'Quiet On Set' - Some Backstory

Investigation Discovery has just released the four-part documentary Quiet On The Set, which examines teen television producer Dan Schneider's long-running stint at Nickelodeon.

I've written a lot about Dan Schneider since his exit from the cable network and reading the pieces helps provide some background to help understand some of the issues and allegations facing him.

I've collected links to some of the reporting here and I think reading them will help provide some context for the documentary.

March 28th, 2018: Dan Schneider's Exit From Nickelodeon Leaves Many Answered Questions

April 2nd, 2018Former Viacom Exec: 'I Never Saw Any Evidence' Of Sexual Misconduct With Dan Schneider

April 28th, 2018: #PizzaGate, Hollywood And The Great #Pedogate Conspiracy

September 22nd, 2018: Guest Column-This Is Me Screaming

May 20th, 2020: What Happened To Dan Schneider?

May 23rd, 2021: The iCarly Reboot And The Ticking Time Bomb That Is Dan Schneider

July 4th, 2021: The NY Times And Its Whitewash Of Dan Schneider