Show Guide: 'My Little Pony: Make Your Mark'

Post by: AYS Staff 16 September, 2023

Synopsis: Now that Opaline has captured Sparky's Dragonfire, the evil Alicorn is stronger than ever — and she won't stop until she has all the power of Equestria! (Courtesy Netflix, 2023)

The Cast:
Jenna Warren
Maitreyi Ramakrishnan
JJ Gerber
Ana Sani
AJ Bridel
Rob Tinkler
Bahia Watson
Athena Karkanis

Production Credits:

The Episodes:
Chapter One Episode Guide (Netflix)
1-01 Make Your Mark--
Something's wrong with Equestria's magic, and it's throwing the annual Maretime Bay Day festival into a tailspin. Can Zipp figure out what's going on?

Chapter Two Episode Guide (Netflix)
2-01 Izzy Does It--
Thanks to Pipp, a colorful birthday gift made for Sunny has gone viral. Everypony wants one - but poor Izzy's creativity can't keep up!

2-02 Growing Pains--
Magic's gone wild in Maretime Bay, and Sheriff Hitch is determined to rein it in - unware that an evil pony is standing by to steal it all for herself.

2-03 Portrait Of A Princess--
With Pipp and Zipp focused on Royal Portrait's Day, Opaline sends Misty on an evil errand to lure the two sisters into a trap.

2-04 Ali-Conned--
When her Alicorn magic comes out unexpectedly, Sunny's suddenly mega-popular. Pipp borrows Sparky for the day to boost her likes on social media.

2-05 The Cutie Mark-Up--
Sunny and Hitch learn what it's like to trot in each other's horseshoes. Opaline sends a spy to the Crystal Brighthouse, where animals are running amok.

2-06 The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over--
Izzy invites newcomer Misty to a sleepover with sing-alongs, hoof readings, ponycorn and more. But Zipp has a funny feeling about the gang's new friend.

2-07 Hoof Done It?--
Detective Zipp is on the case to find a thief when Sunny's magic lantern goes missing. Misty seems to be the prime suspect...or is she?

2-08 Have You Seen This Dragon?--
First it was Sunny lantern. Now Sparky is gone! So it's all hooves on deck to find Hitch's baby dragon ASAP - as soon as pony-possible.

Chapter Three Episode Guide (Netflix)
3-01 Winter Wishday--
It's Winter Wishday! Can the Mane 5 celebrate their holiday traditions and still make it back in time to exchange gifts under the Wishing Star for Sunny?

Chapter Four Episode Guide (Netflix)
4-01 Bridlewoodstock--
Pipp wants to throw a music festival at the Lumi-Bloom fields, but Izzy warns her that loud noises might attract the troublemaking Troggles.

4-02 Top Remodel--
While the ponies decide how to renovate the abandoned Canterlogic building, Zipp attempts to decode a cryptic message from Twilight Sparkle.

4-03 The Jinxie Games--
When Queen Haven postpones brunch, Zipp and Pipp suspect the worst. Hitch competes in Forest Clutter Field Day but struggles to understand the rules.

4-04 Sunny Side Up--
Opaline grounds Misty for failing to steal Dragonfire. Then, Hitch and Sunny kick off the grand opening of Canterlove Studios by hosting a cooking show.

4-05 The Manesquerade Ball--
It's the Zephyr Heights Manesquerade Ball and everpony's invited. When Misty sneaks out of Opaline's lair, the ponies bring her along to the party.

4-06 A Little Horse--
On the morning of her big announcement, Pipp gets sick. Can her four best friends nurse her back to health in time for her highly anticipated livestream?

4-07 Missing In The Mark--
Sparky's in trouble! The Mane 5 must join forces with Misty to battle the evil Opaline and stop her from capturing Dragonfire - if they can trust Misty.

Chapter Five Episode Guide (Netflix)

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