This Week In True Crime TV: 09/03/2023-09/09/2023

Post by: AYS Staff 03 September, 2023

Here is a rundown of all the new true crime television premiering this week:

Evil Lives Here (Investigation Discovery)

In the episode entitled "He Had A Torture Chamber," when Terry Patzer hears what police discovered at Russell Tillis's house of horrors, memories of the nine years she spent married to him flood back. She can't explain how her former love became so twisted, but she was right to be afraid of him all along.

Disappeared (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Love and Lies in Idyllwild," Dia Abrams is the owner of several properties in the Idyllwild community of California, including a sprawling 116-acre ranch. But on June 6th, 2020, Dia tells her partner, Keith Harper, she's going to feed the horses and is never seen or heard from again.

Mother May I Murder? (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "The Grifter Murders," the mysterious disappearance of a New York millionaire and an audacious plan to steal an $8 million townhouse unearth a scarcely believable story -- how glamorous mother and son, Sante and Kenny Kimes, con, cheat and kill their way across America.

#TextMeWhenYouGetHome (Lifetime)
In the episode entitled "Kamyrn Johnson," a nine-year-old is supposed to be at gymnastics class when her mother, Sheraton, receives a frantic call saying Kamyrn is being held captive for ransom. Kamyrn's parents recount the frightening threats the alleged abductor made.

And in the episode entitled "JaRay Wilson," JaRay Wilson texted her mother just minutes before she vanished, and the teen's friends, family and community searched for answers for over a year. Someone from JaRay's inner circle later surfaced with shocking details.

The Murder Tapes (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Killer On Camera," Akron Police officers respond to a shooting outside a bar on a busy Friday night on Main Street. What starts out as a shooting investigation turns into a mystery of murder and the hunt for a cold-blooded killer.

Crimes Gone Viral (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Unwanted Intruders," armed intruders terrorize a group of teens as their horrified parents watch on a surveillance camera. Fake government workers steal from unsuspecting residents, and two would-be thieves are stopped in their tracks.

A Body In The Basement (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Missing Means Murder," a man vanishes from a small Idaho town, leaving behind a trail of strange clues that stumps detectives and leads his neighbors to believe that a deadly imposter is living among them. When his body is found, the truth is more shocking than anyone imagined.

Crime Scene Confidential (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Threads Of Evidence," Burroughs travels to Mansfield, Ohio to look into the January 1998 murder of single mother Margie Coffey. Coffey’s body was found frozen and strangled to death in a nearby creek in the dead of winter. As Burroughs digs into the evidence that was recovered at the scene, two microscopic fibers become the only way to find Coffey’s killer. Over the course of the episode, Burroughs speaks extensively with the officers who investigated Coffey’s murder, her family and friends, as well as sits down one-on-one for an intense conversation with her alleged killer.

Dateline: Unforgettable (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "The Secret Of Spirit Lake," an advocate for missing and murdered indigenous women searches for answers in the disappearance of her niece and exposes cracks in law enforcement. Andrew Canning looks back on this important story, one that became her passion project.

Does Murder Sleep? (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "To Kiss Or Kill," when a home invasion leaves Bill Ross murdered in his sleep, detectives in Shelbyville, Tennessee, scramble to uncover the identity of a pair of masked men. As they dig deeper, they discover a troubling web of secrets and lies. 

Nightwatch (A&E)
In the episode entitled "Guardians Of The Night," the New Orleans EMS team is in the middle of French Quarter shooting with multiple victims, treating a suicidal patient, and helping out a child battling an asthma attack.

And in the episode entitled "Warning Signs," Challenges face the first responders in a wide variety of forms, including a shooting, an assault, a multi-vehicle accident, and a trapped woman who becomes increasingly combative.

Booked: First Day In (A&E)
In the episode entitled "It Was Just A Text," in Modesto, a young man is arrested for violating a restraining order by sending a text message. In Virginia Beach, an 18-year-old woman is arrested for assault and battery after a fight with her brother.

The First 48 Presents Critical Minutes (A&E)
In the episode entitled "In The Name Of Love," cases where crimes were committed in the name of love. In Dallas, a couple is shot to death on their doorstep. In Louisville, a hearing-impaired man is stabbed in his doorway and in Tulsa, a woman's body is found in a trashcan.

The Real Murders Of Atlanta (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Cocaine Killer," in the 90s Atlanta tech boom, an IBM programmer is found shot to death and surrounded by cocaine in his home. As detectives dig deeper into the past of this tech phenom and family man, they're shocked to discover all isn't what it seems. 

Witness To Murder: Digital Evidence (A&E)
In the episode entitled "Game Over," police in Mobile, Alabama quickly identify a subject in the murder of a local college professor. But a bombshell piece of technology stolen from the crime scene then points them in a completely different direction.

Women On Death Row (A&E)
In the episode entitled "Melissa Licio," on July 10th, 2008, Melissa Lucio was sentenced to death for the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Mariah. The Innocence Project digs into her case and discovers staggering problems, ut authorities show no sign of interfering. 

Buried In The Backyard (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Gone In The Sand," when a Texas father disappears without a trace, investigators go on an international manhunt to catch a killer and unravel a sinister plot that has them searching for answers deep into the Chihuahuan Desert,

New York Homicide (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Fatal Forensic," NYPD detectives race to unravel the strange murder of one of their own before a devious killer slips out of the country. 

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