Study: 78% Of Family Households Subscribe To At Least One SVOD Service

A new study shows that while the use of SVOD services such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are popular with television audiences in general, they are wildly popular in households that include children.

More than 500 U.S. families with kids ages two to nine were surveyed for a new study entitled "SVOD and Media Apps for Families: A New Day for Watch and Play!." According to the report, while 40% of U.S. households subscribe to some sort of subscription video on demand service, 78% of households with kids questioned subscribe to at least one service.

One of the surprising facts in the study is that nearly 50% of family households with children subscribe to more than one service, with 13% also subscribing to one of the new child-oriented mobile video services such as Noggin or Sesame Workshop.

The households that do subscribe to one of the kid-friendly mobile services say they are most interested in the interactive features in the service, which they believe engage their children more than "watch only" services such as Netflix. But nearly all of the families only subscribe to the kid-friendly offering after subscribing to at least one general interest SVOD service.

But while the usage of SVOD services is rising, viewers are spending tons of money on the content. 42% of parents spend just $5 to $10 each month on SVOD, 30% spend $10 to $20, and only 15% spend more than $20.