This Week In True Crime TV: 04/02/2023-04/08/2023

Post by: AYS Staff 02 April, 2023

Here is a rundown of all the new true crime television premiering this week:

Evil Lives Here (Investigation Discovery)

In the episode entitled "Ménage à Terror," Genie already knows Lee Cawthon is capable of horrible things when he forces her into a polygamous relationship. She plays along with his twisted demands but doesn't realize that the consequences of letting him have his way might be worse.

Snapped (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Lisa Bolderidge," when a father is found shot to death in his country home, the family immediately accuses the victim's on-again/off-again ex-spouse. However, evidence soon suggests there might be more players to blame than simply a woman scorned.

Violent Minds: Killers On Tape (Oxygen)
As Dr. Carlisle develops his theory on the development of the violent mind, Bundy escapes from prison and goes on a murderous rampage.

Mean Girl Murders (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Desperate Texas Housewives," bitter accusations unleash after single mom Kelli Underwood moves in with her best friend from high school. Then, Kelli's daughter finds her dead, and investigators begin to uncover secrets and betrayals among the women of a small Texas town.

Killer Cheer (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode "Unpopular Secret," a girl goes missing and police presume her dead. Several locals are in the frame, but the trail goes cold with no body. After an unlikely tip-off, police bring in a suspect -- and the truth of what happened that day stuns everyone.

Murder In The Heartland (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "The Gravel Pit Murders," in Howard City, Michigan, detectives investigate a night of horror that ends with the shooting of beloved couple Robert and Norma Bean in a gravel pit. Local tips provide alarming new clues, revealing the shocking timeline of their final hours.

After The First 48 (A&E)

In the episode entitled "Close To Home," when a Tulsa man is killed by a bullet to the head, detectives discover guns hidden in the garage next door. The neighbors role becomes a question in a case of cousin against cousin.

A Time To Kill (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Fast Food Cold Justice," a late-night break-in at a Pennsylvania chain restaurant leaves assistant manager Terri Brooks brutally slain. And when a another female restaurant employee is murdered in a nearby town, detectives fear there’s a serial killer on the loose.

City Confidential (A&E)
In the episode entitled "Marin County Murders," a brutal double murder shocks Northern California's peace-loving and laid back Marin County. With residents reeling, police chase an elusive killer through three counties and multiple crime scenes to unravel a twisted tale of terror.

The Real Murders Of Atlanta (Oxygen)

In the episode entitled "Crime Of Fashion," when a rising star in Atlanta's fashion scene is murdered, detectives must determine if the shooting is related to a business deal gone bad or if it's a personal vendetta. The team cracks the case and is shocked when it discovers the mastermind.

Accident, Suicide Or Murder (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Friend Or Foe?." two young friends who are prominent in the online deaf community pursue a shared dream in the Northern California wilderness, when the pact turns sour and one of them goes missing, detectives must make sense of their perilous and deadly journey.

Cold Justice (Oxygen)

In the episode entitled "Inside The Episode: A Mother's Last Words," two top-notch female investigators dig into murder cases that have gone for years without answers.


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