This Week In True Crime TV: 07/03/2022-07/09/2022

Post by: AYS Staff 02 July, 2022

Here is a rundown of all the new true crime television premiering this week:

Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins (Oxygen)
In the episode "Shattered Dream," an aspiring military officer disappears disappears suspiciously from her Virginia home. Two years later, her husband disappears.

The Real Murders Of Atlanta (Oxygen)
In the episode "Final Judgement," when a prominent Atlanta judge is shot dead in her upscale home, detectives must figure out if the killing was payback from any criminals she has put behind bars, or if someone close to her had a personal score to settle.

On The Case With Paula Zahn (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode "A Needle In The Mud," a young mother vanishes, leaving behind nothing but puzzling clues and disturbing questions. Will a needle in the mud reveal the truth behind her disappearance?

Homicide Hunter: Hot On The Trail (Investigation Discovery)
It's 4th of July, and an out-of-control car has just crashed in the parking lot of a convenience store. Emergency responders discover that the driver, 27-year-old Don Garcia, has been shot dead. After interviewing a rogue's gallery of potential eyewitnesses, Lt. Joe Kenda discovers the victim was fleeing a Fourth of July party after a brawl erupted over some rap lyrics. But when he asks them to identify the killer, many of Kenda's eyewitnesses purposefully try to mislead him. The case slows to a standstill, until Kenda unearths a peculiar clue that sets him hot on the heels of the killer.

Homicide Hunter: Hot On The Trail (Investigation Discovery)
An unhinged man fires gunshots in his neighborhood, sending detectives scrambling to find out why. Then an older man's stabbing death reveals the loss of his life savings, and Lt. Joe Kenda hopes the coroner can help him identify the culprit.

Homicide Hunter: Hot On The Trail (Investigation Discovery)
The shooting death of a loving husband and father confounds authorities. With few helpful witnesses and a lack of clues, the case stalls until the autopsy findings breathe new life into Lt. Joe Kenda's investigation

American Detective With Joe Kenda (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "Goodbye Horses," on Chincoteague Island, a beautiful young mother is murdered steps from a vacant summer home. Detective Danny Plott learns she was lured to her death by a mysterious phone call and soon realizes the killer has been hiding in plain sight.

American Detective With Joe Kenda (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode entitled "What She Saw," a quiet Maryland town is shaken to its core when a local couple is savagely slain in their bedroom. Det. Joe Bellino wonders if the key to unlocking the mystery lies with the victim's disabled daughter, who bore witness to both murders.

Dateline: The Last Day  (Peacock)

Homicide Hunter: Hot On The Trail (Investigation Discovery)
Teens stumble upon the nightmarish sight of a woman in flames. As they race to extinguish the fire, she mumbles about a man stabbing her. Now Det. Kenda must find that man. Next, the roommates of a strangled student seem blinded to the truth.

Girl In The Picture (Netflix)
In this documentary, a woman found dying by a road leaves behind a son, a man claiming to be her husband — and a mystery that unfolds like a nightmare.

The Murder Tapes (Investigation Discovery/Discovery+)
In the episode "Three Loud Booms," a young man is shot dead in his own garage in Maricopa, Arizona in what looks like a planned ambush. Police must look into a romance gone wrong to find his killer, as well as the child that the two may share.Will they reach her in time?

American Detective With Lt. Joe Kenda (Investigation Discovery/Discovery+)
In the episode "Prodigal Son," a hardworking father of five lies dead on his kitchen floor with a bullet to the back of the head. To get to the bottom of the mystery, Det. James Colley must untangle a web of twisted relationships and bizarre fantasies.

Crimes Gone Viral (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode "Where Is He Hiding?," a traffic stop threatens to become deadly for a police officer when a mom goes to extreme lengths to protect her son. Later, a couple’s quiet night at home turns into terror. 


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