'Big Brother' Final (Maybe) Changes

Post by: Linda Martindale 20 September, 2022

Big Brother! Are you listening? Have you taken any of my suggestions to heart? I doubt it (for a variety of reasons) but I am only going to deal with four issues this time. These issues would be easy to solve if you only apply your mind. And, with time, might save this show. 

Issue One: What about spoilers? This year, Twitter has been alive with spoiler people with some more vicious than others. All claim to have insider information. All claim to want to keep the fans entertained. And yes! But at least one has gone so far as threatening other spoiler people to stop. (Sometimes, these arguments have been more entertaining than the show.)

Regarding spoilers, CBS you need to answer this question. Do they help build your audience? The answer there is yes. Some people read the spoilers (and feeder updates for that matter) and decide to tune in or out. Look, we have too many other options to watch. The issue is how the spoiler person treats the reader. If they make fun of the reader or ask for adulation, they just want a fan base. If they are knowledgeable and treat readers with respect, they are respected. We don’t ask for much! Just the tidbits of competitions and if everyone is okay.

I went to the debunker of spoilers (and spoiler people), N1L3 Cr4n3 (some think it is McRae, others a stan account), and asked him. His reply was simple: 

Spoilers are fine and have been around for as long as I have been in the community. The problem I have is when they have spoilers that can never be proven or disproven. It’s an old medium’s trick.

His statement is so true. How do you know who to believe? Who really has contacts on a set that would be willing to risk their livelihood to help promote the show (RealVegas) or only uses them to make themselves look important? Or who would dangle the odd rumor in front of someone and beg them to ask for more?

Issue Two: What rating demographics does CBS want? Sure the show brings in the 24-40 contestants and manipulates people for showmances and controversies but why? This game started as a game of strategy. This game started to show all types of people at all stages of life. They’ve even tried to help families reunite in the early years. If they think audiences want what we have seen this year, they are sadly mistaken. Even the younger audience couldn’t stand the showmances that were established or the treatment of people which led to controversies of bullying and rage. Maybe you need to monitor Twitter and not Meta and listen in on the discussions found on Twitter.

Issue Three: The theme and sets have been lame lately. Don’t you do market research? If you did, you would know those backstage carnival areas needed to be cleaned up and not look like it was pre-planned and a sideshow. If you wanted a rock festival, then keep the house guests busy!

This crew was lazy. The backstage workers, who should have been working, were a lazy and back-biting crew. It didn’t look like any money went into production or was spent to build an interesting set. Everything appeared to have come from earlier seasons of the show. It was just thrown together with odd bits and pieces. Maybe a futuristic theme would be better or high-end/low-end?

Issue Four: This is a biggie. I was asked to give my opinion on a Twitter discussion on how to improve the show. I’ve thought long and hard about this. My simple suggestion is to take it back to the grassroots of where the idea came from, the book 1984. So, here goes:

Do away with the HoHs, the Have Nots, the Nominees. Instead of the inmates running the house, have someone who is impartial to the cast run the house. Bring in teams of people to work eight-hour shifts (non-production). These people will decide what the house will do (theme, games, etc.). In addition, they will assign chores. If your chores get done, you get a “good” meal. If they don’t, you get demerits and slop. 

Do not let producers become a voice from the sky. Orders will be issued by the unbiased unseen being over house alerts. Games and themes for weeks will be laid out well in advance and no changes will be made during the course of the show to help specific candidates.

If the “boss” sees bad behavior or bullying, the game is stopped instantly. On 24/7 feeds, the houseguests will be called together, and the issue will be announced. The cameras can then go to “be right back” as a court setting is held. The person who has done the most work will become the judge and a jury will be determined. If the situation is bullying, almost criminal (fighting), or if mental problems seem to be developing, the judge and jury can evict immediately. 

The mystery voice using the demerit system determines the two with the highest number of demerits. They will be on the block for eviction.

These suggestions may never be accepted. Granted they are just a quickly drawn-up list. But if a future seasons go like the past few seasons of Big Brother, there may never be another Big Brother season. Ratings are not what they were in the show’s glory days. If gossip is leaked the way it has been leaked, fans who love the show may turn on the show. If money isn’t spent to make sets more stylistic, people will think CBS is cheap no matter the prize money.

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