This Week In True Crime TV: 01/01/2023-01/07/2023

Post by: AYS Staff 01 January, 2023

Here is a rundown of all the new true crime television premiering this week:

American Monster (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Brothers And Sisters," Cindy Monkman turns heads wherever she goes, but by age 30, she’s looking for something more serious. Michael Apelt, a handsome German businessman, seems to be the answer to her prayers… until their first Christmas together turns into a horror story.

On The Case With Paula Zahn (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Disconnected Story," can police identify the killer of a young mother based on her frantic words in a disconnected 911 call?

Murder In The Wicked West (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Cowboy Conman," when cowboy Rick Godfrey goes missing in the Mojave desert, investigators discover he's seduced and swindled many women. Could one have taken revenge?

Sleeping With Death (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "A Monster In The Night," a mother is shot to death while her daughters sleep in the same room. Baffled investigators wonder if an open door invited an intruder in, or if the killer is someone else she trusted who has been in the house all along.

Surviving R. Kelly Part III: The Final Chapter (Lifetime)
With R. Kelly's trial underway, survivors and their family members bravely recount harrowing stories that paved the way for his arrest.

Customer Wars (A&E)
In the episode entitled "Baseball Brawl," a man accused of cutting in line at a drive-thru has to contend with an angry local. A brawl breaks out at a baseball in Philadelphia when a sports fan is blocked from leaving his row and a CEO in Ariona makes racist remarks to his driver.

Neighborhood Wars (A&E)
In the episode entitled "Misadventures In Babysitting," the constant beeping of a painter's lift drives a Colorado neighbor to threaten to sever the hydrolic cables with a bolt cutter. In Georgia, a neighbor calls the police on a black babysitter and a brawl breaks out on a California beach.

Neighborhood Wars (A&E)
In the episode entitled "Next Door Satanist," a Florida neighborhood meeting is disrupted by a protestor praying to Satan. A backyard gender reveal party in Philadelphia is so surprising it has neighbors running for their lives.

Real PD: Kansas City (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Killer Confusion" on a late summer afternoon, a 30-year-old gay man is shot dead on a busy street. The victim's devastated family believes his new boyfriend may be responsible for the killing, but extraordinarily, no one has ever heard him speak, let alone know his name.

Real Time Crime (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode "Tailgate Terror," surveillance cameras in Toledo, Ohio, capture a drive-by shooting that rips a family apart when a 3-year-old boy dies. Then in Jonesville, Louisiana, a nightclub shooting of a police officer's son leads to a manhunt across state lines.

Dateline: Secrets Uncovered (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Deadly Secret," before the Menendez Brothers, the Bobbitts or even OJ, Pamela Smart was television's first true-crime fascination.

Murder Under The Friday Night Lights (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "A Killer's Bet," a beloved high school football coach vanishes, baffling police. Then, they learn he ran a secret football betting ring among his friends, and a chain of clues leads cops to one of the gamblers who couldn't pay up. 

See No Evil (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "I Will Follow," when a killer executes 19-year-old Abigail Gasca-Chavez in her own home, the only witnesses are her toddler child and neighborhood surveillance cameras. Detectives close in on a suspect, but when he heads for the Mexican border, it's a race against time. 

The First 48 Presents Critical Minutes (A&E)
In the episode entitled "Fatal Friendship," detectives in Atlanta find a woman's body in a trash can. In Louisville, Ky., a domestic dispute turns into a homicide investigation.

Interrogation Raw (A&E)
In the episode entitled "The Demon Inside," a prolific serial killer's confession in the murder of a woman turns out to be a hoax, but decades later, a more likely is ready to talk...under one condition.

A Time To Kill (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Love Is The Drug," for Connecticut detectives, unlocking the mystery of Anna Lisa Raymundo’s murder hinges on identifying a mysterious 911 caller. But it’s ultimately a veteran female detective from a neighboring state whose homicidal sex-play investigation breaks the grisly case wide open.

Accident, Suicide Or Murder (Oxygen)
Exploring the unbelievable true stories of suspicious deaths by retracing the investigation from start to finish.

Floribama Murders (Oxygen)
In the episode entitled "Jackson County Injustice," investigators from three separate counties along the Floribama border team up with the daughter of a missing man to uncover how the fireworks at a Fourth of July celebration ended in murder.


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