Pluto TV Deal With Alliance/Distribution Solutions Adds 450 Hours Of Content To Streaming Service

Post by: Rick Ellis 21 September, 2021

The Viacom/CBS advertising-supported streaming service Pluto TV has partnered with Distribution Solutions in a deal that will add more than 450 hours of content to service later this year.

Distribution Solutions, a division of Alliance Entertainment, is the largest aggregator and downstream distributor of independent film labels in North America. The content will come from the company's label partners and includes a wide range of genres and titles, including family favorites (The Cat in the Hat, Benji), cult classics (Gone in 60 Seconds (1974), the Andy Sidaris films and Gumby), true crime (Becoming Evil docuseries), and recent indie horror hits (Hostile, Open 24 Hours).

"We are excited to partner with Pluto TV," stated Ben Means, President of Distribution Solutions in a statement announcing the deal. "Through this partnership, premium independent content from our label partners will be available to their impressive audience of 52 million monthly active users."

"We are thrilled to welcome Alliance Entertainment and its expansive collection of top-quality content to the world of Pluto TV," said Will Gurman, VP Global Content Partnerships for Pluto TV. "With this partnership, we look forward to bringing our viewers an even wider array of genres and programming to lean back and enjoy, ranging from reality to history, kids content, and more -- all for free."

Pluto TV is available on mobile, desktop, smart TVs, and more.

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