Show Guide: 'The First 48 Presents: Critical Minutes'

Post by: AYS Staff 17 August, 2023

Synopsis: Looking back at some of the most unforgettable moments of the show. (Courtesy A&E, 2022)

The Cast:

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The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (A&E)

Season Two Episode Guide (A&E)
2-01 Murder In The Family--08/01/2022

2-02 Interrogation, Lies And Tells--08/08/2022

2-03 Heat Of The Moment--08/22/2022

2-04 Forensics Don't Lie--08/29/2022

2-05 No Witness--09/12/2022
When there are no witnesses, homicide detectives face an uphill climb to find the truth; detectives come across a bizarre homicide at an apartment fire; solving a preacher's murder hinges on a single fingerprint.

2-06 Unfinished Business--12/22/2022

2-07 Deadly Plans--12/29/2022

2-08 Fatal Friendship--01/05/2023
Detectives in Atlanta find a woman's body in a trash can; in Louisville, Ky., a domestic dispute turns into a homicide investigation; in Birmingham, doing a favor for a friend costs one man his life.

2-09 Wrong Place, Wrong Time (Part 3)--05/04/2023

2-10 The Case That Haunts Me (Part 5)--05/11/2023

2-11 Rookies (Part 2)--05/18/2022
Rookie detectives lead their first investigations in three cases from "The First 48" archive; in Louisville, Ky., a rookie leans on video surveillance to find a convenience store killer.

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