Show Guide: 'I Am A Killer-Released'

Synopsis: In this crime docuseries spinoff, a convict is paroled 30 years after being sentenced to death for murder. Then he makes a stunning confession. (Courtesy Netflix, 2020)

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The Episodes:
1-01 30 Years--08/28/2020
Because his sentence is reduced to life, convicted killer Dale Sigler is eligible for parole after 30 years, one of only seven to evade death row.

1-02 Walking Free--08/28/2020
Paroled after a one-year house arrest with his pen-pal surrogate mother, Dale struggles to begin a new life-and makes a bombshell confession.

1-03 A New Motive--08/28/2020
As Dale joins a church and finds a job, his story is met with shock by some and skepticism by others, including the prosecutor who put him in jail.