Review: 'Unidentified With Demi Lovato'

Post by: Rick Ellis 30 September, 2021

If you spend any time around celebrities of a certain level, you become familiar with "the bubble." There is a class of celebrity that travels through society encased in a protective support group of agents, publicists, family members and people who seem to be there mostly just to interact with the star. It's a facsimile of real life that can feel natural and normal if you don't look too closely behind the curtain.

UFOs and experiences with aliens are a staple of cable television and it's not a surprise that the genre has begun attracting a few true believer celebrities who believe they have experienced something mysterious and want to learn more. But I have to admit that as UFO shows go, Unidentified With Demi Lovato is in its own unique bubble boy category.

Lovato apparently has had several experiences with UFOs and those events sparked this show, which follows Lovato, her sister and best friend Matthew Scott Montgomery around the country as they speak to other believers and try and determine what is real and what is not.

But since Lovato isn't just the average UFO enthusiast, the travels take place on a huge luxury bus and her "investigations" take happen at a level mere UFO fans would find as unfamiliar as the inside of a flying saucer. Lovato doesn't just visit Sedona to investigate the vortexes. She has access to a massive private sanctuary and her "social media team" organizes a meditation event with some of the singer's fans. She's given a presentation about the history of UFOs outside in front of this TV screen the size of a freight car while she and her two companions munch on popcorn.

Lovato and the rest of the Scooby squad look into the alien abduction phenomenon (after Lovato has an out-of-body experience) and a possible connection between ETs and ghosts (after Lovato has a near-death experience). It's all harmless fun and it's certainly no less scattershot and unconvincing than any of the other TV shows about UFOs that fill the schedule of the History and Travel Channels.

But the question with these types of shows is not the authenticity of the stories, but whether they are worth watching. And in the case of Unidentified With Demi Lovato, that ultimately hinges on your thoughts about the star.

Lovato seems sincere about her UFO quest and if you are a fan, then this show will probably be a pleasant way to spend a few hours. But I'm not convinced that there is much to see for the average viewer. The stories you will hear will be familiar to anyone who has even briefly examined the UFO phenomenon and Lovato's charisma doesn't extend to listening to them (Lovato came out as nonbinary in May) try and explain what they had experienced.

The most honest answer I can give about Unidentified With Demi Lovato is that if you're a fan, go watch the series. But if you're not, it's likely to be a pleasant but not especially engrossing ride through the desert looking for E.T.

Unidentified With Demi Lovato premiered Thursday, September 30th on Peacock.

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