This Week In True Crime TV: 08/13/2023-08/19/2023

Post by: AYS Staff 13 August, 2023

Here is a rundown of all the new true crime television premiering this week:

Killer Couples (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Xavieriana Clark and Hunter Carlstrom," a 61-year-old farmhand is found murdered in his home on the outskirts of the Ozarks. A strange text message points to a suspect, but the investigation quickly diverges after a duo on the run is exposed, resulting in a fatal shootout in Mississippi.

Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Killer Obsession," the last precious moments of rising star Maple Batalia are captured in a security camera before she's gunned down at her college campus in British Columbia. A community grieves as a mother's anguished pleas for justice capture a nation's attention. 

Signs Of A Psychopath (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Kids Will Be Kids," police find a 17-year-old female’s dead body in a ditch with two gunshot wounds. The investigation centers on two friends of the victim claiming her death was an accident, but detectives uncover it was a thrill kill carried out by evil psychopaths.

In the episode entitled "An Excuse To Kill Somebody," a New Hampshire town reels after police arrest four teenagers for robbing and murdering a 42-year-old mother and maiming her 11-year-old daughter. Detectives uncover two suspects who are not ordinary criminals but sadistic psychopaths.

The Real Murders Of Atlanta (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Deadly Protection," after a shootout in a quiet suburb leaves a strip club owner dead, police discover that his murder may be part of an elaborate crime ring targeting Atlanta's high-end clubs. The truth behind who runs the crime syndicate shakes the city to its core.

Mother May I Murder? (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Groomed To Kill," ten-year-old Corey Breininger shoots his father in a tragic accident, but years later, Corey reveals all is not what it seems. With extraordinary courage, he recounts the truly harrowing story of the sinister role played by his scheming stepmom.

People Magazine Investigates (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Brighton Axe Murders," in 1982, in an upscale suburb of Rochester, New York, a Kodak executive returns home and finds his wife dead with an ax in her head. People believed a mad man was on the loose, so 40 years later when police make an arrest, everyone is stunned at who stands trial for the murder.

#TextMeWhenYouGetHome (Lifetime)
In the episode entitled "Kamyrn Johnson," a nine-year-old is supposed to be at gymnastics class when her mother, Sheraton, receives a frantic call saying Kamyrn is being held captive for ransom. Kamyrn's parents recount the frightening threats the alleged abductor made.

And in the episode entitled "JaRay Wilson," JaRay Wilson texted her mother just minutes before she vanished, and the teen's friends, family and community searched for answers for over a year. Someone from JaRay's inner circle later surfaced with shocking details.

Body Cam (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "No Hiding Place," in Utah, a wanted felon, who has threatened his family's life, is on the run. As officers close in on him, he makes a desperate move, breaking into a family's home and taking them hostage. Officers work through the night to secure their release.

High Speed Chase (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Interstate Boat Chase," a man shoots two officers serving eviction papers and then escapes, sparking a high-speed car chase. Two robbery suspects flee in a U-Haul truck. With one of the county's busiest intersections fast approaching, police must make a terrifying decision.

A Body In The Basement (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Missing Means Murder," a man vanishes from a small Idaho town, leaving behind a trail of strange clues that stumps detectives and leads his neighbors to believe that a deadly imposter is living among them. When his body is found, the truth is more shocking than anyone imagined.

Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks (Hulu)
This is a new, 10-part documentary series focusing on murder cases that remained unsolved for decades and were ultimately cracked with DNA evidence. It explores these stunning scientific developments – as well as the unwavering dedication of families and investigators – that eventually brought the killers to justice. 

Dateline: Unforgettable (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "In The Dead Of The Night," a mothe

Does Murder Sleep? (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Dream Killer," in June 2009, 61-year-old Wendy DiRodio's elderly mother discovers her body in the bedroom of their shared Ventura County, California, home. Another murder weeks earlier leads investigators to wonder if a serial killer is on the loose.

Court Cam (A&E)
In the episode "COUR0449B000A030," a man proposes to his girlfriend while getting arrested. An aquarium worker helps catch a shark thief and a horse and buggy turns dangerous when a drunk man is operating it.

And in the episode entitled "COUR0450B000A030,," a fugitive shows up at the courthouse but changes his mind and flees from officers. An assault victim confronts her attacker in court and a defendant curses and makes obscene gestures at the judge.

My Strange Arrest (A&E)
In the episode entitled "Golf Streaker," a man streaks across a golf course, delaying a tournament. A dead fish is eerily placed on the front porch of a house. Two men climb the Golden Gate bridge and an escapee gets caught in a very weird place.

And in the episode entitled "Hanging On The Hood," a man hangs on the hood of a car while his ex-girlfriend drives it on the freeway. An intoxicated woman flees from police on a motorized suitcase and a man takes a selfie with his daughter inside an elephant enclosure at the zoo. 

Booked: First Day In (A&E)
In the episode entitled "No Bond, No Problem," young adults learn the hard way that their actions have consequences. Three young men exploring abandoned buildings get charged with felony burglary and a young lady's play fighting with her boyfriend lands her in jail for the weekend. 

60 Days In (A&E)
In the episode entitled "To The Bitter End," as each participant nears the end of the program, Jamil tries a new tactic and Brittany reconciles with her roomie. Orion's old cellmate gets into a brutal fight and officers raid one cell, which pleases Kendra but puts Sarah in the crosshairs.

The Real Murders Of Atlanta (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Homicide Hotel," the execu

Witness To Murder: Digital Evidence (A&E)
In the episode entitled "Digital Obsession," investigators trying to determine who shot and killed a young mother in Ohio are tipped off by a surprising piece of digital evidence. From there, they unravel a twisted story of stalking and social media catfishing.

Women On Death Row (A&E)
In the episode entitled "Linda Carty," Linda Carty was sentenced to death for the kidnapping of three-day-old newborn Ray Cabrera, and the kidnapping and murder of his mother, Joana Rodriguez. Experts reflect on the case and what led to Carty's death sentence.

Buried In The Backyard (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Last Song You'll Ever Hear," when 

New York Homicide (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "The Midtown Millennium Murder," days be

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