Show Guide: 'Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!'

Synopsis: Tamar Braxton is back! After nearly losing everything, including herself, Tamar is determined to turn her life around and take matters into her own hands by sharing her truth in a revealing new docu-series that follows her every move. Tamar teams up with music and TV mogul Mona Scott-Young to bare it all and bring her “baggage” – aka the camera crew -- along with her for the ride. But nothing can prepare Tamar for the most epic journey of her life. In a series of shocking revelations and extreme breakthroughs, it’s the most authentic side of Tamar Braxton ever as she vows to show the good, the bad and the ugly. Cameras continue rolling during Tamar’s most vulnerable hours as she invites love back into her life with her new boo David, relaunches her music career, navigates co-parenting with ex-husband Vince Herbert, and battles the pressure to reconcile and reunite with her family. In the end, will Tamar be able to bounce back and turn her life around or will all of her demons defeat her? This is her last shot. (Courtesy WEtv, 2020)

The Cast:
Tamar Braxton

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The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (WEtv)
1-01 The Journey Begins--09/10/2020
Tamar Braxton must find her life after losing her husband, career, and family! With a dream coach and documentary crew in tow, can she heal herself to make music again and build a relationship with her new boyfriend David, or will it all be too much? 

1-02 Break Room Breakdown--09/17/2020
Tamar’s journey to turn her life around blows up when her ex-husband Vince Herbert comes between her and David. Tamar faces her fears in a recording session with J. White, and cameras continue rolling when Tamar explodes over issues with production. 

1-03 Old And New Wounds--09/24/2020
Tamar’s journey to her dream life comes to a dramatic halt when cameras are forced to shut down. Tamar’s caught in the crossfire between David’s suspicions and relaunching her career. A long-lasting family feud hovers over Tamar and Mona steps in. 

1-04 Caught In The Middle--10/01/2020
Halfway through her journey, Tamar is caught in the middle of a disaster between her new boo and the path to relaunch her music career. Cameras roll while David fights to protect Tamar from witchcraft. 

1-05 Celebration And Chaos--10/08/2020
Tensions rise at David’s 50th birthday. Tamar experiences a major breakthrough when reconciling with family, relaunching her music career and reclaiming love all come to a head. Goli and David clash in an epic showdown behind closed doors. 

1-06 Final Word--10/15/2020
The Braxton family reunites at Trina’s wedding. Tamar suffers the aftermath and David reveals all. Tamar’s final days of production unravel and Mona steps in.