Show Guide: 'Building Roots'

Post by: AYS Staff 17 September, 2023

Synopsis: Ben and Cristi Dozier help homeowners put down roots in personalized homes (Courtesy HGTV, 2022)

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The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (HGTV)
1-01 Bringing The Outdoors In--04/10/2022
Ben and Cristi bring in nature as they renovate a home along the river.

1-02 A Kitchen With A View--04/17/2022
Ben and Cristi update a home with colors that celebrate a family's culture.

1-03 A Mine-Inspired Home--04/25/2022
Ben and Cristi bring out the personality in a firefighter's mountain home.

1-04 Rekindling A Home's Joy--05/02/2022
The Doziers help a family heal by revitalizing their cabin's joyous spirit

1-05 Southwestern In Pagosa Springs--05/08/2022
Ben and Cristi use Southwestern style to blend a home with the mountains.

1-06 Inspirational A-Frame--05/16/2022
Ben and Cristi help a family of six fit comfortably into their A-frame home.

1-07 Rustic Ranch Meets Desert--05/22/2022
The Doziers help Ben's sister blend desert style with a home's character.

1-08 Legacy Cabin, Backyard Rescue--05/29/2022
Ben and Cristi update 1 1940s cabin without losing its nostalgic feel.

Season Two Episode Guide (HGTV)

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