New On Netflix: 08/20/2014

Here is a rundown of the titles added to the U.S. version of Netflix on Wednesday, August 20th, 2014:

Criminal Minds: Seasons 7-9 (2011-2013)
This intense police procedural follows a group of extraordinary FBI profilers who spend their days getting into the minds of psychopathic criminals.

From Dusk Till Dawn (2014)
Bank-robbing brothers encounter vengeful lawmen and demons south of the border in this original series based on Robert Rodriguez' cult horror film.
R.L. Stione's Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? (2014)
Max and Cammy's first date -- on Halloween night -- is interrupted by Phears, a specter who plans to take over the world.
Serial Killer Culture (2014)
Thirteen artists and collectors open up about their fascination with serial killers, creating art and searching for murderous artifacts.
The Unknown Known (2013)
Documentarian Errol Morris turns his lens on Donald Rumsfeld, who served as U.S. secretary of defense during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
When I Saw You (2012)
Longing to reunite with his missing father in the wake of the Six-Day War, an 11-year-old Palestinian boy sets out on a life-changing journey.