Deluxe & CineSend Partner For Electronic Delivery Of Content To Cinemas In Canada

Post by: AYS Staff 08 July, 2021
Deluxe, a global provider of solutions to the world’s leading content production studios and distributors, has announced a strategic partnership with CineSend, an innovative media technology company, for electronic delivery of content to cinemas in Canada. The partnership joins CineSend’s existing network with Deluxe’s electronic delivery platform to create a single fulfilment solution.
CineSend currently operates the leading e-delivery network to cinemas in Canada. “CineSend is a natural partner for Deluxe, whose goal is to offer a compelling solution for studios and distributors with global scale. It’s a great decision to collaborate and leverage the power of a single technology platform across North America,” said George Eyles, Deluxe EVP and GM of Worldwide Cinema. “We are excited to unlock instant scale in the Canadian market that will immediately benefit our exhibitor and distributor partners.”
Deluxe will be installing its proven Gofilex software onto CineSend’s CSX hardware, which is already widely deployed in cinemas across Canada. Eric Rosset, VP of Business Development at CineSend, welcomed the announcement stating, “We’re delighted to partner with Deluxe. Plugging our solution into a worldwide network makes perfect sense. The real winners are Hollywood studio clients whose distribution strategies are global in nature.” CineSend will continue to provide its distribution services to film festivals, airlines, and diverse businesses with secure video streaming needs. Deluxe and CineSend will be working with the market to integrate the electronic delivery solution in Canada in the coming months.

SOURCE: Deluxe
Last modified on Sunday, 11 July 2021 01:10