Show Guide: 'Perfect Murders'

Synopsis: Quirky investigators team up to solve impossible crimes in this fun-filled French mystery series. (Courtesy MHz Choice, 2020)

The Cast:
Isabelle Gelinas
Gerard Darmon

Production Credits:

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (MHz Choice)
1-01 The Only Good Singer Is A Dead Singer--10/27/2020

1-02 Episode Two--11/03/2020
The CEO of a luxury yacht thinks he has a watertight alibi for his partner's murder.

1-03 Episode Three--11/10/2020
Inspector Delauney faces a killer who used a hunting party to mask a murder.

1-04 Episode Four--11/17/2020

1-05 Episode Five--11/24/2020

1-06 Episode Six--12/01/2020

1-07 Episode Seven--12/15/2020

1-08 Episode Eight--12/15/2020

1-09 Episode Nine--12/22/2020

1-10 Episode Ten--12/29/2020

1-11 Episode Eleven--01/05/2020

1-12 Episode Twelve--01/12/2020