inventor to probe the AI's role in the launch.

1-04 Day 21--11/27/2020
A small toy clogging the toilet leaves only one working bathroom. The kids work together to detach the toy. On Earth, tempers flare while Matilda's inventor devises a bold plan to hijack the AI.

1-05 Day 33--12/04/2020

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