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Episode Guide: 'Ray Donovan' - Season One

1-01 The Bag Or The Bat--06/30/2013

1-02 A Mouth Is A Mouth--07/03/2013

1-03 Twerk--07/14/2013

1-04 Black Cadillac--07/21/2013

1-05 The Golem--07/28/2013
1-06 Housewarming--08/04/2013

1-07 New Birthday--08/11/2013
1-08 Bridget--08/18/2013

1-09 Road Trip--08/25/2013
1-10 Fite Nite--09/08/2013

1-11 Bucky Fuckin' Dent--09/15/2013

1-12 Same Exactly--09/22/2013

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Episode Guide: 'The River Taff With Will Millard'

Synopsis: Writer and fisherman Will Millard recounts how the River Taff went from being so polluted by heavy industry that no fish could live there, to one of the best salmon and trout rivers in Wales. (Courtesy BBC One, 2016)

The Cast:

Production Credits:

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (BBC One)
1-01 Episode One--02/05/2016
Will Millard tells the story of the River Taff.

1-02 Episode Two--02/12/2016
Will Millard explores how the River Taff once ran black with coal dust.


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Show Guide: 'Phone Shop Idol'

Synopsis: The ups and downs of Britain's mobile phone sales force as they battle it out in Shop Idol, a prestigious industry competition which aims to find the best mobile phone salesperson in the country. (Courtesy BBC2, 2016)

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (BBC2)
1-01 The Chosen Ones--01/19/2016
Ambitious phone sop staff compete in a mystery shop test.

1-02 The Self-Nominators--01/26/2016
For Hungarian-born Roland, success would mean recognition in his adopted home.

1-03 The Mystery Bag--02/02/2016
Twelve of the country's best sales assistants face the judges for the first time.

1-04 Episode Four--02/09/2016

1-05 Episode Five--02/16/2016

1-06 Episode Six--02/23/2016