Show Guide: 'World's Most Unexplained'

Synopsis: Exploring events that defy rational and scientific explanations. (Courtesy Travel Channel, 2020)

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Season One Episode Guide (Travel)
1-01 Coincidence Or Curse?--10/04/2020
Experts investigate why a Los Angeles hotel has become a magnet for death and if an ominous flight number associated with multiple aviation disasters is cursed.

1-02 Alien Abduction And Reincarnation--10/11/2020
Experts investigate the 1961 alien abduction of Betty and Barney Hill. They explore past life regression and the possibilities of reincarnation.

1-03 Out Of The World--10/18/2020
Experts doubt whether spontaneous human combustion is a real medical phenomenon or an unlikely accident. They then investigate a mass sighting of UFOs in a quiet seaside town in 1977.