Expired From Netflix: August 2014

Here is a rundown of the titles that expired on Netflix in August, 2014:


About Sunny (2013)
Las Vegas single mom Angela is working a dead-end job and struggling to make ends meet when she learns of an investment opportunity at work.

Airplane (1980)
In this classic parody of disaster movies, a traumatized former combat pilot is forced to land a passenger plane when food poisoning strikes the crew.

Arctic Blast (2010)
When a total eclipse of the sun shoots an arctic blast onto the ocean, it triggers a surge of icy fog that puts the planet in a dangerous deep freeze.

Attack Of The Crab Monsters (1957)
Killer crustaceans unleash their wrath and their sizeable claws on scientists sent to explore their habitat in this Roger Corman classic.

Barbarian Queen (1985)
When Roman forces invade her village, violate her sister and capture her fiancé, an Amazonian queen vows revenge and sets out to liberate her people.

Beach Balls (1988)
Tired of spending all his time scoping out babes on the beach, a teen risks everything to land a record contract in this surf-and-sand comedy.

Beautiful Boxer (2005)

Bloodfist 2 (1990)

Bloody Birthday (1981)

Bounty Hunters (2011)
Three professional bounty hunters think they've made the big score when they grab a wanted criminal with a $100,000 reward offered for his capture.

Braveheart (1995)
Scottish warrior William Wallace slays a local English lord's soldiers, which leads to an epic revolt.

Breakdown (1997)  

Brother Outsider: Life of Bayard Rustin (2003)  

Christmas Carol: The Movie (2001)  

Clay Pigeons (1998) 

Clockers (1995)
Strike is working his way up in the drug rackets. When a local kingpin tips him off to an opportunity for advancement, a rival dealer is killed.

Cocaine Unwrapped (2011)

Crazy For Christmas (2005)

Crime Zone (1988)
Rebels Bone and Helen agree to pull off a string of robberies for a stranger who promises them escape from their totalitarian city in return.

Days Of Thunder (1990)
Tom Cruise stars as a gifted but unproven stock-car racer whose quick temper and rivalry with another driver threaten to put the brakes on his career.

Deathstalker (1983)

Diggstown (1992)
When two swindlers involve an aging boxer in a plan to dupe a rich Diggstown resident, the fighter first makes the con men earn their stripes.

Dinocroc (2004)

Donnie Brasco (1997)
When FBI agent Joe Pistone goes undercover to infiltrate the mob, he starts to identify with the made men he's charged with taking down.

Easy Rider (1969)
In this counterculture classic, two freewheeling hippies hop on their motorcycles and ride across America, picking up a boozy lawyer along the way.

Fatherhood Dreams (2007)  

Federal Hill (1991)  

Fido (2006)  

Fixer: The Taking of Ajmal Naqshbandi (2009) 

Forbidden World (1982) 

Forty Minutes Of Hell (2012)

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys (2011)
Four gay men and their straight female BFFs open up about their bonds and help each other through events such as divorce and coming out of the closet.

Heartbreakers (2001)  

HellBent (2005)  

Home of the Brave (2006) 

House of the Dead 2: All Guts, No Glory (2006)

Houston, We Have a Problem (2008)  

Idiots and Angels (2008) 

Lady Frankenstein (1971) 

Maximum Overdrive (1986)
When a mysterious comet passes close to Earth, machines everywhere take on murderous minds of their own. But humans won't give up without a fight.

Monty Python And The Meaning Of Life (1983)
The no-holds-barred Pythons explore the various facets of life -- from procreation to the clang of a death knell -- in their usual irreverent fashion.

Munchie (1992)  

Neil Young: Heart of Gold (2006) 

Night of the Cobra Woman (1972) 

Paper Moon (1973) 

Piranha (1978) 

Redemption Road (2010) 

Rid of Me (2011)  

Runaway Bride (1999)
Sparks fly when a newspaper columnist writes a one-sided, sexist story about a commitment-phobic bride who abandoned three men at the altar.

Screwballs II: Loose Screws (1985) 
Raunchy jokes mix with screwball antics as four boarding school pals try to score with women, earning points for each successful seduction.

Seven Minutes in Heaven (2008)  
When a bomb explodes in a Jerusalem bus, Galia's beau loses his life, and she loses her memory of the events following the attack.

She Done Him Wrong (1933) 
A saucy cabaret singer juggles a bevy of men, including a jailed jewel thief, a saloon owner and a Salvation Army captain bent on reforming her. 

Somewhere In Time (1980)
A playwright obsessed with a picture of an early 1900s actress wills himself back in time to find the woman, and the two begin a love affair.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)
Kirk leads his crew on a mission to free kidnapped diplomats and discovers that their captor is a Vulcan who happens to be Spock's half-brother.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)
In the midst of peace negotiations with the Klingons, Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock find themselves accused of murder when a Klingon vessel is attacked.

Stephen King's Thinner (1996)

Stripped To Kill (1987)

Summer Storm (2004)
A young man begins to realize he has more than friendly feelings for his best pal in this coming-of-age tale about two champion crew rowers.

Swimming With Sharks (1994)
Naive Guy lands a job as personal assistant to a repulsive, cutthroat studio exec who turns Guy's daily routine into a pride-swallowing siege.

The Addams Family (1991)
Stepping out of the pages of Charles Addams' cartoons and the 1960s television series, members of the beloved, macabre family take to the big screen.

The Announcement (2012)

The Brotherhood (2001)

The City Of Lost Children (1995)

The Dhamma Brothers (2008)

The Good Son (1993)
In this psychological thriller, young Henry Evans might not be as innocent as he seems. In fact, he could be deadly -- or so says his cousin, Mark.

The Ghost And The Darkness (1996)
While working for a railroad baron in colonial Uganda, engineer John Patterson finds his construction efforts stymied by a series of lion attacks.

The Haunting Of Hell House (1999)

The Haunting Of Julia (1977)

The Hunted (1995)

The Incredible Melting Man (1977)

The Marinovich Project

The Pianist (2002)
Famed Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman struggles to survive the onslaught of Nazi tyranny during World War II in this drama based on his memoirs.

The Rainmaker (1997)
A young attorney and a scrappy paralegal work to help the parents of a terminally ill boy in their suit against an insurance company.

The Theatre Bizarre (2011)

The Three Stooges (2000)
While contemplating a reunion with his former onscreen partners, aging Stooge Moe Howard flashes back on his career with Shemp, Larry and "Curly."

30 For 30: Guru Of Go (2010)
Trace the remarkable story of innovative and gutsy basketball coach Paul Westhead, who brought surprising success to Loyola Marymount University.

30 For 30: June 17th, 1994 (2010)
On a fateful day in 1994, several unconnected incidents from the sports world captured global attention -- including O.J. Simpson's run from the law.

30 For 30: Marion Jones: Press Pause (2010)
Marion Jones's amazing run of Olympic success at the 2000 Games in Sydney provided a standout story, but her fall from grace was equally stunning.

30 For 30: No Crossover: The Trial Of Allen Iverson (2010)
High school basketball player Allen Iverson was destined for stardom until a bowling alley brawl nearly derailed his future and impacted his hometown.

30 For 30: Once Brothers (2010)
Future NBA stars Drazen Petrovic and Vlade Divac were teammates and friends in Yugoslavia. But their country's civil war made them blood enemies.

30 For 30: Silly Little Game (2010)
Discover how a group of stat-crazed geeks formed the first baseball rotisserie league, unaware their game would someday spawn a $4 billion industry.

30 For 30: The Best That Never Was (2010)
Universities nationwide lobbied hard to sign highly touted football prospect Marcus Dupree in 1981, but his vast promise never materialized.

30 For 30: The Dotted Line (2011)
Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock goes behind the scenes to see what it takes to make it in the cutthroat world of sports agents.

30 For 30: The Two Escobars (2010)
This ESPN documentary draws parallels between two renowned Colombians: soccer star Andrés Escobar and international drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

30 For 30: The U (2010)
The University of Miami's football team became a nationwide powerhouse in the 1980s as the coach stirred up controversy by seeking out black players.

30 For 30: Unguarded (2011)
This unflinching documentary chronicles the turbulent life of Chris Herren, an NBA star whose profound drug addiction wrecked his basketball career.

30 For 30: Winning Time: Reggie Miller Vs The New York Knicks (2010)
NBA legend Reggie Miller became an enemy to New York Knicks fans, especially after helping the Pacers win the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals.

To Be Or Not To Be (1983)
When the Nazis invade Warsaw, a Polish acting troupe gets enmeshed in a subterfuge to prevent the Germans from finding a list of underground fighters.

Top Secret! (1984)
Scheduled to perform in East Germany, an American pop idol is caught in international intrigue in this zany spy spoof from the creators of Airplane!.

Touching Home (2008)

Tremors 2: Aftershocks (1995)

26 Years: The Dewey Bozella Story (2012)

Unstable Fables: Three Pigs And A Baby (2008)

Valkyrie (2008)
After being wounded in World War II, a disillusioned Nazi colonel hatches a daring plan to create a shadow government and assassinate Adolf Hitler.

Wake Up (2010)
Filmed over the course of three years, this documentary follows Jonas Elrod, who woke up one day with the ability to see angels, demons and ghosts.

Waking Ned Devine (1998)
After discovering that lucky local Ned Devine croaked from the shock of winning the national lottery, two men mastermind a scheme to impersonate him.

Zack And Miri Make A Porno (2008)
Zack and Miri make and star in an adult film to bring in easy money. But their unspoken feelings for each other might threaten the whole enterprise.



Outside The Law (2010)
Left without a home in their native land, three Algerian brothers split from their mother and seek separate lives. But fate brings them back together.

Skin (2008)
A dark-skinned girl born in the apartheid era to white Afrikaners struggles to find a sense of identity as she's rejected blacks and whites alike.

The Final Countdown (1980)
What if a 1980s American aircraft carrier (with its modern firepower) time-warped back to Pacific waters near Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941?

The Wheels On The Bus (2003)
Mango and Papaya have lots of fun as they visit a clown's birthday party, a bird show and an aquarium. They also travel through an enchanted forest.



Harland Williams: A Force Of Nature (2013)
Harland Williams brings his experimental stand-up comedy to the Mojave Desert in broad daylight, with no one to laugh at him but Mother Nature.

Hobo With A Shotgun (2011)
A bum rolls into town hoping to start over, only to find his adopted city saturated in violence and ruled by a vicious crime lord known as the Drake.

Note To Self (2012)
Curtis King, a handsome and popular student athlete, may know his way around the court, but his heart still needs a game plan.


The World Without Us (2008)
This provocative documentary probes what would happen if the United States were to suddenly remove itself from the world stage.

30 For 30: The Price Of Gold (2012)
"The Price of Gold" examines figure skater Tonya Harding's involvement with the attack on competitor Nancy Kerrigan prior to the 1994 Winter Olympics.



A Fork In The Road (2009)
Wrongly accused of a crime, Will Carson seizes his chance to escape when the cop car he's riding in spits him out at a fork in the road.

Bathory (2008)
While her husband is off battling the Turks, 16th-century countess Erzsébet Bathory fights to protect her family and her land.

Mia And The Migoo (2008)
Mia journeys through the jungle to rescue her father. There, she encounters fantastic beings who protect a tree that safeguards all life on Earth.

The Lesser Blessed (2012)
Larry, a First Nation teen with a painful past, deals with alienation and racial tension at his high school in an isolated rural town.

1313: Night Of The Widow (2012)
At the reading of a recently deceased friend's will, a group of twentysomethings encounters a crazy villain bent on killing them all.

Smitty (2012)
A dog named Smitty helps a 13-year-old city boy learn some important life lessons after he's sent to his grandfather's farm in Iowa for the summer.

Spring 1941 (2008)
When the Nazis invade Poland, a doctor and his family take refuge with a grocer, but her feelings for the physician are stronger than she can control.



A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (1989)
When young Karen finds herself magically whisked into medieval England and put under arrest, she must use her wits to escape her captors.

Arjun: The Warrior Prince (2011)
This animated retelling of the classic Indian tale of Prince Arjun -- part of the Sanskrit epic Mahabharat -- begins during the prince's youth.

Elvis: Summer Of '56 (2011)
This documentary contains never-before-seen home movie footage, which captures a rare glimpse of the 21-year-old Elvis Presley on his rise to fame.

Headhunter (2005)
An ambitious young go-getter accepts the advances of his sexy employer, only to learn that his real job is to find a missing head or lose his own!

John Wooden: Values, Victory And Piece Of Mind (2002)
UCLA basketball coach John Wooden shares his practical, values-based secrets -- such as initiative, poise and confidence -- to achieving success.



Choose (2010)
Grad student Fiona teams with her detective father to find a ghastly killer who forces his victims to choose between two gruesome fates.

Courage (2009)
Marooned on an island in the middle of a raging river -- a combative family is forced to begin cooperating in order to survive their predicament.

Dream Home (2010)
With a mix of cold-hearted determination and homicidal tendencies, Cheung will do anything it takes to own her perfect little dream home -- anything.

MST3K: Gamera (1991)
An atomic explosion unleashes the destructive giant turtle Gamera from its tomb, providing the snarky MST3K gang with endless comic fodder.

MST3K: Pod People (1991)
Joel and his robot pals wisecrack their way through Pod People, a sci-fi turkey about a potato-shaped alien and a tone-deaf music trio.

MST3K: Soultaker (1999)
The MST3K gang pokes fun at a horror feature about a mysterious soul-taker that's come to claim the spirits of four comatose teens.

MST3K: The Final Sacrifice (1998)
A space-bound man and his robot pals have fun ripping into a low-budget Canadian thriller about an ancient cult and the idiots who thwart it.

MST3K: Touch Of Satan (1998)
The "MST3K" boys take on the horror flick The Touch of Satan, about a lost traveler who falls for a girl with a mean pitchfork.


A Matter Of Taste (2010)
Sally Rowe's documentary serves up a rare glimpse into the heated world of haute cuisine, following the career of controversial chef Paul Liebrandt.

Fixation (2012)
This documentary examines fixed gear cycling, in which riders must use great concentration and daring to maneuver bikes with one gear and no brakes.

How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster? (2010)
The wide-ranging and inspiring career of prominent English architect Norman Foster is profiled in this intriguing documentary.

Patagonia Rising (2011)
This documentary investigates a controversial plan to build five large hydroelectric dams in Patagonia, leaving a lasting impact on the region.

The Beat Hotel (2012)
Return to 1957 Paris, where a rundown hotel attracted American Beat expats such as Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Gregory Corso and Brion Gysin.

When The Drum Is Beating (2011)
This documentary explores the exceptional six-decade career of Haiti's most beloved musical act and national treasure, Septentrional.



AFV: Best In Boneheads (2001)
A fool tossing apples at a hornet's nest and a man getting wedged in a dollhouse are among the knuckleheads in this collection of comical clips.

Omagh (2004)
After the 1998 IRA bombing that killed 29 in Omagh, Northern Ireland, the bereaved father of a victim battles for an explanation of what happened.

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)
A team of journalists are sent to find out who's behind a classified ad seeking a companion for time travel, then must decide how to approach him.

A Wednesday (2008)
After receiving an anonymous tip about a bomb, a police commissioner must negotiate with the terrorist, who demands the release of four militants.

Ca$h (2008)
A small-time con artist gets a shot at the heist of a lifetime when he teams up with one of Monte Carlo's most cunning criminals.

Fashion (2008)
A small-town girl finally realizes her dream of becoming a famous supermodel but soon finds there's a price for her glamorous new life.

Khosa Ka Ghosla (2006)
A cranky control freak must rely on his comically dysfunctional family to pull off a scam on a greedy land shark who's stolen his prized property.

Life In A...Metro (2007)
A group of Mumbai up-and-comers search for love and struggle for success in this ensemble drama that centers on an eager young call-center executive.

Like Water (2011)
This insightful documentary brings viewers up close and personal with Ultimate Fighting Championship title holder Anderson Silva, aka The Spider.

Master Qi And The Monkey King (2010)
Known for her featured role in Chinese operas, Qi Shu Fang has traveled the world to show off her mastery of the art form.

No One Killed Jessica (2011)
This thriller tells the true story of model Jessica Lall -- who was shot dead in a restaurant -- and the campaign to bring her killer to justice.

Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! (2008)
Starting as a petty thief, a man rises to become one of the city's biggest operators and carves out the kind of lifestyle he'd once only dreamed of.

Peepli Live (2010)
Two indigent farmers consider suicide so that their families can collect a government subsidy that's paid to the relatives of deceased farmers.

The Corridor (2010)
Five buddies battle the pre-midlife-crisis blues with a bonding weekend in the woods, where they discover a ghostly corridor traversing the forest.



Agora (2009)  

A Moment To Remember (2004)

Believe (2007) 

Be My Baby (2006) 

Colin Quinn: Long Story Short (2011) 

Down And Derby (2005)
A small-town Pinewood Derby competition transforms average dads into desperate competitors who live out their triumphal fantasies through their kids.

Downfall (2004)
This portrayal of Adolf Hitler's final days is based on the memoirs of Traudl Junge, the young secretary who was with him until his death.

Everyman's War (2009)

HottieBoombaLottie (2008)

Howling (2012)

In Need Of Romance (2011)
As a hotel concierge manager tries to sort out her relationship with her ex, events take an unforeseen turn when the hotel's heir enters the picture.

Killer Girl K (2011)
After the tragic murder of her mother, a young woman plots revenge by joining a crime organization and training to become a professional killer.

Les Miserables (2011)
This adaption of Victor Hugo's novel stars Gerard Depardieu as Jean Valjean, a man who finds redemption while eluding the pitiless Inspector Javert.

Looking For Lenny (2011)

Love Surreal (2005)

McLeod's Daughters (2001-2008)
Two long-lost sisters reunite and hire a group of tough, hardworking women to bring their late father's financially troubled farm back to life.

Memento (2000)
Suffering short-term memory loss after a head injury, Leonard Shelby embarks on a grim quest to find the lowlife who murdered his wife.

My Tutor Friend 2 (2007)

95 Miles to Go (2004)

Of Dolls And Murder (2012)

Once Upon A Time In High School (2004)

Overcome (2008)

Rowdy Rathore (2012)
A con man uncovers a deadly secret and must save his lady love, the little girl who insists she's his daughter and the small-town locals from the mob.

Snowbeast (2011)
A wildlife researcher, his teenage daughter and a local Mountie will have to draw on all their resources if they hope to defeat a bloodthirsty beast.

Spirit Of Jeen Keen Do

Stander (2003)

Stark Raving Mad (2002)
A hustler hatches a scheme to pay off his dead brother's debt to a vengeful crime boss by stealing a priceless statue stored in a bank vault.

Stevie (2008)

The Book and the Rose (2001)

The Boondock Saints (1999)
Sensing a God-given mission to cleanse the earth of all evil, twin brothers Conner and Murphy set out to rid Boston of crime.



Aisha Tyler Is Lit: Live At The Fillmore (2008)
Brainy comedian, actress and writer Aisha Tyler lights up the Fillmore Auditorium in this nonstop laugh riot, filmed in her native San Francisco.

Alex Reymundo: Red-Nexican (2009)
Funnyman Alex Reymundo has one of the most unique perspectives on the comedy circuit. And he isn't afraid to poke fun at his all-American upbringing.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (2010)
Vince and Shonda are unable to decide whether their relationship still makes sense, and give therapy a try to see what each of them truly wants.

Chain Letter (2010)
High school pals receive an email chain letter, but laugh it off and delete it. They fight for their lives when the deranged sender hunts them down.

Colin (2011)
Masters of improv Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood perform their outrageous, riotously funny, one-of-a-kind show known as Two Man Group.

Donnell Rawlings: From Ashy To Classy (2010)
Donnell Rawlings takes the stage in New York City and snarks at everything from Adidas and text messaging to Michael Jackson and Barack Obama.

Greg Behrendt: Is That Guy From That Thing (2009)
Greg Behrendt riffs on the nature of a certain level of celebrity, straight from the mouth of an insider who still feels a little outside.

Hermano (2010)
Brothers Daniel and Julio love soccer, but while Julio focuses on providing for their family, Daniel dreams about playing professionally.

Margaret Cho: Beautiful (2009)
Margaret Cho's comedy tour is a show with a message: What makes us beautiful is how we feel about ourselves, not what society dictates we should feel.

Rhyme (2009)
This documentary examines the relationship between prison and hip-hop while telling the stories of convicted rappers like Prodigy and Slick Rick.

Speed-Dating (2010)
Hoping to drum up business for their nightclub and score with the ladies, Too Cool and his buddies decide to host a speed-dating event at the club.

Steve Byrne: The Byrne Identity (2010)
Comedian Steve Byrne delivers a stand-up routine in which he explores how race, music and sex influence our identities and ideas of being American.

The Adventures Of Fish 'N' Chips (2013)
Fish 'n' Chips are sworn enemies in a never-ending chase over land and sea, as frisky feline Chips is in constant pursuit of young, seafaring Fish.

The Dinosaur Project (2012)
When their helicopter is brought down by a flock of giant birds, a team of explorers find themselves among strange creatures long thought extinct.

The Killing Jar (2010)
One night in a diner, seven people listen to a radio report of the slaughter of a nearby family. When a shifty man enters, he's immediately a suspect.

The Reef (2010)
When their yacht capsizes, five friends realize the ship is sinking. But swimming to safety with a great white shark nearby is even more treacherous.

The Stick Up Kids (2008)
Santos heads a small but tight crew in his Harlem neighborhood. The friends, known as "The Stick Up Kids," believe they can outrun any trouble.

Wild Cherry (2009)
When a virginal high school beauty plots revenge when she finds out that her boyfriend is only dating her to add her name to a "Bang Book."



High Tech, Low Life (2012)

Miss Gulag (2007)

My Best Day (2012)

Off And Running (2009)

Riki-Oh: The Story Of Ricky (1971)
When his druggie girlfriend commits suicide, Riki-Oh offs her dealer and finds himself in a prison where the accused have no rights and little hope.

The Cup (2011)
When his brother suffers a fatal fall seven days before Australia's prestigious Melbourne Cup, a young jockey gives everything he has to make history.

Dumbstruck (2010)
This wacky documentary shows stage ventriloquism is not obsolete as it follows five performers to their annual gathering in Kentucky.

Escape From Suburbia (2007)

This Is Martin Bonner (2013)

Wishmaster 2 (1999)

Wishmaster 3: Beyond The Gates Of Hell (2001)

Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled (2002)



Art Is....The Permanent Revolution (2012)
Three contemporary graphic artists reveal how art has been used to promulgate social progress throughout history and its role in such change today.

Blank City (2010)
This documentary retraces the birth of the underground film movement in New York in the early 1980s, spurred by artists like John Waters.

Elevator (2011)
Nine people are stuck on an elevator; one has a ticking bomb, and the other eight -- all Wall Street partygoers -- must think of a way to survive.

Escape (2012)
While grieving the tragic loss of his baby's life, a doctor vacationing in the islands of Southeast Asia is kidnapped by human traffickers.

House Of Pleasures (2011)
This drama revolves around the working girls who ply their trade at an upscale Parisian bordello at the beginning of the 20th century.

Inventing Our Life: The Kibbutz Experiment (2010)
This documentary explores the past success of Israel's kibbutz movement, its decline in recent years and possibilities for reviving the experiment.

Never Stand Still: Dancing At Jacob's Pillow (2011)
Legendary dancers and choreographers appear alongside new innovators to reveal the passion, discipline and daring of the world of dance.

The Callers (2012)
Pennsylvania auctions move mounds of merchandise in this documentary that reveals our complex relationship with "stuff," from consuming to hoarding.

The Little Death (2010)
In the 1910s, a social reformer seeks to free a young woman from a brothel, while a nervous client discovers that his passions run horrifyingly deep.

Voices Of The Andes (2009)
This poetic documentary examines the history and lasting impact of the Great Inca Road, an amazing feat of engineering spanning more than 8,000 miles.

Wreckage (2010)
Four teenagers take refuge at a junkyard when their car breaks down -- but an escaped prison convict is on the loose, and the friends begin to vanish.



The Defenders (2010)
Flashy Las Vegas law partners Kaczmarek and Morelli are opposites, except in the courtroom, where they rely on razzle-dazzle to defend their clients.


Another Gay Movie (2006)
Four gay high schoolers all want to lose their virginity -- and they'll paint the town lavender to do so in this gay parody of the teen comedy genre.

Bear City (2010)
As he comes to grips with his attraction to big, hairy men, cute cub Tyler struggles to figure out his place within the tight-knit bear community.

Boy Culture (2006)
A male prostitute maintains a stoic approach to sex and love until a regular customer tempts him to reconsider by sharing a meaningful story.

Is It Just Me? (2010)
Successful writer Blaine is intimidated by the overt sexuality of guys. But all that changes when he meets the man of his dreams online -- or does it?

Longhorns (2011)
Curious about the gay fantasies he's been having, a Texas frat boy sets his sights on hooking up with an openly gay man on campus.



The Shadow Riders (1982)
After fighting on opposite sides of the Civil War, two brothers arrive home to discover that a band of outlaws has kidnapped their siblings.

The Moo Man (2013)
An optimistic English farmer at the head of a family-run dairy insists on thinking small when it comes to the size of his herd.

The Other F Word (2011)
This documentary examines a generation of punk rockers who must reconcile fatherhood and family with their status as legendary anti-authoritarians.

The Road (2009)
Set in a postapocalyptic future, this end-of-days tale follows two survivors, a father and son, who take to the road in search of a better life.



Area 407 (2012) 
After their plane crashes, a group of survivors find themselves pursued by predators that are part of a top-secret government experiment.

Beneath The Darkness (2012) 
In this creepy thriller set in a close-knit heartlands community, Dennis Quaid plays a mortician whose respectable life hides homicidal secrets.

Films Of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie (2011) 
An animated but earnest kung fu fan (who knows all his trivia) narrates this documentary tribute to the great martial arts stars and their films.

Friends With Kids (2011)  
Friends Jason and Julie decide that the way to have kids without sacrificing their social lives or careers is to raise a child together platonically.

I Heart Shakey (2012)  
After moving to Chicago, single dad J.T. must find a new home for his daughter's dog. Daughter Chandler, meanwhile, hatches a plan to keep her pet.

Penumbra (2011)  
After renting an apartment to an enigmatic man in Buenos Aires, hard-driving businesswoman Marga discovers he has bizarre links to a solar eclipse.

Queen To Play (2009) 
When a hotel maid decides to hone her chess skills with help from a doctor who employs her services, she starts noticing big changes in her life.

A Heavenly Vintage (2009)  
In 19th-century France, a peasant aims to create the perfect wine as he juggles his love for two women. Luckily for him, he has an angel on his side.

Running Inside Out (2012) 
This Christian drama follows a young woman's journey from college to career as she encounters love, success and unexpected crisis.

Wrecked (2011) 
A man wakes up trapped in a crashed automobile, with no hope of rescue. As he struggles to survive, he slowly remembers the events that put him there.

Buried Alive (2007)
College shenanigans take a terrifying turn when a group of students stay in an abandoned house as part of a sorority prank and awaken a ghostly evil.