This Week In True Crime TV: 06/12/2022-06/18/2022

Post by: AYS Staff 12 June, 2022

Here is a rundown of all the new true crime television premiering this week:

SUNDAY, JUNE 12TH, 2022:
Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins (Oxygen)
In the episode "Shattered Dream," an aspiring military officer disappears disappears suspiciously from her Virginia home. Two years later, her husband disappears.

The Real Murders Of Atlanta (Oxygen)
In the episode "Final Judgement," when a prominent Atlanta judge is shot dead in her upscale home, detectives must figure out if the killing was payback from any criminals she has put behind bars, or if someone close to her had a personal score to settle.

On The Case With Paula Zahn (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode "A Needle In The Mud," a young mother vanishes, leaving behind nothing but puzzling clues and disturbing questions. Will a needle in the mud reveal the truth behind her disappearance?

MONDAY, JUNE 13TH, 2022:
People Magazine Investigates (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode "Mother's Orders," Aa mother’s bond to her daughter is put to the ultimate test when one of them shoots a man dead. 

Fear Thy Neighbor (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode "Blizzard of Blood," a single woman and her two young sons believe they found a perfect new apartment, but their overbearing landlord and neighbor soon turns their idyllic situation into a living hell of arguments and intimidation that ultimately ends in bloodshed. 

Body Cam (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode "The Sting," an information leads undercover FBI officers to a plot to murder lawmakers. A Florida man throws himself into alligator-infested waters to evade arrest, and in Phoenix, fire threatens to consume a driver trapped in a wrecked car. 

I Went Undercover (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode "No Turning Back," a love triangle ends in murder, but when secret tapes emerge, a tale of friendship, love and betrayal engulfs a small town and leaves everyone wondering just what happened, and why. 

Dateline: The Last Day Series Premiere (Peacock)

See No Evil (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode "Final Offer," single mom Laura Ackerson leaves for work one morning and never returns. With no leads, police turn to surveillance cameras to locate her. But the more footage they uncover, the more sinister the case becomes. Can they find Laura before it’s too late?

Web Of Make Believe: Death, Lies, & The Internet (Netflix)

Crimes Gone Viral (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode "I'll Stop Him," a man risks his own life to record a crime in progress and follow the criminals until police arrive. Then, a woman turns her own boyfriend into police when she realizes an innocent man has been charged with a crime he didn’t commit.

Devil In The Web (Investigation Discovery)
In the episode "Dangerous Game," fourteen-year-old Aubrey Peal uses an app to find others interested in gaming. He strikes up an online friendship with a man named Jason, who claims he is suicidal. Concerned, Aubrey agrees to meet Jason, not realizing his evil intentions. 


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