Budweiser And FIFA Heading For Conflict Over $144 Million World Cup Sponsorship, Says GlobalData

Post by: AYS Staff

Following the news that Qatar is to ban all alcohol at the World Cup;

Conrad Wiacek, Head of Sport Analysis at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view:

“Qatar’s decision to ban all alcohol around the grounds for the upcoming FIFA World Cup just days before it begins presents an illusion that FIFA is not in control of its own tournament and risks alienating Budweiser—a key sponsor and long-term partner of the governing body.

“Budweiser’s $72 million partnership is due to expire after this World Cup, so the fallout of Qatar’s decision could include tougher negotiations for its contract renewal for 2026, where FIFA would have typically expected to double the current sponsorship fee.

“However, Budweiser will be cautious to burn its bridges with the governing body, as the 2026 US tournament will be highly prized. Going elsewhere would open up opportunity for other alcohol brands in its wake.”

Ramsey Baghdadi, Foodservice Analyst at GlobalData, offers his view:

“The decision to ban alcoholic beverages so close to the World Cup event will cause a series of challenges for brands such as AB InBev, which has sponsored the tournament and created a marketing strategy focused on alcoholic beverages. It will be vital for foodservice providers within the World Cup stadiums, the FIFA fan festival, and licenced venues to ensure they stock up on a variety of non-alcoholic menu items. For AB-InBev, that means its non-alcoholic beer Bud Zero, which will both align closely with cultural influences while still engaging international tourist audiences. 

“A survey by GlobalData found that more than half (62%) of alcohol drinkers globally find low/no alcoholic drinks appealing*, so InBev’s (and other alcohol brands’) ability to continue selling these products within stadium walls is a critical opportunity to engage with consumers.

“Adapting to the new regulations efficiently will lead to companies thriving in a challenging situation, as visitors will gravitate to a variety of affordable, high-quality no-alcoholic menu items.”

*GlobalData’s 2022 Q2 Global Consumer Survey, June 2022, 21,688 Respondents; very/somewhat responses combined

**alcohol drinkers: respondents who drink alcohol when socialising/occasionally/regularly

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