Writer On Netfix's 'Grand Army' Says She Quit Show Due To 'Racist Exploitation And Abuse'

Post by: Rick Ellis 03 September, 2020

A writer who worked on the upcoming Netflix series Grand Army says she and several other writers left the show "due to racist exploitation and abuse."

Ming Peiffer posted the allegations to her Twitter account on Tuesday, along with some follow-up comments. She tweeted the claim in response to a tweet from Netflix promoting the show, using the logline "Together we rise. Together we rage."

Grand Army is set to premiere October 16th on Netflix and this is the way the show is described in press materials:

"Hi! I'm Katie Cappiello, and I’m a theater teacher and the creator of Grand Army. This show is my life’s work. I may not have always known it, but I’ve been making this project for 18 years. This is a culmination of every minute of every day of every year spent with my glorious, funny, messy, complex, righteous, and beautiful students. I’m emotional as I write this from my quarantine hole because, like so many teachers I know, I miss them! Post-production doesn’t compare to long days in black box theaters or on tour buses with young people— learning about their lives, and engaging closely with them and supporting them as they wrestle with who they are, where they want to go, and what they want the world to be. It's a gift when high schoolers let you in, when they welcome you to the shit, and they show you all the realness and rawness. But with it comes big responsibility: you have to HEAR them. I created these characters and this Grand Army world in celebration of teenagers— because they deserve to see themselves, because their experiences are deeply important, because they’re the damn leaders and because these are the moments that will shape their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and so on. Grand Army is a work of fiction, of course, but it’s the countless rich, bold details of non-fiction shared by my students that make it burn with truth and authenticity. This powerful cast— including actors I've taught for years -  breathed fire into these stories, so TV audiences can bear witness, recognize, and revel in the journey of becoming somebody in this wild time. On behalf of the whole team, thank you for watching!"

I've reached out to Netflix for a comment on the allegations, as well as to Ming Peiffer and Katie Cappiello. 

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