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Show Guide: 'Tenafly'

Synopsis: The show was set in Los Angeles and starred James McEachin as Harry Tenafly, a former cop who left the department for a better paying job at a large private investigation agency. Unlike many TV private eyes of the era, Harry Tenafly was a happily married, middle-class, suburban family man; he preferred to avoid car chases and gunfights and used brains over brawn in solving his cases. Though he left the force for the private sector to avoid the dangers inherent in police work, trouble seemed to find Tenafly nonetheless.

The Cast:
James McEachin as Harry Tenafly
Lillian Lehman as Ruth Tenafly
Paul Jackson as Herb Tenafly
David Huddleston as Lieutenant Sam Church
Rosanna Huffman as Lorrie

Production Credits:

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (NBC)
1-01 Joyride To Nowhere--10/10/1973

1-02 The Cash And Carry Caper--10/31/1973

1-03 The Window That Wasn't--12/05/1973

1-04 Man Running--01/02/1974