'Riverdale' Recap – Peep Show Or Secrets

Post by: Linda Martindale 03 May, 2023

Riverdale, we’ve already had you address issues that are in our real world every day. So, what do you have for us tonight? A reminder of when we first saw Betty looking out her window at Archie’s bod? Archie returning the favor? And what about the adults' stand on Pep and Jughead’s writing for them? Hopefully, we’ll get a few answers on whether things are doing what the message said: bend toward justice.

Tonight’s episode seems to be multiple stories again. I’ll try to do this as they ran but know that I didn’t get a few names. Sorry about that but they went off closed captioning before I got them.

Jughead and Pep Comics

Jughead opens the episode with narration about how Pep is plagiarizing stories from 10 years before. The next day, he approaches his boss at Pep and tells him what he has found. Of course, the editor denies it, but Jughead is upset and plans to investigate.

Jughead finds the author and tells him that his work is being plagiarized by Pep. He’s even brought proof but the writer doesn’t want to talk to Jughead. In fact, he slams the door in Jughead’s face. The next day, Jughead is watching his comic come off the press. The author walks in and confronts Jughead’s editor who denies and claims to have the best New York lawyer (like who wouldn’t make that claim). Jughead has an idea.

For each story of the author that Pep has used, the author will get a royalty. (What have we here? Jughead doing Writer’s Strike stuff.) The editor promises to pay the author $2 for each story that they’ve used (and that is 8 storieso far folks).Jughead and the author share a meal at Pop’s. Jughead is asked where his father is. Now we learn that FP has fled Riverdale because of a robbery charge. (Guess Kline isn’t much of a sheriff?) The author agrees to read Jughead’s work. After he finishes a story, Jughead drops it off and is offered tea. Seeing a box, Jughead gets nosy, opens the box, and finds a story. He slips the story into his backpack and later reads it. Jughead returns it to the author and urges the author to get it published. Jughead offers to help. Instead, he flees when the author gets mad, calls him a thief (which he is), and throws something at him. (Is this supposed to be Jughead’s grandfather?

Shortly thereafter, Jughead’s comic is out and Dilton loved it. Yeah, Dilton is smart. A teacher finds it in Dilton’s possession. Of course, it is taken to the principal who thinks it is just more of the same until the teacher points to the author, Jughead Jones.

The Archie Problem
Frank has a talk with Archie about Mary’s concern. Archie’s grades are slipping and so Frank goes for the jugular and takes Archie’s car. Frank thinks this is happening because of Fred’s death. Low blow Frank because you know Archie promised to take care of his mom. Archie goes and apologizes to Mary and starts to get ready for bed. Little does he know he’s doing a peep show because Betty is watching everything.

Archie promises to do better with his schoolwork to the principal. The principal wants a word with Frank in private (this can’t be good). Frank has been asked to become the basketball coach and guess who the star player is: Julian Blossom. He adds new meaning to the word jock. Frank decides Archie needs to get involved in basketball, but Archie doesn’t want to play. Frank makes him water boy. Julian, as soon as he finds out, decides to make Archie’s life miserable.

Frank decides to teach Archie “responsibility.” In addition to school and basketball, Frank gets Archie a job at the service station next to Pop’s. Julian shows up and makes fun of Archie as a grease monkey. Pop Tate sees Julian’s behavior and brings Archie some coffee. Pop tells Archie that he use to go to the games and watch Fred play. Fred was a star!

One day, Archie almost throws some baskets but something stops him. Later, in the Lounge, Julian makes fun of Fred. Julian’s goal is to break Fred’s records (and rub Archie’s nose in it). This leads to a fight and Mary is called. Frank tries to stop Mary from going in the office but Mary tells Frank that she’s Archie’s mother and will handle it.

Mary talks to Archie and learns why Archie refuses to play. She thought it must have something to do with Frank but Archie confesses that it isn’t Frank. To Archie, basketball was something he did with his dad. He’s afraid that if he picks up a ball and starts to play, he’ll look for Fred because he would want Fred there. Archie is afraid of tarnishing Fred’s reputation. Mary tells Archie that Fred would be proud. It would make Fred happy and make Mary happy for him to join the team.

Archie shows up for practice ready to play. Julian denies him the opportunity because he doesn’t think that Archie can make a basket. Archie gets the ball and sinks a shot from what looked to be our three-point line. Guess who’s on the team.

Sexuality at Riverdale High
Both Betty and Cheryl are having trouble understanding their sexuality (as they call it). Betty turns to Veronica who admits she never has “gone all the way.” Betty wants to know Ronnie’s secret about looking/acting sexy and Ronnie gives Betty her trade secret: lingerie. After school, she also gives Betty a black, sexy lingerie piece and tells her to wear it and say: “I look gorgeous.” 

Ronnie isn’t happy when she finds out Betty just couldn’t wear the lingerie. Betty feels nervous and Ronnie asks her if there is anyone special at school Betty likes. Of course, it’s Archie (which doesn’t surprise Ronnie). Ronnie has invited Archie to meet her in the lounge and then sends Betty to the meeting instead. Betty asks Archie for a movie date, but he can’t as Frank has decided to run his life. They’ll do it in a few weeks. Betty cries to Ronnie who moves on to step two. They need to date men (not high school boys).

Ronnie finds dates for her and Betty. These older men are flirty and make suggestions but for Betty, it does no good. She can see Archie at work next door. Ronnie realizes that this didn’t work. Betty admits she watches Archie from her bedroom window undress. Ronnie wants to watch too so they both wait and watch for Archie to get home the next night. Something goes wrong as Archie sees them and confronts them the next day.

Archie and Betty talk. They agree that they like each other and can communicate (yeah sure) and watch each other from their bedroom windows. They agree to meet at the window (wait didn’t they do this before – must rewatch season one). That night they “meet” and each nod to undress. (It’s the old “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours game). As they get to the final piece of clothing, Betty is interrupted as her bedroom light comes on and her parents enter. Seems like someone called and Archie’s light comes on but we get the most reaction on Betty’s side.

As if sexuality between these two isn’t enough, Cheryl is facing her own sexual feelings. She returns Toni’s book to her, and Toni wants to know what Cheryl thought about it. Cheryl replies she loved the cover and Toni says they need to talk more at the Dark Room.

As the Vixen cheerleaders start practice, Toni comes in. She has decided to try out. Midge seems to be okay with this but Evelyn Evernever doesn’t want Toni on the team. Cheryl reminds Evelyn that she’s in charge and gives Toni the chance to audition. Toni’s audition is amazing but for Cheryl, it takes her to another place (a world of her own). She gives Toni a spot which Evelyn doesn’t like (look your cult doesn’t exist. Leave Cheryl and Toni alone.) 

In the locker room after practice, Evelyn tells Cheryl she doesn’t want a girl like Toni on the squad. Evelyn says all know that Toni is a lesbian, but Cheryl won’t hear that word. Cheryl calls Evelyn intolerant and has no proof. Meanwhile, Toni and Midge talk about Toni joining the squad. I get the impression Midge knows and doesn’t hold it against Toni. In fact, Toni uses the term Latino instead.

Evelyn just won’t let it drop. She decides to have a look at Toni’s gym locker and finds the book. Toni finds Evelyn looking at her things, but Evelyn won’t back down. Evelyn talks about Toni liking girls to girls (preaching Evelyn?) but hasn’t learned not to mess with Toni. Toni tells her to leave her alone and watch out.

Toni tells Cheryl that Evelyn is going to be a problem. She talking to everyone, and Cheryl isn’t helping. Cheryl admits to trying to protect Toni, but Toni asks why. Toni’s not ashamed and this causes Cheryl to apologize. Toni is mad and starts to leave but Cheryl stops her. Cheryl admits that she’s attracted to girls, especially Toni. Things are changing in Riverdale.

Later Toni and Cheryl meet to talk more. Cheryl tells Toni that an incident happened when she was 10. Her mother had found Cheryl with Aunt Carol. Aunt Carol left and Penelope and Carol had a falling out over sex. Since then, Cheryl knew she was different. For Toni, she realized it early and her parents found out. They kicked her out of her home, but her grandmother took her in. Her grandmother knows and doesn’t seem to mind. Toni hated the thought of going through it alone but wanted to be her own person. Cheryl knows she is no longer alone.

At cheer squad, Cheryl makes an announcement. There’s a new “flyer” on the team – Toni. This upsets Evelyn as she has always been the flyer (I could make a joke about Evel Knievel but won’t.) Cheryl gives Evelyn a choice. The choice is to accept the change or quit. Evelyn accepts the change, but I doubt it’s over. Later, in the bathroom, Toni and Cheryl share a kiss (and is this bending toward justice I ask).

Next Week: We have Riverdale’s version of American Bandstand showing up. This was a standard show for teens in the 1960s and 1970s with Dick Clark counting down the week’s top ten, musical acts, and dancing. Betty shocks everyone when she shows up. In fact, Alice tries to cut the camera. Oh, we are revisiting Hair Spray and American Bandstand. Betty must have shown up in a sexy outfit with a sexy dance.


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