Show Guide: 'Killer Carnies'

Synopsis: Stories of violent crime with mysterious ties to carnivals, town fairs or arcades.

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (Investigation Discovery)
1-01 The Sideshow Murders--10/19/2020
The brutal murder of Lobster Boy rocks a carnival community and every performer is a suspect. Truth will be revealed and a reign of terror will finally end.

1-02 Dungeon Of Doom--10/2/6/2020
When a nine-year-old child disappears from an amusement park in Long Island, New York , the race is on to stop a dangerous child abductor. But with a bitter custody battle and a family fighting amongst themselves, a child's life hangs in the balance.

1-03 House Of Mirrors--11/02/2020
A little girl disappears and her small-town community is devastated. The carnival is in town and the suspect might be part of the traveling show.