New Oxygen Series 'Black Widow Murders' Highlights Women Who Kill

Post by: AYS Staff 14 September, 2022

There is something weirdly sexy about women are both alluring and dangerous. That might be one of the reasons why Oxygen is set to premiere a new true crime centering on this evil women, entitled Black Widow Murders.

The series premieres on Sunday, September 25th and throughout the season, episodes unveil unique stories of women who turn society’s assumptions about the “fairer sex” upside down, spinning webs of deceit to capture their unsuspecting victims. Whether it’s a career con artist, a serial divorcée, or homemaker leading a secret double life, the women sometimes take control in the most violent way imaginable. They don’t stop until investigators finally bring them to justice. 

The new series premieres with the episode "Melissa Friedrich." In the episode, a sweet and charming Canadian woman finds love on the internet and leaves an international trail of lovers falling victim to mysterious illnesses in her wake.

 Black Widow Murders is produced by Catalina Content and Lark Productions.  Jeff Collins and Deborah Allen serve as Executive Producers and Madeline Griffey as Co-Executive Producer for Catalina Content, and Erin Haskett as Executive Producer for Lark Productions. 

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