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  • Written by Rick Ellis

Verizon's Streaming Service Go90 May Soon Be Dead

It takes a lot of ambition to try and launch a stand-alone mobile streaming service, even if you do have the resources of Verizon. And while Go90 has put together an impressive mix of content - from live sports to original shows - it's struggled to find an audience or generate any steady revenue stream.

Rumors have been rampant in the industry that the future of Go90 might be cloudy, especially after the service laid off at least 155 people from its San Jose headquarters in January, 2017. Now it appears the fledgling service might find itself split into pieces and dismantled by Verizon in the near future.

Oath is Verizon's content division and Oath CEO Tim Armstrong said on Tuesday that it's likely Go90 will be disappearing this year. Speaking at the Code Media conference stage in Huntington Beach, Calif., Armstrong said the plan is to fold Go90 back into Oath and start redistributing the content on Go90 to Oath’s other properties. "There’s a bunch of stuff that should be in the Huffington Post, a bunch of stuff that should be in Yahoo Sports, a bunch of stuff that should be in Yahoo Finance," he said. "So you’ll see basically the power of Go90 and those partnerships start to get distributed at scale."

Armstrong was asked if the Go90 platform and brand would remain active and his answer wasn't promising for fans of the service. "The brand will remain — I don’t know how long for," Armstrong explained. "For now it’s remaining."