Show Guide: 'Still Up'

Post by: AYS Staff 17 September, 2023

Synopsis: Living on opposite sides of London (Lisa with her 5-year-old daughter, and her partner, Veggie, Danny on his own) these unlikely 30-something friends have forged a unique bond by opening up to one another in the middle of the night. Each episode takes place over the course of one night. Danny and Lisa’s intimate but remote chats continue no matter what’s going on for them in their respective lives.  In an atmosphere of insomnia that veers between hazy and heightened, we explore through them a strange, night-time, limbo world most of us never see because we’re tucked up in bed. (Courtesy Apple TV+)

The Cast:
Antonia Thomas
Craig Roberts
Blake Harrison
Lois Chimimba
Luke Fetherston
Rich Fulcher

Production Credits:
Still Up is co-created & written by Steve Burge (Seekers) and Natalie Walter. Bryce Hart (Ten Percent) also writes on the series. It is directed by BAFTA Award nominee John Addis (Lucky Break). The series is produced for Apple TV+ by Various Artists Limited, and is executive produced by BAFTA Award winner Paul Schlesinger (Twenty Twelve), Emmy award winning Phil Clarke (I May Destroy You) and series produced by Arabella McGuigan (Brief Encounters). 

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (Apple TV+)
1-01 The Pharmacy--09/22/2023
While Danny invents new ways to avoid a neighbor, Lisa gets creative on a midnight medical mission.

1-02 The Dress--09/22/2023
Lisa’s bus ride takes an unexpected turn. Danny aims to impress a dating app match—and makes a not-so-charming mistake.

1-03 The Date--09/22/2023
Danny hosts a special guest for the evening. Lisa attempts to help from afar as she battles a bad case of boredom.

1-04 The Sleep Clinic--09/29/2023
Eager for change, Lisa agrees to a sleep study. Danny prepares for a pivotal interview…while looking after an overly sensitive dog.

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