Too Much TV: Your TV Talking Points For Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Post by: Rick Ellis 02 November, 2020

Here's everything you need to know about the world of television for Monday, November 2nd, 2020. I'm writing this from the Twin Cities suburbs, where AllYourScreens HQ is powered by a quart of coffee. My apologies for the delay with today's newsletter - and its briefness - but some personal stuff has kept me occupied most of the day.

With any streaming service that is at least partially ad-supported, there is a natural tension between increasing revenue and retaining the best possible user experience That's certainly the case with Hulu, which purposely carries an ad load that is generally lighter than what you'll find on traditional linear television. Which makes for an interesting challenge when they try and increase ad revenue. If you can't increase the ad load & there are limits to what you can charge, what other options are available?

Apparently one option being considered by Hulu is an integrated paid listing that looks similar to the services existing content suggestions. The difference is that these "suggestions" would be paid for and highlighted as a sponsored suggestion with a small button reading "ad." 

Here is one incarnation of what that ad would look like. In this case, it's for the Freeform series Grown-ish

Sources I've spoken with at Hulu say that no final decision has been made on the rollout of these ad units, although one person argued it was "just a matter of time," given the ad unit's easy integration into the UI. It is also an ad option that would likely be shown even to subscribers on the "mostly ad-free" option, since ad executives apparently don't consider the unit to fall into what subscribers would consider an "ad."

Here's how much money the cast of Below Deck makes
Here is a rundown of the new television programs premiering today:

1) Below Deck Season Premiere (Bravo)
Captain Lee returns to the Caribbean, and fan favorite Eddie Lucas (Bosun) comes along for the sail with new crew members Francesca Rubi (Chief Stewardess), Rachel Hargrove (Chef), Elizabeth Frankini (Stewardess), Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters (Stewardess), James Hough (Deckhand), and Shane Coopersmith (Deckhand). Cruising around the Caribbean’s white sandy beaches and crystal blue water, Captain Lee must adjust to the many new personalities on board while the crew juggles a series of challenging and unprecedented charters.

2) Holiday Baking Championship Season Premiere (Food)
Host Jesse Palmer kicks off the competition for 12 bakers with the kind of dessert people are embracing at home -- holiday decorated quick bread wreaths. Then, to spice things up, Jesse reveals the rankings of every challenge will appear on the new naughty or nice list. If a baker is naughty, there's no hiding it! In the main heat, the competitors must make a winter hat cake to charm judges Nancy Fuller, Duff Goldman and Carla Hall.

3) Q Talks Series Premiere (Quibi)
Faulty teleprompter. They'll have to say (and do) anything the teleprompter instructs. What happens if it cuts out? Improvise.

4) The Good Doctor Season Premiere (ABC)
Dr. Shaun Murphy and the team at St. Bonaventure continue to grapple with the life-changing events of last season while working on the frontline of the global pandemic.

5) With Drawn Arms (Starz)
This new documentary that uncovers the legacy of Olympian Tommie Smith who, after winning the gold medal at the 1968 Summer Olympics, stunned the world by thrusting his fist in the air during the playing of the national anthem in silent protest against racial inequality.

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