'Big Brother 23' Recap: The Final Four HoH -- 09/17/2021

Post by: Linda Martindale 17 September, 2021

Big Brother delivered an exciting season 23. The houseguests were smart, savvy, and came to play. Let me say to the Big Brother production team, kudos to the casting director. You did an excellent job of finding people who wanted to play and not get a career from the show. To the Big Brother executives who thought up teams, I have one question: Why? 

While the concept has been used before, this time, it hid the tree amid the forest. The Cookout succeeded because the houseguests had their heads so buried in team alliances that they kept playing teams after they ended. If there is one thing that caused the Cookout to be successful, it was that the team concept was lodged too much in Claire’s, Sarah Beth’s, and Alyssa’s thoughts. While good for the Cookout, it was bad for the others. With Xavier, Kyland, Derek, and Azah to fight it out now, it comes down to which one wants it the most. 

HoH Game Begins
With the exit of Hannah and Tiffany, Azah is left on her own. She must beat three men to make it to the final. While Azah has been in a big alliance, she’s been playing an invisible game. Will that help her or hurt her? Derek, on the other hand, just can’t win a competition while Xavier and Kyland have consistent wins. Of those two, Kyland is disadvantaged because he over-thinks and over-speaks every question asked and statement made. 

After the recap and the sad reminder of Tiff’s and Hannah’s eviction, we get what happened afterward. Diary Rooms are interested. While Derek is happy that he got to stay, he knows that Xavier and Kyland are only loyal to each other. Xavier tells us that he hated to see Hannah go, but it was the best for his position in the house. Kyland is Kyland, and the only thing I get from him is that doubles are notorious and whatever. Azah wanted Hannah to stay, and Kyland should have told her he planned to use the veto. She feels like she’s been played.

Before her exit, Hannah could see the writing on the wall. When Derek was put up beside her, and the commercial happened, she talked to Kyland and Xavier and asked for their vote. She reminds them they had said they wanted to go with a strong player, and she meets that bill. Xavier told Kyland that Azah didn’t want it used, but Kyland, as always, goes his own way and ticks off people (Azah and Derek). Xavier does tell us in Diary Room that from now on, his every step must be calculated and perfect. Even after the eviction, when Xavier and Kyland talk, Kyland wants only them to control everything. Later Derek tells Xavier that he’s upset about the nominations and that neither Xavier nor Kyland spoke to him. Xavier says Kyland’s using the Power of Veto raised a flag with Derek, which isn’t good.

HoH Competition
The HoH will be based on CSI: Vegas (which I haven’t watched in years). Please don’t ask me which actress was on the screen because I missed her name. They will have five clues they must find which are hidden on the wall in a “museum”. They must use a special light to find the clues. Once they find a clue, they must match it to the correct graphic cards on the clue wall. They must be careful because there are multiple suspect cards to choose from. After they find all clues, they must ring in and see if they are correct. If not, they must go back and recheck the clues. 

Derek is first, followed by Xavier and Kyland. Kyland has problems finding the last clue. With a time of 10:18, Xavier is the new Head of Household. 

In Diary Room, Xavier doesn’t look happy. Derek feels like he has lost. He likes to be a leader but hasn’t been one this season. Xavier walks through an empty bedroom saying, “We needed to beat Kyland.” Kyland, meanwhile, really wanted this one. Surprisingly, Derek goes to comfort Kyland. Meanwhile, Derek realizes it all comes down to the Power of Veto.

Xavier visits Azah and tells her she is going up. Azah asks Xavier about a final two, and he lies but does say maybe to Derek. Of course, he’s lying. 

Azah doesn’t know how she feels about Kyland and Xavier. She knows that she and Derek will be separated by the end of the week. Xavier’s noms will determine if she feels played. With the talk with Derek, Xavier asks for trust. From now, I’ll only put things of interest up in the one-on-ones because they are usually edged with lies. Xavier knows that Derek could hurt his injury. Derek tells us that it hurts to think of sending home Kyland. Derek puts it simply: someone has to go. 

It’s time for nominations. Xavier’s choices are Azah and Kyland, which surprises all. Azah is up because she’s never been nominated. Kyland was nominated for his wins. The real power, though lies in the POV Azah is shocked that hitting the block could put her against Derek. Derek realizes that his game is still in danger. The veto is life and death. Xavier knows this is what determines who makes it to the final three. Xavier says that Kyland needs to go this week, and it’s the chance to do it. Kyland tells us that game relies on winning PoV. And I zoned out during his long-winded speech. 

Who will win? I will be unable to cover the PoV, which is Wednesday at ten. Special time, so be sure and watch.


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